How to identify different types of eggs

Do you know the date of International egg day 2016? Interested to know the nutrients present in eggs? Are all eggs present in the market natural ones? If not, how can we identify an artificial egg? This article provides interesting information on eggs, a nutrient rich food.

International egg day 2016 is celebrated on October 14. Today is the 20th International egg day. For the first time, International egg day was celebrated by international egg commission on 14 October 1996. China stands number 1 in the world for egg production. But our country, India stand number 5 in the world for producing eggs. Andhra Pradesh state in India is having top position for producing eggs. Then comes Tamil nadu, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, West Bengal and Kerala. There is another interesting fact regarding China. They are the number 1 in the world for egg usage also. Japan and Monocco occupies the 2nd and 3rd position.

Eggs are available in the market in different shell colors like white and brown. Some people are fond of eggs while others dislike it. Even eggs are necessary for the growth of kids. We can provide it with breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Snacks are also prepared using eggs. We can prepare different tasty items using egg. According to doctors, eggs are the rich source of calcium, apart from milk. For smaller kids, its easy to feed them with eggs. But when grown up, they will choose it based on their taste. Anyway this is a good source of nutrients. As today is the international egg day, lets go through some of the nutrients present in it.

Nutrients present in an egg

Eggs are rich sources of vitamins(A,D,E,K, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate, pantothenic acid), proteins, minerals, essential amino acid leucine, choline, zeaxanthin, calcium, lutein, iron,magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, carotenoids and some fats. This lutein and zeaxanthin are considered to be disease fighting nutrients.

Types of eggs

There are different types of eggs available in the market. For the first time, I was also little bit confused about which one I should buy. Thanks to one of the customer representative who explained me each one. I am forwarding the information to those who are not aware about it. They are
  • Conventional eggs
  • Organic eggs
  • Cage free eggs
  • Free range eggs
  • Enriched colony

Conventional eggs:
Here the eggs are produced by hens that live in cages and the hens are provided with food, water and even protection from predators.
Organic eggs:
Organic eggs are having more demand among the people of US. You might be having a curiosity to know what might be the importance of this type egg? Lets check it. Here the eggs are laid by hens that are not fed with food grown by pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers.
Cage free eggs:
Here the eggs are laid by hens that are free to roam everywhere. They don't feed on a particular food because they can take whatever food they like from the place they roam.
Free range eggs:
Here the hens are fed with not only grains but also wild plants and insects.
Enriched colony:
Here the hens are grown in an environmental area that provides space for perching, scratching and nesting.

All these are the natural eggs available in market. But it shocking to know that now artificial eggs are also available in shops. According to the latest news from Kerala state, artificial eggs are sold in different parts of the state. Those eggs are made by poisonous chemical that are injurious to human health. By eating those artificial eggs, serious diseases will affect your stomach, liver and kidney. Egg whites of artificial eggs are made using starch, resin, sodium alginate, algae residue while the yellow yolk is made by adding organic acids, potassium alum, gelatin, calcium chloride, benzoic acids and artificial colors. Calcium carbonate, gypsum, petroleum and wax is used for making the shells of artificial eggs. They can be easily identified by the following technique.

How to identify an artificial egg?

  • Since the egg shells are made using the ingredients listed above, its very difficult to break it
  • There won't be any smell or taste
  • The egg yolk will be having the texture of rubber
  • Even f you keep the broken eggs opened for few days, there won't be any flies or ants coming near it due to lack of smell

According to the National Commission on Human Nutrition in India, for a healthy body a person must eat at least 1 egg per 2 days. So in order to keep your body healthy, extreme care must be taken in selecting eggs.

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For the first time I came to know about various eggs available to us and its main uses. But the author has failed to address one main issue. The National Egg Coordination committee in its advertisements on television says that egg is a vegetarian item and every one can take it. How this notion can be proved to a non egg eating person. According to the vegetarians the egg cannot be a vegetarian food as that is not coming from any plant or any company production as product. In that case how can we believe that egg is a vegetarian item and it can be taken by all. The author can throw light on this matter.

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