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Time management for teachers essential tips & techniques that would help teachers to understand the importance of time management.

India study channel-time management for teacher
Time is of the essence if you are a teacher- constantly on the go, planning, managing, and exeuting every plan and ideas you have to make your classroom organize and conducive for learning. Being a teacher, you can't miss something, as it may turn into a ruined lesson and lose of confidence in your personality.
Well, the first and the strongest obstacle for almost any teacher is the lack of time. Really, most of the teacher are engaged and involved in many activities, starting from volunteering and ending with scientific works, so they just don't have enough time to plan and optimize the upcoming lessons.
Ideally, as a teacher you should:
1) Have planned ahead of time. You should be prepared all the time, right? Otherwise, as I said above, you'll not seem authoritative in the eyes of your students. Meanwhile, that will negatively affect their performance.
2) Have organized your lesson plans and activities by now.

But since you are reading this article, I'd take it as you are running out of time and you still do not know what to do in your next class and require time management for teachers. Well, don't fret; I'm successfully combining teaching and blogging writing essays for you using the ideas below:

1)Use online resources. Your ideas are great and yes, you can create your own boards, flashcards and other teaching materials from scratch. That is if you have time to buy your materials, draw, draft, cut, paste, and do it all over again. If you need materials for your lessons, there are various online resources that you can go to. With just a little research, you can find websites such as busyteachers.org , mediasmarts.ca and tes.com for time management for teachers. These websites are specifically developed to help teachers with time management tips to create their lesson plans and materials they need for executing their lessons. You can easily download flashcards, print them, and use them. If you do not have time for developing your own lesson plan, you can use their pre-developed lesson plans, and you are good to go.

2)Prioritize. What is the most important thing for you to accomplish today? Once you figure out your agenda, focus on it and adjust your activities and your classroom activities around it. In this way, you know that at the end of today, you have accomplished your goals for the day. Knowing your priorities can save you a lot of time. Start from the top of the list and work your way to the bottom.

3)Develop your timeline. The lack of time management skills is probably your main issue why you are always crunching time to get things organized. Create a realistic timeline. What are you expecting from your students? How can you assist your students in achieving your expectations? When you create your lesson plan, make sure to draft it in such a way that you are at least a day ahead of your schedule. In this way, if something comes up and you can't plan your lessons and activities for the next day, you already have a backup lesson plan waiting to be executed.

4)Ask for help and ideas. If you are drawing a blank, you can always ask for help from your co-workers or use the internet to find resources.

5)Delegate tasks. While teachers are considered superheroes it's important to know the time management for teachers by knowing your limits. It is not bad to delegate tasks. By doing so, you are freeing some of your time that you can use in accomplishing other duties that you would not have completed otherwise if your hands are full.
Teaching is not an easy task; I get it. However, you can make it easier by preparing ahead of time. Gather all your resources and do not procrastinate- because if you do, things will never get done. There won't be "better times" to do a thing you can do now! Procrastination may greatly slow down your career! Imagine how many things you would have done if you haven't been constantly distracted by things that actually, don't have any significance meaning in your life? The answer is "a lot", right?

Additionally, you can always make learning fun and interactive. If you really do not have enough time to plan your lesson, you can always:

1)Be creative. You can turn your day into a fun and interactive day. It can be a day of storytelling and games.

2)Loosen up a bit. Learning is not just about reading, solving math equations and other similar activities. It is also acquired through experience. Take your students outside the classroom and just explore. Again, be creative. Lessons outside is one of the best practices to refresh for both students and the teacher. Just one such lesson a week will give your group a lot of inspiration and power to reach new heights.

Take control of your situation, your classroom, and your students. You are the teacher, and you have the power to manipulate your situation to suit your needs. Ideally, in order to better manage your time, you should:

1)Get a chance to relax. Do not over work yourself. The more tired you become- the more scattered brain you will be. Take some time off to relax. I can safely say that relaxation is as important as work, or even more important! If you don't believe me, turn to the sports practices: an athlete that overdo on training will never will the upcoming competition. To be on the crest of a wave for a long time, you must have a good rest! Read your favourite book. Rejuvenate yourself so your mind is clear and ready for another day of work.

