Top 5 fun filled birthday party games for Kids

Birthday party will be incomplete without fun stuffs. Fun games always add extra fun flavor to a birthday party. This article gives funny birthday party gaming ideas for kids. The fun games mentioned here are easy to play and it will definitely give a life to the birthday party. Organize the fun games at the birthday party of your kid and create unforgettable birthday memories.

Birthday party with formal cake cutting and delicious dinner will not give fun to both the kids and the guests who attend the party. So to add more fun to the birthday party, organize funny games and events. Fun games always spread more happiness and fun to both the participants and the guests who watch the games.

It is always a special fun to watch little kids play!

To celebrate the birthday party in a fantastic way, organize the below mentioned fun games for kids and fill the party with a fun mood.

Funny birthday party games for kids

The games mentioned in this article are easy and safe to play. Moreover, the cost involved in organizing the below mentioned fun games is very less.

1. Passing the Parcel

Consider a ball to be a parcel or you can also have any other objects as a parcel. Make sure the object is large and it should fit into the hands of the kids.

Make the children to sit in a circle and play the music. When the music starts ask the children to pass the parcel around the circle.

Stop the music after sometime. The kid who holds the parcel after the music stops is considered to be out and should be eliminated from the game.

While moving out of the game, give a chocolate to the kid as a token of appreciation.

Continue the game and eliminate the children one by one until the game moves to the last round of play. The person who is free from holding the parcel at the last round is the Winner.

2. Tongue Twister

The kids above 8 years of age can participate in the tongue twister game.

Have a list of funny tongue twisters. Call the kids one by one and ask them to try any one tongue twister from the list as per their choice.

Each kid has to repeat their selected tongue twister for five times.

Listed below are some easy tongue twisters in English that kids can try

  • Good blood, bad blood

  • Blue lorry, red lorry

  • Flash message

  • A proper copper coffee pot

  • She sees cheese

  • Black background, brown background

  • Six sticky skeletons

  • Thin sticks, thick bricks

  • I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen

  • A big black bear sat on a big black rug

Instead of adding English tongue twisters to the list, you can also add tongue twisters from your own native language or a mixed of both.

3. Who hits you?

Make the children to sit in a circle. Select one kid from the group and close the eyes of that kid with a cloth. Make that kid to sit at the center of the circle with eyes closed.

Secretly ask any one kid sitting in the circle to touch the kid sitting at the center of the circle. After touching the person at the center, the kid has to take its place and all the children sitting in the circle should ask "Who hits you?" in a chorus to the person at the center.

The task of the person sitting at the center is to find the person who touched. If the kid fails to find the person, then he/she has to continue the game for the next round and if the kid finds the correct person, then the person who touches the kid has to sit at the center with eyes closed for the next round.

Who hits you is purely a fun game. This game has no winner or loser and you can play this game for few minutes until the kids gets bored.

4. Freeze

Play the music and ask the children to dance. Once the music is stopped the kids has to freeze like a statue.

The persons who move is considered to be out and should be eliminated from the game.

To add more fun to the game, the guests who attend the party can crack jokes or do any fun things to divert the kids who are standing like a statue, without touching the kids.

5. Balloon Bouncing

Draw a circle on the ground. Ask five kids to stand inside the circle. Provide 2 balloons to each kid who is standing inside the circle. Write the starting letter of the Kid's name in both the balloons.

Shout START!

The kids have to immediately bounce both the balloons in the air in upward direction. Each kid must concentrate on their own balloons are not allowed to bounce the balloon of other members. The person who leaves the balloon and the person who moves out of the circle should be eliminated.

The person who taps their own balloons inside the circle till the last is considered to be the Winner.

If many number of kids attend the party, then split the kids into groups and play the game. Conduct the game within a single group. Select a winner from each group and make the winners of each group to participate in the final game and identify the final game winner.

Generally kids are very sensitive and some children will find it difficult to accept their failure. So appreciate the kids with a small gift whenever they lose a game. It is not necessary that you need to present a gift to the child every time they lose, instead you can give a chocolate, sweet or any small items as a token of appreciation.

The games mentioned above are full of fun and the children will definitely enjoy playing these fun games sportively.

Conduct the fun games and have fun at the birthday party!

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Author: Swati Sarnobat26 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Happy birthday moments to all kids! Enjoy with other games such as musical chair, memory game, putting the ball in the bucket in the center of the bangle or any circular object, etc. You can also invent a game so that children can enjoy. Tie a balloon at the toes of each player and each player should try to burst the balloon of the other players and whose balloon does not burst wins the game.

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