Importance and benefits of sports

There is a famous phrase "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". Is it for real? Do we really need sports? What is the importance of Sports? Why should we make it a part of our life? Let's find out from this article its benefits.

Sports have a great effect on mankind. John Wooden, one of the legendary American footballers once said "Sports don't build character. They reveal it." Sports can teach you the best of life lessons; they can promote love and friendship and so on. Here are some points which reveal the importance of sports in our life.

Sports promote friendship

The world is full of hate. Everyone wants to kill others for the sake of various things like money, power and property. In such rude world, sports promote friendship. Let's take an example of India vs Pakistan. The relation between two countries is not great since ages. The people are known to be thirsty of blood of each other. But same is not with cricketers. Most of Indian and Pakistani players are good friends and in many interviews they are spotted talking about friendship. Back in the days when cricket was played in Pakistan, India received warm welcome on their tours and same was the case with Pakistan when they toured India. Ex Pakistani player like Shoib Akhtar Wasim Akram could be spotted advising Indian youngsters here in India while Indian ex cricketers are full of praise for Pakistani cricketers. When David Warner toured England for Ashes 2013, he punched Joe roots but when he returned in 2015, they were spotted having a beer together. They are now good friends. These are just a couple of examples. If you dig deeper, you will find out that sportsmen from every country spread the message of love and friendship. From Harbhajan-Shoib to Frank Ribery-David Alaba, Sports are full of examples of friendship between people of two different nations.

Sports motivate people

If you are feeling down, your days are not getting along well and you need some motivation, sports are the best way. Don't matters if you are a sportsman yourself or a fan, sports can have a huge impact on your life. Life of a sportsperson itself is a motivation. Tell me a sportsperson who never went through adversity? There are none. The history of sports is full of ordinary people who worked so hard and produced extraordinary results. Tao Zheng, Chinese swimmer won a gold medal at Paralympics 2012 without having any arms. Abdellatif Baka finished 1500 meter race at 2016 Paralympics in just 3:48:29 which is better than the gold medallist of Olympics 2016 in same event. Yuvraj Singh played 2011 cricket world cup with a deadly cancer and won Man of the tournament award. There are thousands of examples where a team started a match or a season so poorly that no one expected anything of them but they went on to win in the end. If these things don't motivate you, what else could? If you follow the examples of sports to motivate yourself, you will surely come out of adversity that you are facing.

Sports encourage growth of team spirit

Sports can grow a team spirit within individuals. A team spirit is required everywhere not just in sports. If you are a manager at a construction work, you will need a spirited team to finish the project on time and not to mention a good quality of work. From principal of a school to captain of an aircraft, everyone needs a good team which is spirited. Sports are the best medium to grow team spirit. Every triumph story of a team is nothing but just a story of few people working and helping each other to produce an unimaginable result.

Sports promote discipline

Lives of sportsmen are full of discipline. From early morning cardio to late evening practice, this is how the life of sportsman goes on when he is not playing the game. Those who don't follow this, the game will never forgive them. While playing the game, a sportsman follows the rules of the sports as it is. There is no chance of indiscipline. A footballer, if doesn't plays fairly, gets a red card while on cricket field, cheating means you are banned. Sports promote discipline from basic level to higher level in our lives.

Sports promote equality & bring people closer together

Ask a sportsman about his cast or religion and you will get the answer "I am a sportsman". He might tell you what sport he plays, but it's highly unlikely that he will tell you about his religion or cast directly. A team could be formed of 4 Hindus, 4 Muslims, 4 Sikhs and 3 Christians and they all will eat, drink and celebrate together. The sight of a Hindu hugging a Muslim or a white hugging black in real happiness might be rare in world outside sports, it's a common thing on a sports ground. Hindus go to Temples, Muslims go to Mosques and Christians go to churches but they all go to a sports ground together, to play the game and to watch the game as well. Isn't it a beautiful site in today's world?

Sports promote good health & provide entertainment

This is the point that most of us are aware of. A hectic life can lead to so many diseases like depression. Being physically inactive for long periods of time can cause various diseases and can reduce life expectancy as well. Sports are the best way to keep you fit and entertained, both at same time. Long hours at work can make you tired both physically and mentally. So instead of wasting an hour later in the evening on TV, why don't we play some games like tennis or Badminton? A golf session or a cardio with mates on a Sunday morning isn't a bad idea either. It's a great way to stay fit and rejuvenate you. For kids it's a great way to have some time away from books and feel themselves growing in an environment of competition.

Sports as career

While we are talking about sports, it's important to talk about them as profession. Is it worth choosing as profession? Let's see why they are worth to give a try. Top sportsmen earn in billions and we all know it. But what stops us from choosing them as career is that only a few make it to the top level. But still, you will only reach top level if you start. Even if you didn't made it big, still there are many ways you can use your sporting knowledge to earn money. In cricket, domestic cricketers are paid more than average engineers and footballers who play domestic leagues still earn in millions. Same is the case in other sports too. Some countries offer jobs to sportsmen of certain level on sports quota. Establishing an academy and writing sports blogs are some other ways to earn money.

So from above points, we can conclude that sports are the need of not just an individual, but entire countries on this planet. Professional or amateur, we must make sports a part of our life.

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Author: Jagdish Patro24 Sep 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 12

Very nice article from the pen of an author who himself is a sportsman and the way he presented it is very much interesting. ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ – is a slogan we very often come across during our school times. It emphasizes that active participation in sports from the very beginning of a child’s career would help in both physical and mental growth. As already brought out in the article itself, one can generate the essential ingredients of personality development that helps in excelling in one’s career. The sportive spirit that is inculcated in oneself if we actively involve in any of the sports would help us to meet the challenges in life and to combat with the ups and downs that evolve during the process. ‘Team spirit’ is one more factor which helps any individual and growth of an organisation and it can be developed because of playing team events like volley ball, kabaddi, football, basket ball or cricket or any other game alike.

Games at district level or zonal level, Interstate games and International sports events like Olympics give a scope to the sportsman for an outside exposure and create a sense of oneness and cultural integrity and generate a true sportive spirit among the players. Thus they help in generating a sense of discipline, fellow-feeling and togetherness. At school and college level, it should be made mandatory that drills and other methods of physical fitness should be introduced from the beginning by well trained teachers and coaches. A strategic training in sports and games would enable students to be active, sportive, dashing, daring and adventurous capable of meeting the challenges in future life.

Unfortunately, the competitive world today makes the present educational system to drive away the students from the sports activities, with the advent of the corporate schools in particular, by setting a target for the lucrative or handsome courses in Engineering, Medicine and Business Management in a premier institution like IIT, NIT, AIIMS and IIM. So governments should make a policy to make sports a mandatory subject such that marks gained in any event of participation would be added to the final tally. Then only children would get an opportunity to excel in sports and elders would realize the utility of sports and games.

Author: Swati Sarnobat25 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

A person's weight is regulated and level of concentration improves. It also leads to development of mortar skills and relaxes one's mind. The body becomes stable and stamina increases.

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