Conquer Inner Self For Real Contentment

This article explains that our inner nature is no less than a vast kingdom. Once we conquer this inner kingdom and become glorious, rest everything will seem so small and insignificant to us that we no longer will concentrate on them.


Life is a struggle. Right from the time a person is born to the time he passes away, whole journey of life seems struggle. This struggle is to achieve something, master something as well as to conquer something. In so called struggle of our lives, we often concentrate on conquering external world. As the concentration is completely outside, inner nature is never really taken care of. Struggle has to be about both i.e., conquest of both external world as well as internal nature. Mere concentration on external world will hollow down inner world and then no matter how many accomplishments been made, inner world will always remain devoid of happiness and contentment.

External world versus inner self

One can conquer the whole world through sheer efficiency and determinant work. It will be of no profit, if one has no control over one's soul. Winning the world and losing one's soul is a deal which only brings harm and sufferings. On the other hand, if a man has conquest over his soul and has lost everything apart from it will be in a total win-win situation, as there is no other thing in the world that can provide contentment as glory over the soul offers. One who keeps an even tenor in all sorts of circumstances is known to be blessed. No sort of disharmony or turbulence can shake him as he has developed complete faith in himself. Rest all sorts of conquests one tries to seek throughout one's life in external world are not at all important. In real sense they will seem completely insignificant when one will compare them with conquest over one self.

Alluring external world

He is not a man who is ready to exchange his soul for some material conquest. For world he may be a glorious king, for himself too he may be proudly invincible but in real sense he still stands nowhere. A real conqueror is one who understands how important it is to take first step and stand up. Once he has done that, he should gather all his forces and stand firmly which will help him to hold himself above everything. He has to rise not only above external nature but most importantly above inner nature too. If he does not control and rise above his nature then he will become a slave of himself. His each and every action will be dependent on it. If he wishes to be liberated and wants to perform every act of his very independently then he needs to conquer his nature. This is because if one loses the authority of one's actions and when actions become dependent on some other entity then it takes away all the joy and only bring sufferings and burden.

Awakening for conquering inner self

External matters attract us, amuse us. Thus, our aspirations and goals become only external. No matter how many goals we achieve and no matter how many ambitions of ours we fulfill, there will always be something lacking in our hearts. We since with unsatisfied souls try to satisfy ourselves in outer world and thereby we fail miserably and thus we need to learn to awaken our real nature. Once awakened, it will give us real knowledge of how pure, happy and contented souls we are and our purity, happiness and contentment does not depend on outer achievements or failures. Thus, we have to work hard to achieve something and reach our goals with already been satisfied. This kind of conquest over self will keep a person stable in all affairs of life. Either we can gain victory over ourselves or else practice slavery by letting our nature burden us with our impulses.

Importance of self control

Forces governed by our nature are all undisciplined and thus these untrained forces do not obey us. Instead we are forced to obey them and they drive us the way they want to. Our body which is nothing but a costume for our soul, denies to obey us. Soul who is master of body is hardly paid any respect and body which is no more than an equipment constantly drives soul hither and thither. This is why control over self becomes essential. One who has knowledge about himself will never become distracted and restless. No sort of physical energies can deviate him from path or bring distraction to him. These forces will help him to do something constructive rather than disturbing him by being destructive. Now this is a state where forces serve him and he need not serve them. They work for him helping him attain salvation and serenity. These forces work together and help greatly in his evolution.

Conquering inner world brings glory

One who desires to conquer one self and crown himself a glorious king of his soul will never have to worry about any sorts of defeats or failures one would be facing in life. This is because, most important battle of life is won and now other battles don't keep an importance. Though one will be part of it but victory or defeat will be same to that person. He will carry his victory, his glorious kingdom with himself wherever he goes. He becomes his own master and his kingdom is not limited to a certain country or people. Peace, happiness, contentment comes to him naturally and resides within him as he is in a state of external bliss. Liberation of self is essential if one desires for freedom. If one is always surrounded by unwanted thoughts as well as desires which are unsatisfied, one cannot become liberated and will always be restless and disturbed. Externally no matter how many efforts one makes to achieve peace but all efforts will go in vain.


Conquering inner self should be the main desire of each and every soul. Only this achievement will fulfill all the desires of all the men. One has to gain knowledge about one self and then implement it so that knowledge turns into wisdom. This wisdom will bring with itself lots of courage and perseverance. It will provide strength and fighting spirit which will make one become glorious over one's own enemy. This self conquest will ultimately lead everyone to the path of salvation.


Author: K Mohan28 Nov 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

First of all my hearty appreciation to the author for kindling this kind of wonderful subject as article which would never come to any creative mind even. I do agree that one must understand himself first before advising others or following others for betterment. But we are often distracted by the inclusive progress of our immediate competitor and thus follow the vision he was following. That is wrong. Everyone of us is bestowed a God gift attitude and creativity which we must explore and practice. There is nothing wrong in trying the inner strength in us and mind it, we are the sole owner of our integrity and honesty. So there is no boss to control our following our conscience and therefore achieving superior success is fully guaranteed.

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