2)Do not overthink your job because if you do, you will make things complicated than they actually are. Sometimes things are much simpler than they think. Don't build obstacles in your mind! Make a subscription to trusted teacher's resources, so you have access to thousands of teaching resources such as materials and lesson plans. These resources will make your job easy.
Remember, there are tons of help that you can get online to help you manage your time better. Use it to your advantage.
India study channel-time management for teacher

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Author: Kailash Kumar16 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Time management is as important in a teaching profession as it is in other domain of work or even in personal life. Primarily it is a matter of attitude. Sincere people, be they teachers or others, always find time to plan and organize their work even without any aid or software or additional tools/gadgets. However, the aids commercially available nowadays do help in organizing and managing time in case the basic element i.e. sincerity exist. In absence of honesty, integrity and devotion toward work the commercial aids are likely to be used for finding more time for leisure or other activities.
The fact remains that one of the most important prerequisites for being a successful teacher is to keep oneself updated by continuous reading and referencing instead of bullying the students on their asking the difficult questions.

Author: K Mohan19 Sep 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

I do appreciate the author for stressing the need for the Time Management and having full prepared lesson plan for the academic year and then following the same. But sometimes a teacher has to go slow on teaching because every year she may not find intelligent students to understand her teaching and she has to give time for the dull heads to learn. In that process, following the pre-planned lesson plans may not be possible. In states like Telangana the political unrest is frequent on one aspect or the other and the schools are targeted for total shut down and those unwanted holidays to schools also hampers the habit of following the lesson plan day to day.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha22 Sep 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Time management is the essential skill to take care of the entire syllabus. The teacher may be task-oriented, hard task- master, duty-conscious and a good speaker of the subject which he/ she is practicing but the lack of understanding of the time management will upset the entire future planning, thus spoiling his image in the profession. By noting all the essential points in advance in a diary will keep him ahead of the schedule and appreciation for his contribution would be noticed by the concerned authorities.

In the Indian scenario, we could notice the sudden closures of the schools on the pretext of something or the other and the recurrent frequencies of such closure would lead to total failure of the teaching programme. With the introduction of online teaching modules, this can be conveniently be accessible to the inquisitive students. Let us hope such facilities would be introduced sooner or later to make the lesions approachable to the needy pupil.

The author has taken care of enlisting all the essential features to make the article interesting but to make the programme successful & we need to explore other means and online teaching seems to be one of the viable methods. The pupils should be encouraged to come forward to rectify their doubts relating to the subject and for that an allowance has to be made by the teacher so that this does not violate the time management schedule.

Author: Venkiteswaran29 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

This article is a very good surprise find for me. I have never imagined a concept of time management for teachers. After reading the title, my mind went back to all those years when I was a student. I was then worried about my time management capacities and methods. It never occurred to me how my teachers were managing their time well.

On hindsight I can now visualise teachers had such varied and multitude of tasks, so that they also need a proper guidance to manage their time effectively.

While it always was a feeling of jubilation when some teachers (especially the maths teacher) came late or took leave, it never occurred at that time why they came late or why they took leave.

Unlike other jobs, teachers in those days(probably now also) had a lot of teaching-related work to complete overnight at their homes.From reviewing and correcting the class test papers to hitting upon new projects and assignments correlating the syllabus and lesson for the next day class or for the week, teachers had their hands literally full. It never dawned on us then that all these they were accomplishing amidst and in addition to their tasks expected in their role at home and society.

Reader gets some new insights in this regard as this article introduces us to various other web sites which we not have visited or known earlier.
A useful article to all even though title targets teachers.The picture representation is also apt.Readers can adapt it to their situations.

Author: Natarajan30 Nov 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

An apt article for present day teachers who are overburdened by the skewed teacher:student ratio in many schools. It is important in Indian schools where in there is more focus on large volumes of portions in each subject to be completed within a limited period of time. The teachers also have to be creative in allocating projects, managing difficult children who disturb the focus of the class and find time to support an enthusiast bunch of school kids.

In India, many teachers are women who also have to set apart time for their families and children too. This, I think, is underestimated and it leads to lack of drive or passion to teach the children in the class. In all the busy schedule, the teachers often forget to allocate time for themselves and the students who lag behind in their studies.

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