Revision Model Grammar questions for ICSE Board's Examinations

In this article I am giving solutions to some important Grammar part model questions of ICSE Board. In this resource I gave solution to all ICSE Boards grammar model questions. This will help the students to practice well these questions and which help them to score well in Board's final exams.

Question 1

I. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary but do not change the meaning of any sentence:-

  1. The student is ill. she cannot take the exam. (Use: too)
    Ans. The student is too ill to take the exam.

  2. That blazer is very small. It is no use for you. (Use: enough)
    Ans. That blazer is not big enough for you.

  3. It was such terrible weather that we had to cancel our tour. (Use: So instead of Such)
    Ans. The weather was so terrible that we had to cancel our tour.

  4. You must buy a ticket. If not, you cannot enter the train. (Use: Unless)
    Ans. You cannot enter the train unless you buy a ticket.

  5. It rained heavily, but the general body meeting of the colony took place as planned. (Begin the sentence with 'In spite of')
    Ans. In spite of heavy rain the general body meeting of the colony took place as planned.

  6. She is too ill to go to the school. (Use: So)
    Ans. She is so ill that she cannot go to school.

  7. Vasu is not the cleverest boy in class. (Begin:Some)
    Ans. Some of the boys in the class are cleverer than Vasu.

  8. Nobody will deny that she is the toughest contender for the post. (Begin: Everyone)
    Ans. Everyone will agree that she is the toughest contender for the post.

  9. Of what use is the certificate to you? (End with: you)
    Ans. This certificate is of no use to you.

  10. No body in our village can run as fast as Chetan. (Begin: Cheta-----)
    Ans. Chetan is the fastest runner in our village

  11. Very few countries are as large as India. (Use: larger)
    Ans. India is larger than most countries

  12. I often helped her, but she never succeeded (Begin with: In spite of......)
    Ans. In spite of my frequent help she never succeeded.

  13. The climb was steep, but we continued upward (Begin with: In spite of.......)
    Ans. In spite of the steepness of the climb we continued upward.

  14. You are not allowed to smoke in the train. (Use: Mustn't)
    Ans. You mustn't smoke in the train.

  15. It has not stopped raining since yesterday. (Rewrite using 'continuously')
    Ans. It has been raining continuously since yesterday.

  16. Sunil returned one week ago. (Begin: It has.........)
    Ans. It has been a week since Sunil returned.

  17. Mohan missed the train because he was late. (Use:.........catch)
    Ans. Mohan failed to catch the train as he was late.

  18. Karthik is always late to school. (Rewrite using 'never')
    Ans. Karthik never reaches school on time.

  19. She is greater than I. (Rewrite using 'great' instead of 'greater')
    Ans. I am not so great as he.

  20. The topic was so difficult that no one could understand it. (End with 'anyone')
    Ans. The topic was too difficult to be understood by any one.

  21. I accept your offer. (Use:acceptable)
    Ans. Your offer is acceptable to me.

  22. One should keep one's promises. (Begin with: Promises........)
    Ans. Promises are meant to be kept.

  23. I can't drink this tea because it is very hot. (Rewrite using: too)
    Ans. The tea is too hot to drink.

  24. You are allowed into the play ground only if you are member. (Begin: Unless......)
    Ans. Unless you are a member you are not allowed into the play ground.

  25. You must have choose between these two dresses. (Use: choice)
    Ans. You have to make a choice between these two dresses.

  26. Here some solved ICSE Grammar questions from here:- ICSE Board's solved English Grammar questions from previous year question papers

