Learn the Mantra of Self Control

This article explains the importance of conquering inner self which is essential to gain control over one self. It also explains how important self discipline is which if implemented in life can make the journey of self control very easy.


In today's modern world, we have taken control over each and every thing in almost all the fields of our lives. Our advancement in science and technology, art and literature and various fields have made us take control over them. Today we seem to control the world over finger tips. There is remote control for everything. Television, air conditioners, luxurious cars, safety equipment alarms for our houses and many such comfort equipment we use in our day today basis, all work on our finger tips. Today it seems we can rule the world as we have advanced in almost all the fields. However, the most important aspect that we need to have control is forgotten or sometimes ignored. We do not have any sort of control over ourselves i.e., we neither have control over our bodies nor on our minds and thus they seem to run like untrained horses. Due to absence of training and absence of master who can control them and leads them in a good direction they seem to run haphazardly in any direction.

Our belief system playing a hindrance in self control

We are made to believe that both our body and mind requires comfort or aspirations and thus fulfillment is essential. If requirements are not fulfilled both of them cannot survive. We have thus spoiled them and made them to indulge in all those things which are not only unessential but also has led us to move towards wrong direction. Thus, both our mind and body are thereby dragging us hither and thither and we have completely lost control over them. We are spoiling them for no reason. We meet their demands and do not even check whether it is for good or bad. We play the same role the way parents play in spoiling a child. Parents immense love and affection towards their child force them to meet each and every demand he/she is imposing on them. They become blind in their child's love and thus they keep fulfilling all he/she is asking for and within no time child turns into a spoiled one. It is parents who played a major role in building character of the child. If at beginning itself, they would not have turned blind and would teach their kid what is right and wrong then their kid would not have turned into a spoiled one. In the same way, we blindly keep fulfilling everything that our mind, body and senses ask for and spoil them for no reason. Wishes has to be granted and necessities has to be fulfilled but unwanted demands have to be checked and put a bar on and all these has to be done at the earliest.

Discipline essential for self control

Lack of discipline is the most important cause of losing control over our mind and body. Discipline is very essential to bring back our mind, body and senses in control. Discipline is the only virtue that helps in the training of our untrained horses and once training is complete, one can become masters of one self and bring everything under control. Right now we even though are masters are behaving like slaves as it is our mind and body who is laying control over us. We need to get back in our original position. It is we who have to control them and master them, instead of letting them control us. We cannot allow them to rebel us. We souls are their masters and thus they have to listen to us. One has to obey their masters and in no way can become rebellious against them. It is a rider who controls over his horse. it is not a horse who can take his rider anywhere it wants. It has to run in a direction and at a speed at which his master determines. For this thing to accomplish in right direction proper training is essential. This training itself is known as discipline. This discipline can bring anyone to a state of perfect harmony.

Living a disciplined life does not mean living a very dull life without any hopes and goals in heart. It means living a thoughtful life and acting thoughtfully. We have to always behave like we are our masters and keep a control over our mind, body and thus in turn it will help us to live a reasonable life. We need to control all our forces and accumulate them. This oneness or mastery over forces helps in the working of our betterment.
Our body is a dress which our soul wears. It is an equipment which works when our mind gives it directions to work.

Comforts causing hindrance in self control

Over a few decades, we have made ourselves addicted to live a very comfortable life. We have become prone to luxurious lifestyle. This isn't a bad thing. It is good to have money as we can buy anything from it. One can buy all those things which can make one's life easy and as comfortable as it can be. It is very nice to enjoy cool air provided by air conditioner within premises of one's home, office or even within means of travel. It's good to sit in a comfortable chair which is developed to give a proper back rest and head rest. One can never feel warm even in summers when the temperature rises to its highest as one has made oneself comfortable by the cool air coming out of air-conditioners. One has to never die in cold temperatures during winter as one has fixed heaters in home. It is not wrong to live a comfortable life but what if everything is withdrawn all of a sudden. What if one day power supply is cut off and never comes back? What if all the money is lost and we are not able to live a life like we used to live before? Body is able to withstand anything. It is just a belief as per which we feel that we are too sensitive to tolerate anything. A belief that says we will not be able to live without our comforts. It is a belief that makes us to create thoughts that we will not be able to withstand heat even for an hour without our air conditioners or not able to bear cold weather without proper room heating. However, this is not the case. Yogis and saints living on hills of Himalayas scarcely cover their body and reside over there for years together or sometimes even their whole life time. They prepare themselves and cast away their sensitiveness. This is only possible by complete control over themselves. Lack of control increases sensitiveness.


The lesson to be learned here is if we have worldly comforts, we can enjoy them. There is no harm in it. However, if we do not have them or all of a sudden withdrawn from us then we should not get distressed. Discipline helps our body to obey us and remain comfortable in the conditions made available to it without complaining about anything. Bringing our body in a state which is well balanced would be a great thing to do and this is possible only by self control. This is a state where one rises above all situations. This is a state which is not dull as well as not very over sensitive as it keeps senses in control. This is a state where rebel never takes place as one remains in a perfect harmony. This is a state where an individual not only will work towards reaching his goals but will also keep in mind highest purpose he has in his life.


Author: NK SHARMA16 Oct 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The article is excellent and the effort put by the author is appreciable. The author needs to make some small changes in the format. Put Introduction with h2 HTML tag in the beginning. The first letter of each sentence should be a capital letter. Look for second sentence first letter - our, o is in small make it capital. The last heading" Teachings of self control" replace with a conclusion.

Author: Reena Upadhya17 Oct 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thank you sir for the appreciation. Small changes you suggested were all very helpful and I have made all the necessary changes suggested by you.

Author: Vandana17 Feb 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I feel that one should not get completely obsessed about the "What if"-type situations. We can certainly exercise some kind of control in, say, spending mindlessly on things we don't really need but only wish to do so in order to ape somebody else's lifestyle. At the same time, if we wish to really buy something or enjoy something unique, then we should go ahead and do so if we do have the means for it. We should not think that "What if this money could be saved for later". Enjoy life to its fullest when you actually can. At certain times it is best not to be kanjoos (this Hindi word means a stingy person.)

One aspect where self-control is essential is for the sake of maintaining good health. Do not consume food and beverages which you have been advised not to take, learn to quit smoking, take your medications as advised by your Physician, take in plenty of fresh air and sunshine , etc. Health is wealth!

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