How should children spend their holidays constructively?

Children can constructively spend their holidays by performing constructive activities and make holidays a memory forever. They require proper guidance from their parents to spend holidays in a proper manner.

In the month of October, children enjoy their winter vacation. Most of the children spend their holidays by visiting their relatives or grandparents home. Yet many children, only want to enjoy their holidays because they are bored of the routine life of school. But, the parents should understand that they are not thinking in a right way. The children require some type of enjoyment in their life, but they should not spend all the days of their vacation by merely enjoying. The children can follow some tips to enjoy their holidays and also learn a lesson of life.

Tips for spend holidays in a more constructive way

Prepare a time-table to set a routine

Some of the days should be spend for attending camps or classes, but do not push your children for such activities throughout their vacation. Some parents push the child to constantly attend camps. When one camp is completed, they send the child to another camp and so on. The children are already stressed due to their routine life in school and hence they also require a time for relaxation and resting. Do not send your child immediately for a camp or class after their vacations commence. Give them a gap for a day or two. Then the children can attend a camp for eight to ten days. If the duration of their vacation is for a month, then the parents can divide their time-table into 10 x 3 days. The first ten days can be spent by attending winter camps nearby, then the next ten days can be meant for different leisurely activities or hobbies at home and the next ten days can be spent for giving rest to the child.

Enjoying holidays by leisurely activities

After attending one camp, if the child is interested in attending another camp, then the parents can encourage the child. Even if the parents are travelling to another place with the child, then the parents can encourage their children with their hobbies. The child is interested in different types of activities such as drawing, craft, music, dance, fine arts etc. So let the child join the camp that he or she is interested or allow the child to peruse and capitalize his or her talents. The children should learn to get absorbed in the activities of their interest and should be allowed to discover their passions of life.


During vacations, the parents can spend time with their children interacting and understanding their needs. The parents should learn the status of their mind and understand their feelings. When the children learn to openly share their feeling with their parents, only then they can place one step ahead in life. Lack of interaction can lead to suppression and they may lose their interest with people and activities. But, do not pester them or force to reply them to their questions. Give them a lot of space to grow.


The children should enjoy their holidays and should feel like a vacation. Occasionally, parents can take their children out and enjoy with edibles and drinks outside. But, this affair should not be regular.

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Author: K Mohan05 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

While I do appreciate the author for penning down the details as to how the children should spend their holidays constructively, but in the actual sense, there cannot be pre-planned events as far as children are concerned. Children may not be feeling at home in other places, they may want to play with their kind of friends and not the new ones, and they may want to play in familiar places and not the new ones. Nevertheless, children would like to be engaged with their age group and if the events are initiated on those lines they would surely be attracted. Apart from playing games, engaging them in some other creative activities also can keep them interested.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta28 Sep 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Most of the schools have a winter break of a week so in such a small period one cannot enroll them to learn anything new. Whereas during summer vacations when they have ample time we can enroll them for few courses as I did. I got them admitted to a school where summer camp was organized. My daughter learned dancing and abacus and my son participated in yoga and abacus. They enjoyed a lot in the classes and at least learned something.

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