    II. Fill each blank with a single appropriate word:-

  27. They have been friends ------------ childhood.
    Ans. since

  28. The situation was ------------ her control.
    Ans. beyond

  29. The population of the World was doubled ----------- within a few hundreds of years.

  30. She lives in a cottage -------- the sea.
    Ans. at

  31. Can you cure me ------- this ailment?
    Ans. of

  32. The countries are ----- war.
    Ans. at

  33. He drove the Car -------- 120 Kilometers per hour.
    Ans. at

  34. Will you do it ------ me? Ans.

  35. The furniture was covered ------- with dust.
    Ans. over

  36. The reason -------- her anger was obvious.
    Ans. of/for

  37. Saina registered a narrow victory ------- her rival.
    Ans. over

  38. We must reach the town ---------- sunset.
    Ans. before

  39. He couldn't live ---- to their expectations.
    Ans. up

  40. He took the old woman ------- the road.
    Ans. across

  41. His request for a bonus was turned --------.
    Ans. down

  42. It has been raining ---------- morning.
    Ans. since

  43. I relied ----- him to get one for me.
    Ans. on

  44. I have no interest ------- drawing.
    Ans. in

  45. I prefer playing football ----- cricket.
    Ans. to

  46. Prateek was charged -------- murder.
    Ans. with

  47. He invited us ------ dinner.
    Ans. to

  48. She is afraid ---- you.
    Ans. of

  49. I haven't seen him -------- he left.
    Ans. since

  50. How does our plan compare ------ ours?
    Ans. with

  51. The booklet was issued ----- the government.
    Ans. by

  52. III. Complete the following sentences with a suitable form of word given in the brackets:-

  53. Everyone --------- (hopes) the plan would work.
    Ans. hoped

  54. The Phone ----------- (rings). Can you answer it, please?
    Ans. is ringing

  55. Babies -------- (cries) when they are hungry.
    Ans. cry

  56. Have you ever ------- (go) abroad?
    Ans. been

  57. I don't know who ------- (break) the mirror.
    Ans. broke

  58. Yesterday the meeting --------- (begin) at 11 o' clock.
    Ans. began

  59. He sometimes -------- (loose) his temper.
    Ans. looses

  60. When I was very young, I ---------- (meet) with an accident.
    Ans. met

  61. Manjit ----------- (send) the parcel yesterday.
    Ans. sent

  62. She --------- (offer) English as her second language.
    Ans. offered

  63. Music -------- (give) him pleasure.
    Ans. gives

  64. The murderer was -------- (hung).
    Ans. hanged

  65. Six and six -------- (make) twelve.
    Ans. makes

  66. Slow and steady -------- (win) the race.
    Ans. wins

  67. I just -------- (go) out to get a soap from the shop.
    Ans. went

  68. She -------- (speak) four languages.
    Ans. speaks

  69. It -------- (rain) heavily last night.
    Ans. rained

  70. Sunil was ---------- (deal) with by the teacher.
    Ans. dealt

  71. They have ---------- (choose) the best artist for the drama.
    Ans. Chosen

  72. The moon -------- (come) over the horizon.
    Answ. came

  73. They are --------- (wait) for my decision.
    Ans. waiting

  74. She ------ (sing) the baby to sleep.
    Ans. sang

  75. The Sun --------- (climb) over the hill.
    Ans. climbed

  76. My brother ------- (tell) me how to read.
    Ans. taught

  77. I -------- (know) that he had recently won in Chess tournament.
    Ans. knew

  78. IV. Bring out the difference in the meaning of the following pairs of words, by making sentences of your own:-

  79. Affect/Effect
    Ans. Affect (pretend):- Cold weather affected the crops.
    Effect (result):- The hike in petrol price comes into effect from midnight today.

  80. Ascent/Assent
    Ans. Ascent (going up):- The ascent of hot gases from the chimney of the factory is very fast.
    Assent (agree):- I gave assent to your proposal.

  81. Dissent/Decent
    Dissent (differ):- I dissent from your opinion.
    Decent (respectable):- Sita is a decent girl.

  82. Fair/Fare
    Ans. Fair (periodical market):- I bought so many books in this year's book fair.
    Fare (to get along):- I fared very well in my academic exams

  83. Peace/Piece
    Ans. Peace (opposite of war):- Every citizen wants to live in a world at peace.
    Piece (part):- The teacher want a piece of chalk to write on the board.

  84. Week/Weak
    Ans. Week (a period of seven days):- A week has seven days.
    Weak (feeble):- A person with a weak body and weak mind cannot do anything extraordinary in this world.

  85. Root/Route
    Ans. Root (of Plant):- Plants have roots to absorb water from the soil.
    Route (way taken):- What is the shortest route to reach your school from your house?

  86. Sole/Soul
    Ans. Sole (the under surface of a foot):- The soles my shoes were worn out recently.
    Soul (spirit):- Gandhiji was a man of great soul and courage got independence for India.

  87. Patrol/Petrol
    Ans. Patrol (go round):- The army patrolling the streets in the curfew time in the city.
    Petrol (fuel for vehicles):- My car ran short of petrol last night.

  88. Select/Elect
    Ans. Select (to choose):- My father selected a good T-shirt for me.
    Elect (choose by vote):- The members of his party elected him as the President of the party.

  89. Council/Counsel
    Ans. Council (an assembly of persons):- Dr. Chakradhar is a member of the council.
    Counsel (advice):- Bose gave good counsel to Bharat.

  90. Accident/Incident
    Ans. Accident (a mishap):- A fatal car accident took place last night on this road.
    Incident (an event):- We have witnessed a strange incident in the exhibition ground last night.

  91. Eligible/Illegible
    Ans. Eligible (suitable):- He is an eligible candidate for the Manager post of this company.
    Illegible (unable to read):- His handwriting is illegible.

  92. Eminent/Imminent
    Ans. Eminent (famous):- Dr. M.S. Swaminadhan is an eminent Indian scientist in the field of agriculture.
    Imminent (soon to happen):- Government authorities warned the people who are residing near the border place that an attack is imminent

  93. Optimistic/Pessimistic
    Ans. Optimistic (expecting a favorable outcome):- He is in a optimistic mood to feel the sense of success.
    Pessimistic (expecting the worst possible outcome):- He is such a pessimist that he always thinks worst of the future.

  94. Sight/Site
    Ans. Sight (power of seeing):- My grand father is good at sight even at eighty years age.
    Site (a place):- He wants to build a big bungalow at this beautiful site.

  95. Lose/Loose
    Ans. Lose (to be deprived off):- She don't want to lose the game in the final.
    Loose (not tight):- He is wearing a very loose shirt.

  96. Difference/Deference
    Ans. Difference (by how much greater):- What are the differences between these two great personalities?
    Deference (regard):- He always treat his elders with a deference.

  97. Weather/Whether
    Ans. Weather (state of the air):- The weather is very pleasant till last week.
    Whether (if):- I don't bother whether he attends the meeting or not.

  98. Diary/Dairy
    Ans. Diary (daily record):- Bindu lost her school dairy yesterday.
    Dairy (place for dealing with milk):- We get milk from Heritage dairy.

  99. Antonym/synonym
    Ans. Antonym (a word that means the opposite of another word):- Big and small are antonyms.
    Synonym (a word that means the same):- Big and large are synonyms.

  100. Crime/Sin
    Ans. Crime (against law):- Stealing is a crime.
    Sin (against faith):- Killing of animals is against Jains religious faith.

  101. Deny/Refuse
    Ans. Deny (declaring untrue):- He denied what they told against him is true.
    Refuse (not to do):- He refused to accept his advice.

  102. Apposite/Opposite
    Ans. Apposite (suitable):- Your remarks are quite opposite.
    Opposite (facing the other way):- He sat opposite to her at the table.

  103. Floor/Flour
    Ans. Floor (lower surface of the room):- The children are sitting on the floor comfortably.
    Flour (grain powder):- Bread is made from wheat flour.


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