Important Tips on how to deliver a good PowerPoint presentation

Attractive slides and good delivery skills are needed for an effective PowerPoint presentation. This article suggests important tips on how to deliver a good PowerPoint presentation. To deliver good PowerPoint presentations follow the tips mentioned in the article.

The presenter or a speaker of the presentation has an important role in delivering the contents in a PowerPoint. To deliver the appropriate message to the audience, the presenter of the PowerPoint should know how to handle the PPT and deliver the contents in a PPT simultaneously.

Listed below are some of the tips for delivering an effective PowerPoint presentation. Follow the tips while presenting a PowerPoint.

Tips for delivering a PowerPoint presentation effectively

1. Check the equipment

Always be on time for a presentation. Check the working condition of the equipment needed for the presentation and also make sure the projector, microphone and the speakers are connected properly before starting a presentation.

2. Turn off the Screen Saver

If you are planning to a give a long presentation then turn off your screen saver before starting your presentation. If your screen saver turns up in the middle of the presentation then it may distract the mind of the audience from the hot discussion topic. So always remember to turn off the screen saver.

3. Turn off the pointer

Pointer or a cursor will annoy the audience. The movement of the cursor on the screen will attract the audience towards the screen and may distract the audience from the presenter. To avoid such distraction, the pointer should be turned off or the presenter should not scroll the mouse or the keyboard unnecessarily.

4. Use slide show mode

Always put the presentation in a slide show mode. The slide show mode gives a rich look to the presentation and will fully occupy the projector screen. It is easy for the audience to read the contents if the PowerPoint is in slide show mode.

5. Don't read the points as it is in the slide

Never read the contents as it is in the slide. The audience will not give attention to the presenter if the presenter reads the content. Practice the content before you present it in front of the audience. Use the points in the slide as a hint and develop the hints in your own words in clear way. The points delivered should be to the point and should satisfy the purpose of the presentation.

6. Have an eye contact with the audience

While presenting a PowerPoint, do not look at the slides. Always have an eye contact with the audience. Looking the slide multiple times and reading the points in the slides will not attract the audience. The presenter should hold the attention of the audience by having an eye contact with the audience.

7. Maintain proper voice modulation

Modulate your tone while delivering a presentation. Don't use a sleepy tone or a low voice. Speak loud but not too loud. The voice of the presenter should be audible to everyone present inside the presentation room. Do not rush in delivering the points. Use pauses at necessary places.

8. Interact with the audience

Don't stand near the projector. Walk around the room while delivering the contents. Interact with the audience by asking more questions and also clarify the doubts of the audience with appropriate answers.

9. Maintain a good body language

Use the hands effectively while presenting a presentation. Do not fiddle your hair or stand still. Move casually and act naturally. Do not be overcautious or tensed while delivering a presentation. Maintain a good body language throughout the presentation.

10. Deliver with Smile

Always have a smile in your face while delivering a presentation before a group of audience. The smile in the face of the presenter will create a friendly environment and the audience can interact with the presenter easily and can clarify their doubts without any hesitation. Follow the professional ethics and have a fun filled environment while delivering a PowerPoint presentation.

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Author: K Mohan27 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The author has shared this wonderful article on how to deliver flawless power point presentation and the tips were very useful. Some times the power point presentation would be boring with figures and analysis which not every one likes. So some quotes, jokes in between and seeking some intervention from audience on the observations made in the presentation would bring laughter, cheer and even pat at the end of the presentation.

Author: John Theo Sang31 Jul 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I didn't find this article helpful. Can you elaborate more on this topic. The author only elucidated the points for preparing a Power Point Presentation but a sample presentation with reference to the topic is missing and should have been attached as an attachment in this article as this will help readers to understand what your article is all about. Without a reference, it is vague. Most tutorial articles like knowledge sharing content must have enough information. I would appreciate the author if he/she adds picture attachment along with sample PowerPoint presentation or video regarding this content.

Please update this article and make it more precise for a layman like me to understand.

Author: Soundharya31 Jul 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Reply to Mr. John Deo
This article mainly focuses on how to deliver a PowerPoint presentation and not on how to create a PowerPoint presentation. So, I have not included any reference images for this topic. If you have any specific doubts in this article, then kindly submit your doubts in the comment box and get clarified.

To get more ideas on how to create a PowerPoint presentation, please read the resource " A complete guide on how to create a PowerPoint presentation effectively" submitted at the articles section of ISC. (Resource URL:" )

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