Learn to Conquer Inner Power

This article explains the procedure by which one can learn to conquer oneself by conquering inner power present in enormous amount and thereby make oneself king of glorious kingdom which can never be defeated.


If one desires to conquer inner self then one needs to conquer over one's lower self. Evil characters like anger, greed, lust etc..... should be eradicated one by one with complete determination. Nearest and very obvious or more definite issues should be taken care at first. Easy ones when conquered, complicated things can also be ruled out very easily. We within ourselves have enormous amount of power which if utilized in right direction can bring us victory and if left underutilized then can only bring misery to us. Lots of dedication and efforts are essential to learn the technique of winning that power present in each and every one of us. Once this inner power is conquered, victory over inner self is definite and when inner self gets conquered then there exists no need to conquer any kingdom.

Energy wastage leads to depletion of inner power

We spend too much time and energy while performing numerous activities. Some of these activities do not even make sense. Knowingly or unknowingly we are spending a whole lot of energy and inner power and at the end of the day we complain of our whole energy being depleted or exhausted. Care not been taken in this aspect is what leads to depletion of energy. If care is taken, expenditure of energy never takes place. We should try our best to save it as much as possible and avoid unnecessary usage. Silence is wisdom. Usage of as little words as possible and only when necessary saves up a lot of energy. Wisdom makes a person understand this. Only a wise person will practice silence and a fool utters all the time which consequently leads to nervous exhaustion.

Control body to conquer inner power

We do not know proper usage of our power so that act gets accomplished and also avoids unnecessary wastage of energy. Either we perform an activity to its extremity or remain inactive. Performing an act in moderation should be learned. We should learn to balance at everything. Any habit has to be in moderation. Every thing should be balanced out. To conquer inner power which is present in enormous amount in ourselves, consciousness is essential. We have to be alert and in complete conscious state so that we accomplish all our tasks in moderation. We should balance out irrespective of whether it comes for filling appetite, quenching thirst and even breaking silence to speak up. Even work, holidays, sleep everything should be in moderation. Our body has enormous amount of forces and inner power. These if are left untrained and if not controlled by a master will become directionless. We need to unite them, master them and this sort of control will help them to work for our benefit.

Control Mind to conquer inner power

Mind reflects personality and mind is full of thoughts. What a person is thinking or the kind of thoughts he is been creating can be understood if his personality is judged. We have to know what kind of thoughts we are creating and to what number. We have to put a control over our thoughts. We need to restrain our mind and not let it run on its own. Impulse is first created in mind and then body receives a signal and acts according to it. If anger is not created in mind, body or sense organs will never react in rage. On the other side, we can train our mind to remain at peace. Internal peace will always result in peace outside. Being at peace will help us think whether impulse that is being originated is necessary or completely non-essential. We do not have to blindly believe that every impulse being originated is for real reason and just. We will soon start differentiating between essential and non-essential thoughts and we will start eradicating everything that will seem non-essential.

Power of mind

Mind is fleeter that wind. This is because wind requires time to travel but mind within seconds can reach there. Such a wanderer it is. But in this whole act, lots of energy gets wasted. We need to teach our mind to concentrate on highest purpose of our life. Constant efforts help it to remain in right direction and on chosen path. Concentration has to be increased and meditation increases concentration. Lots of will power is essential to hold our thoughts firmly. It increases our concentration which in turn help us raise us above our lower nature. Once we become united with our higher self, victory over one self is not far away.

Impact of thoughts

Negative thoughts should be avoided at any cost. Time spent in creating thoughts about future or the ones which are past related are all wastage of time. Thus, one should always check the quality of thoughts they have been creating in their minds. We often feel that thoughts linger in our minds without our attention, but this is not the case. If we conquer our inner power then we will realize that we are the ones who are responsible for creating thoughts and thus we ourselves can check their quality and control them. Mind has to think. It keeps creating thoughts and we cannot stop it from creating them. Only thing we can do is by gaining control over our inner power and by accumulating all the internal forces we have in right direction can check the type of thoughts we are creating and replace them if quality is not good. Negative thoughts can be replaced by positive thoughts. Waste thoughts can be replaced by useful thoughts. If we are at peace, number of thoughts being created in mind too decreases.


We are rich sources of energy and enormous power but it is too sad that we do not utilize them for our good. This is because we are unaware of their existence. Once we control our body, our mind as well as our sense organs then we will start rising above our evil lower nature. More and more one rises above evil nature, one becomes aware of one's higher self. As one rises above everything one will start gaining more and more control over enormous inner power one possess within oneself. When one reaches complete higher self, one will gain oneness with Supreme Soul.


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