Quick stress busters and stress relieving tips for employees at workplace

Are you facing more stress at your workplace? Be cool and follow the stress relieving tips and the stress busters mentioned in this article and get free from your stress. Stress busters are a quick medicine which can relieve stress within minutes. Manage the stress effectively at the workplace to lead a happy and a healthy life.

Stress has become a common word in our daily life. In this fast moving world, almost half of the population in the world is facing more stress due to the work and the personal problems. The working people face more work stress because they find it difficult to handle both work and their household activities. Mental stress always leads to health issues and it causes both mental and physical problems. Always be cool and handle all the issues at ease. The reason for the stress lies within us and not in the outside world. Some of the reasons for stress at work are listed below.

Reasons for Stress at Work

  1. Improper Organization of Work

  2. Improper Time Management

  3. Lack of Confidence

  4. Lack of Job satisfaction

  5. Improper Work life balance

How to avoid stress at work?

Follow the stress relieving tips mentioned below to avoid stress at workplace.

1. Organize your work properly

Improper organization of work always leads to confusion and which in turn leads to tension. Always organize your work properly. If you have many work then prioritize your work based on the importance and the complexity of the work. After prioritizing the work, take a sheet of paper or open a notepad in your computer and document your short work plan. After proper organization of the work, follow the work as per the plan.

2. Strictly adhere to time management

Always maintain punctuality. Reach your workplace 5 or 10 minutes earlier. Before starting your work, relax yourself in that 5 or 10 minutes and start your work. Avoid unnecessary chit chat with your colleagues during the working hours if you have more work. Based on your work load, calculate the amount of time it will take to complete each and every work. Have a note on the time you have estimated and try to complete the work on time. Completing the work prior the time is always good and it reduces unnecessary problems and tension.

3. Boost your confidence

Have a confidence on yourself. Don't get dejected if you are assigned with a heavy work load or with a work which you don't know. Be optimistic and try to complete the work on time in a smarter way. Lack of self-confidence will have a negative impact on you and it will also affect your work. So plan your work based on the complexity and complete it without losing your confidence.

4. Enjoy your work

Don't consider your work as a burden. Many people in this world are not doing their dream job. So love what you do or do what you love. Look into the positive side of your work and enjoy your work.

5. Maintain work life balance

Improper work life balance is the major reason for the stress. Both personal and professional life should be given equal importance. Plan your life based on the work and maintain an equal balance between the work and the life. Spend time with your family when you are at home and concentrate on your work when you are at office.

Quick Stress Busters

The stress busters are a quick medicine for stress and it will treat the stress within minutes. If you are overstressed due to heavy work then follow any of the stress busters mentioned below to get relieved from your stress and tension.

1. Have a tea break

If you are suffering from head ache due to heavy work load then take a short break from your work. Go to your break out area or to your cafeteria and have a cup of tea or a coffee. If you don't drink coffee or tea then eat your favorite snack item or a sandwich.

2. Take a Deep Breathe

To relieve yourself from stress, close your eyes and take five deep breaths and release them slowly. Intense breathe will always relax your mind. Meditate for few minutes to reduce your tension.

3. Go for a walk

Sitting at the work desk and worrying about the work load will increase your stress. If you are overstressed then move away from your work desk and go for a slow walk inside your premise. To divert yourself from work, have a look at the surroundings while walking.

4. Listen to your favorite music

Take a break from your work and listen to your favorite music or song. Listening to music is a good stress buster. Music is one of the best relaxations to the mind.

5. Watch funny Videos

To divert the mind from stress, take a break from the work and watch some short funny videos or any comedy scenes and laugh. Laughing is a good therapy for stress.

6. Play a game in your mobile

Video games or Mobile games are the best form of relaxation. Play your favorite game for 5 to 10 minutes. The games will divert the mind and will give a good relaxation to the mind.

7. Press the smiley ball

Have a smiley ball at your work desk. If you are at high stress then press the soft smiley ball for 5 minutes. Pressing the soft ball is also a relaxation technique which can be handled to reduce the stress.

8. Burst the bubbles in a bubble wrap

If you love to burst the bubbles in the bubble wrap then have some bubble wraps at your work desk. Even bursting the bubbles in the bubble wrap is also a stress buster. So whenever you are stressed burst the bubbles in the bubble wrap to reduce your stress.

9. Have a small chit chat with your Friends

Speaking with someone will always reduce the stress. So for a quick diversion from the work, have a chit chat with your colleagues at workplace or else have a small phone call with your friends or with your dear ones.

10. Fun at Work

Go to the recreation room at your workplace and play or else conduct fun games and activities at workplace. For fun games and activity ideas have a look at Top 10 fun games and activity ideas for employees at workplace. Conducting and playing fun games at the workplace reduces mental stress.

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Author: NK SHARMA20 Oct 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The reasons for stress at work is incomplete. Apart from the author explained,I am adding the following.
1.Superior- subordinate ill relationship
2.Do not have competency in your work.
3.Over work pressure.
4. your work demand extra time after office hours.
5.Your ill health
6.No conducive work environment
7.Bad interpersonal relationship.
8.Nature work is boring to you
9.Adverse working conditions
10.Personal problems.
Strategy to overcome the stress explained by author some are not permitted during office hours and they will be amounted as misconduct.So practice them at home. The best way to overcome from the stress is go for 3-5 km walking with your spouse/ friends and listen music /songs.

Author: Soundharya20 Oct 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Mr.NK Sharma- Thanks for adding your points regarding the topic.

It is not necessary to follow all the stress busters mentioned in the article to relieve stress. So follow the stress buster which is suitable for you and try to avoid the stress busters that are not allowed inside your workplace premises.

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