Global Handwashing day 2016 date, theme and message to kids

Do you know the importance of hand washing in our life? How to teach your kids the simple procedure of handwashing with soap? This article gives answers to all your queries regarding the importance of handwashing.

Global handwashing day is celebrated every year on October 15. This year's theme is Make Handwashing a Habit. We adults are familiar with the importance of handwashing. Most of us think that everyday we use to wash our hands and what's much about to talk in washing our hands? Anyway this topic is for every people irrespective of their age. Let me ask you a simple question. Is our kids familiar with the importance of handwashing? Are we checking whether our kids are washing their hands properly after playing and before eating foods?

Majority of the people wash their hands with water only and very few use soap also. Do you think that washing your hands with water alone can remove the dirt? Is there any merits we receive when we use soap also to clean our hands? I think now you might be a having a little confusion. The importance of handwashing with soap is clearly mentioned in Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya program and Swach Vidyalaya Puraskar Program. So lets get into the post to know more about handwashing, the merits of using soap and the demerits if we use water alone.

Why we need to clean our hands before eating food?

A dirty hand contains lots of bacterias and viruses. We can't see them as they are very microscopic. But when they reach our body along with food, the effect is very huge. When compared to adults, kids will be attacked by lots of diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, pneumonia, flu and worm infections due to lack of immunity power. A sick child cannnot eat food properly and in turn it will lead to nutritious deficiency. Most of the dieases are spread through dirt, flies and water. So in the case of adults and kids, we have to take care of washing our hands after playing, using restrooms, before and after eating food, after caring someone who is sick, after cleaning wounds, after touching animals etc.

Extreme care must be taken to clean your hands after coughing and sneezing. Make sure to wash your kids hands properly after they play in mud. You have to take care of washing your hands properly after touching a waste as these are the sources through which most diseases are spread. So in general we can say that if we wash our hands properly, we can prevent some diseases to an extent. Now the next question is whether to wash our hands with water alone or with soap also? I would suggest to use soap also. Continue reading so that you can get an idea.

Is soap more effective than water alone for cleaning our hands?

Remember that using water only for handwashing is not so efficient when compared to soap with water. If we use water alone, most of the dirt particles will still remain in our hand. On the other hand if we use soap with water , it akes time to clean the hands so that the dirt particles will be removed very easily. I know we adults know how to clean our hands with soap. But do the kids know the simple steps of handwashing with soap? If not, here is the procedure for helping your kids to develop the habit of handwashing with soap.

How to wash your hands with soap?
  • You have to make your hands wet in the running water
  • Then you can use a bar or liquid soap
  • Now you have to lather well.
  • In this step, you have to rub your hands together
  • Now rinse well
  • Dry your hands with a clean towel or air dryer

Learning proper sanitization will prevent majority of the diseases. Kids can daily go to school without breaking their attendance. Handwashing habit should be trained not only at home but also at schools. In schools, facilities must be provided to kids to wash their hands with soap before lunch. So to prevent some diseases from affecting our body, we have to develop a healthy habit of washing our hands with soap regularly.


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