What makes you a good parent

Parenting is a skill of raising or taking care of a child emotionally,physically and socially. It is a responsible task and also a challenging phase of our lives that involves a long-term investment. This article explains the key factors required to make us a good parent.

Last month my relative added me to a closed Facebook group of Middle East Mums. It was a platform for us to share our life experiences, discuss the career opportunities, clarify our doubts, showcase our skills and to connect with new friends. Prior to school reopening after Eid holidays, we had a discussion on the tantrums , anxiety, stress and behavioral patterns of our kids especially aged between 3 to 8yrs. After the whole discussion I came to a conclusion that, to be a perfect parent is not every ones 'cup of tea'. No human is perfect and have their own flaws and imperfections. Hence to claim ourselves as a perfect parent would be an absurd idea. Moreover, there isn't any standard formula to make parenting an easier task. Every parent is unique and their kids differ from other kids. There is nothing wrong to take suggestions and tips from other parents, but to expect the same result would be foolishness. In short, if your love for child fulfills his good demands and interests and nurture him into a good responsible person, then you can be a proud parent. Listed below are some of the key ingredients required to tune us into a good parent.


This is one of the greatest challenge faced by career oriented and also gadget addicted parents. When a child approaches his parent to share his silly school incident or any of his happenings during the day, it is a common tendency of us to ignore them. This attitude disheartens them and gradually they move aloof from us. Eventually, when they grow and become matured and independent, they repeat the same with us. This in turn becomes the root cause for their bad habits and bad social life. Listening thus connects us with our child's soul and mind. We should try to spend some quality time with their kids, especially toddlers. They are constantly watching us and our parenting styles create a deep impact on their character formation.


To apply the same parenting style on every child won't be a sensible practice. Every child is distinct with his own potential and abilities.|Our parenting should be in accordance with the child's nature and the circumstance . Your elder child may be responsible and mature so it is acceptable to be friendly and liberal, at the same time guide them during all walks of life, whereas your younger one may be just the opposite and hence may sometimes demand you to be a authoritarian parent. Comparison and Favoritism should never be the elements in our parenting. It will affect the kid's confidence and self respect.

Invest your time

This is another factor that most of the parents either forget or just ignore. No matter how good the day care ,baby sitter or the maid may be, the way a parent understands , interprets and guide a child is completely different. This may be due to their blood relation. Hence it is always better to spend your quality time with your kids especially during their early years. Try to involve in your child's life. Make it a point to indulge in their daily activities, try to attend their school functions and also set a day for them to go to a park or library depending on their interests .Praising is an important part of parenting .It boosts their confidence and shed their shy and fear.

Be their role model

The happiest moment of every parents' life is when their kids come back to them and proudly declare them as their role model. We have to give them a chance to say that. Our kids are constantly watching us, hence try to be as good and polite as possible while dealing with them. Avoid indulging in loud arguments or disputes when they are present. Keep our children away from such situations and keep those arguments to ourselves. Let those tiny eyes of theirs see good, let those tiny ears of theirs always listen good and let their tiny mind always process something good. Try to involve them in any charity work so that they are molded into good social beings.

Treat your child with respect

Majority of the parents expect their children to respect them but deny the fact that it is equally important to respect their child's opinion and interests.Don't force your dreams on your kids. Try to please them when you can. Encourage and motivate them when they do something good and criticize and rectify them when they are on the wrong track. Our relationship with our child is the foundation for his relationship with others. Many a times, when our kids participate for competitions and don't bag prize, we criticize them and talk harsh to them in front of others. We forget to realize that not winning the competitions does not stop our child's talent, it is indeed beyond that trophy. Also if our child is a picky eater, instead of making it a family issue , try to be your child's favorite chef ,by serving his favorite dishes in a more healthier and colorful way.

Criticism should never define ourselves

Parenting is one phase of life during which we may have to face a lot of criticism. Whenever a child does something wrong or exhibit some odd behavioral pattern, parents and their parenting style is first questioned. Never let these criticism to lose the confidence and faith in you. No sensible parent would deliberately want to misguide or mislead their children. So during these circumstances we must try to take the positive aspect and ignore the negative part.Let our hard pasts not define us anymore and use them as lessons because we have a new life ahead. Believe in your parental instincts and seek medical advice whenever necessary.

To be a perfect parent is everyone's' dream, and to make this dream into reality we must set this as our goal.Our task starts from the day the baby is born and it is a life long investment.Make warm memories that the kids would love to recall-bedtime stories ,family picnic and so on. Teach them why values are important and let them learn to respect elders .Raise them in a good ambience. Try to involve in an honest pursuit to attain your goals so that you can set good examples for your children.


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For being a good parent it takes lot of challenges because at every phase of daily life the parent is put in to test by the child. Being growing mind, the child wants to explore new things and taste new things. A mother should be amicable and behave as a friend to the child and make understand in a most plain way. Normally children want to ape others. That means they want the things and items being played and possessed by other children. In that get without getting irritated the mother should divert the attention of the child and help him to behave in seasoned manner.

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