A complete guide on how to create a PowerPoint presentation effectively

PowerPoint is an easy way to organize and produce ideas in a presentation. The slides present inside a PowerPoint should be effective and should give a clear idea to the audience about the topic of the presentation. This article provides tips on how to create a PowerPoint presentation more effectively. Remember the points mentioned in the article to make your PPT more effective.

PowerPoint (PPT) is a computer software program which is used to present ideas to the audience in a visual manner. Text, Multimedia and Graphs can be added in the slides of the PPT. Using a PPT in a presentation satisfies the needs of the presenter and the audience. The PPT serves as an outline for the speaker to generate the ideas while presenting a speech and it also helps the audience to get a clear view about the topic of the speech or a presentation. The PPT should reflect the ideas of the presenter in a neat and a clear way to the audience. To make the PowerPoint more effective some useful tips need to be followed.

Listed below are some of the tips to be followed while making a PPT presentation.

Steps to be followed before creating a PPT

Before creating a PPT give more importance to the following steps.

1. Sketch an outline of the content

The content plays the key role in a presentation. Before creating a PPT, first outline the points to be delivered to the audience. The content to be presented in a PPT should satisfy the purpose of the presentation and should deliver correct message to the audience in a neat and an understanding manner. So instead of directly jotting down the points in a PPT, have a detailed search on the topic and list the key points on a blank sheet of paper or in a notepad.

2. Gather the Data needed for presentation

After jotting down the points, gather the necessary data needed for the presentation. The data can be a text, image, charts, audio or a video clip. The images can be customized or can also be created using the custom shapes present in the PPT software. The charts or graphs if needed for the presentation can also be generated using PPT. Gather only the necessary data related to the topic.

3. Select an attractive background for the slide

Select a theme or a template or a background for the slide. Lot of themes and templates are available for free in online. The theme of your slide should provide a rich attraction to the presentation and should be somewhat relevant to the topic. Avoid using irrelevant themes or templates. Instead of using the themes or templates, pleasant colors can also be used as a background for the slides.

Corporate templates are available for every organisation for professional presentation. For organizational purpose, use the corporate templates or the professional templates available.

It is always advisable to use a neat and a pleasant background to the slide.

How to make the slides more attractive?

For an effective PowerPoint presentation, the slides in a PowerPoint should be very attractive. Collection of slides forms a good PPT. The content can be presented in the form of a text, image, graphs, audio or video in the slides. To attract the audience towards the presentation, the slides inside the PPT should contain the necessary content and should be presented in an effective and an attractive way.

Remember the below mentioned points to make the slides more attractive and effective.

1. Use Attractive Design

The design and the style of the slide should be pleasant and should not distract the audience. To make an attractive design, concentrate more on the background, fonts, colors, alignment and so on.

i. Font Size

Always use a big font. The font size should be larger enough for the audience to read. Font size at 32 points is easy to read. Use points less than 24 when adding some explanation below the images or graphs. Always remember that the contents in the slide should be visible to everyone, even to the members at the last row, so use the font size accordingly. Use consistent font size in all the slides.

ii. Font Style

Use familiar font styles. Serif and San Serif are the preferred font styles. Always use consisted font styles in all the slides. Use Bold and Underline for the needed words. Avoid Italics, because italic is tough to read. Don't capitalize all the words and strictly avoid using fancy fonts for the contents.

iii. Colors

Use contrasting colors. If you have filled any colors on the background of the slide instead of a theme or a template then concentrate more on using contrast colors for the content. The colors used on the slides should not irritate the eyes of the audience. Remember to use light colors on a dark background and dark colors on a light background.

iv. Headings

Give more importance to the heading of each slide. Maintain a readable font size and font style for a heading or a title. 36 to 44 points size is suitable for headings. Avoid using unnecessary effects to the title of the slide. The words used on the title of the slide should be concise and should be relevant to the contents discussed on that particular slide.

v. Alignment

The alignment should be from left to right. Place the contents in a neat and a readable form. In case of using both the images and text in a single slide, use images or graphics off –center and provide more space to the text. Always place the text on the left side of the slide and maintain a good balance between an image and a text. Remember to have 6 words per line and 6 lines per page, so that the audience can read the content without any difficulties.

2. Have a consistent background

Use a consistent background till the end of the slide. Using different background color or a theme in the middle of the slides will not give a neat look. Attractive visuals and the design are the keys used to lock the attention of the audience, so concentrate more on the background and the design of the slide.

3. Avoid Paragraphs and use Bullets

Never overload the slide with text. Having large paragraphs in a slide will distract the audience. Do not use paragraphs to deliver the content, always use bullet points. The contents present on the slides should be concise and should be to the point. Use stylish bullet points to deliver the content. The bullet points should list the key words and should not contain large sentences. Segregate the content and align it accordingly based on the importance.

4. Have less number of slides

Do not create multiple slides for a single presentation. The slides should deliver the necessary message to the audience. One slide must speak about one idea. Do not dump many ideas in a single slide. Always keep a minimum number of slides in your presentation to make the audience attentive. Add a slide if needed, but never overload the PPT with more slides.

5. Use Attractive and Relevant Images

Add images for better understanding, but never include too many images in your PowerPoint. Images bring clear understanding to the audience about the topic, so use the images from the previously gathered data at the necessary slides. Do not use two or more images at a single slide. Use one image per slide and avoid using unwanted images irrelevant to the topic.

The images needed for the presentation can be added or can be also created using the custom shapes available in the PowerPoint.

6. Don't use graphical effects to the text

Never try to dazzle the audience with unwanted graphics and style. Use graphics and style only when needed. Do not use word art for title; instead use a readable font size and style for the title. Remember not to scroll the text on a slide, if the text moves on the screen then the audience will find it difficult to read the text. Zooming and spiral of the text will create a distraction, so strictly present the text properly.

7. Include Visuals for better understanding

Always include visuals in PowerPoint for better understanding. Be it an audio, video, image or a chart; add the visuals relevant to the topic to engage the audience. Don't flood the slides with too many visuals. Charts and Graphs can be created and labelled neatly for good understanding.
Instead of using text, some visuals can be added. Pictorial and digital way of representing a concept will reach the minds of the audience at a faster rate.

8. Add transition between the slides

Slide transition is an animation effect used to move from one slide to slide. It is similar to turning the pages in a book. Sounds can also be added for slide transition. Adding a slide transition gives a rich look to the PPT. If needed include sound for transition but don't include any noisy sound or an unpleasant music. The slide transition should not irritate the audience. So remember to use a consistent and a neat slide transition in the PowerPoint.

9. Balance the content and the design

The entire PowerPoint should have a good balance between the content and the design. Use creative ideas in the design of the slides to lock the attention of the audience. But at the same time, design is not the message; the information present in the slide is the message to the audience. So concentrate more on the key points and the contents present in the slides. Maintain a good balance between the content and the design of the PowerPoint effectively.

10. Check the Spelling and Grammar

PowerPoint speaks louder than the presenter. The audience in general gives more importance to the slides rather than the presenter. So to earn a good respect from the audience, avoid using spelling and grammar mistakes in the slides. Proof read the PowerPoint before presenting it to the audience.

To deliver a PowerPoint presentation effectively read the Important Tips on how to deliver a good PowerPoint presentation.

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