Tips to improve reading speed

Are you a book-lover? Do you want to read more books, periodicals and journals in your field of work, but can't do so because of paucity of time? Try these methods to improve your reading speed. Believe me, these tips will definitely help.

During our childhood, our parents and elders used to ask us to read slowly, carefully, understanding the meaning of each and every word. This advice was useful for the purpose of assimilating the knowledge and to reproduce it during the examination. However, with the passage of time, this method of reading is no more helpful. If we are avid readers of books including story books and novels, we have to read very fast. In this article I am going to mention some ways of increasing the speed of our reading. If a person tries to follow these methods consistently, he/she will get positive result in six months or so. So let us learn these techniques.

Let us use a pointer

Our eyes do not actually remain fixed in one place. Eyes frequently move to gather more information from our surroundings. As a result, our attention may get diverted from one particular point of the book which we are reading. So we must use a pointer to force our eyes to remain fixed at the point where we are reading. The easiest pointer is the tip of our fingers. A reader can place his/ her index finger below the line of the text and move it when he/she reads.

Adequate light

We must sit in such a position where adequate light falls on the book or paper which is being read. Adequate light will not strain the eyes of the reader and it would help reading faster.

Let us learn to scan

The most important skill a reader needs to develop is scanning. In actuality we are not required to pay attention to every word which we read. If our brain can quickly catch hold of the key words of every sentence, it can construct the entire sentence in much lesser time. In this way, the speed of reading increases automatically. The scanning comes with practice.

Turning off the voices

During our childhood, most of us picked up the habit of reading words aloud. Most of the adults retain the habit and when they read, they try to hear the sound in their brain. It takes additional time and consequently slows down the reader. So we must practice not to pronounce each and every word for increasing our reading speed.

Only read while reading

It is strongly advisable that the reader must give hundred per cent attention towards reading. He/She should not simultaneously do other work. One of the worst reading habits is reading while watching TV, listening to radio, etc., Needles to say that these distractions slow down our reading speed.

Let us try reading software

Although aforesaid techniques help a reader to increase reading speed to a considerable extent, the reader tends to revert back to his/ her original reading habit. If a person is serious to continuously increase his/her reading speed, he/she can check out softwares like 'Spreeder' which offers free speed reading training course.

Remember reading speed improves with practice

Following the above tips will definitely increase the reading speed of a reader. However, to improve reading speed is not a one-time issue. Continuous practice is required to maintain the increased reading speed and also for further improvement.

Concluding comments

As an avid reader myself, I strongly recommend interested people to follow the above tips to improve their reading speed. This will definitely help in their career also. This I am saying from my own experience.

Article by Partha K.
“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” - George Gordon Byron

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Author: K Mohan12 Oct 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Well the author has made good presentation of some tips and ideas on how to keep good reading habit with some speed sense. Yes when we want to read more contents and more books, surely our reading must be having some speed. Speed in the sense, we should not skip the pages and read only headlines. Speed means reading the para without any distraction from outside world. We must switch off the music player, no television should be running, and avoid reading at the room when others are talking in the vicinity. Moreover avoid reading when the children are playing in your room. That can be more distraction. So tranquility is needed for total reading of book quickly and for that one must also have the ability to understand the words and the meanings for it. So reading dictionary regularly and finding meaning for words should also be practiced.

Author: Ravi09 Nov 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Reading can be improved if you love to read books, English newspapers. You will have to develop reading habits to improve your reading speed. Author had mentioned all the necessary tricks that could help people in developing a good reading habit. If you are watching English news channel, try to read the content flashing in the footer as quickly as possible. This will increase your reading speed to a greater extent. Also, going through the bus or a car on a road, you must not sit quietly. Instead, you can start reading the names of shops that are written in local language or English. This will develop your fast reading speed.

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