We are a Part of Nature

This article explains importance of nature in our lives and how closely nature and health are associated with each other. If we desire to remain healthy then definitely should never interfere with nature or try to create imbalance in it.


Everything present around us in this whole world runs as per certain rules and regulations. In fact, the whole universe if observed carefully seems to be following a pattern. We need to give a careful glance to the nature and then we can very well understand that every single activity and every single change taking place since the beginning of formation of earth is in a definite pattern. All mortal and immortal elements present on earth or in fact within the whole universe follow this unique pattern. Sun, moon, planets, stars everything follows a pattern. Rotation and revolution of each planet is in a pattern. Even if for a second if planets get distracted by their definite pattern then the whole of the universe may come to an end. All the plants, animals, birds, human beings too run by a definite pattern. This pattern is responsible for maintaining of ecological system.

Nature and its elements

Nature is a composition of distinct elements. We human beings too are one of its elements. Each element is interdependent on one another. Each element either directly or indirectly depend on other and thus disappearance of one will badly influence the other elements. New elements keep developing in this universe as per the action and reaction rule. It is a simple rule we all need to understand that nature doesn't tolerate any sort of imbalance in it. If any element rebels and tries to create imbalance even if it is for a short duration then nature by itself brings back the balance in it. If nature is allowed to do its work by itself then no crisis will ever develop and the whole routine will keep continuing for centuries together provided nothing is been interfered. Such is its arrangement which by the way is its significant quality. Each and every life present on this earth including pants and trees are taken care of by nature's law. Imbalance is all created only when some one tries to interfere or rebel the laws. A little interference will create imbalance in the whole ecological balance and the outcome is very disastrous.

Understanding that we are a part of nature

Any living being on earth who accepts, runs and act according to nature's law, will be completely healthy. One who tries to rebel will seriously face impact and will lose health. This is what human beings have been doing since a long time. We have been interfering with balance of nature and thus are facing consequences and the major one is bad health. Once health is lost, everything is lost. No body can remain happy by going against the laws of nature. This rebellious nature will not allow them to live longer. Animals, vegetation and other living beings act as per laws of nature and thus are happy. We tend to interfere with everything we see and our this interference and uneasy nature has posed lots of problems not only on balance of earth but also on us. This is because we cannot separate ourselves from nature. We are a part of nature and will always be. Thus, if there is any risk of danger or times of crisis, we too will get affected equally. Body of human being is created specifically according to nature's laws. We have to understand our importance that we are an important element in this chain of ecosystem and act accordingly. We should have a compassionate nature towards other elements and follow laws of mother nature. If done accordingly, then mother nature will bless us with good health.

Ignorance that we are not a part of nature

For most of us good health means a state which is free of diseases. Now a days, we don't even consider ourselves as part of this nature. We have kept ourselves as a separate individual and the rest everything we see around us we consider it to be a separate entity and thus before exploiting anything we do not even seem to give it a second thought. Each and every action has equal and opposite reaction. What we sow, so we reap. We do not realize the consequences of our actions. We keep exploiting and in return expect profit. However, this is never going to happen. We too will get exploited back if we don't stop creating exploitation. It is our stupidity that we do not consider ourselves as a part of nature but instead consider ourselves to be free from nature. In fact, we even consider our various body parts and organs as different units. This is certainly not true. Disorder developed in any body part will directly or indirectly affect the rest of the body. Similarly, any ecological imbalance produced in nature will affect each and every living being.

Our ignorance leading to bad health

Today since we do not consider ourselves as a part of nature, we are following a very wrong eating pattern. We have no respect and follow no discipline in this aspect as we do not believe in laws of mother nature. We eat what we like without even considering the fact that how harmful it is to our body. We eat as and when possible without maintaining a strict time table and even we tend to give excuses of our strict schedule and busy lifestyle. We live a very unhealthy life style and all these things exert effects on our body. We have become ill and disease prone. Now in order to get rid of illness and disease, we undergo various treatments. These modern treatments are not just trying to correct disorder and cure disease, in fact are exerting lots of negative effects on our body. As a result, new diseases are born. This continues and thus today once if a person falls prey to any disease will always remain drenched in bad health no matter how many treatments he undergoes. Both physical and mental health are interconnected to each other. Once a person becomes physically unhealthy, mental sickness follows very quickly. His power gets depleted and stress as well as tension becomes a part of his life.

Nature within us

Since man himself is an element of nature, he himself is composed of natural elements. All the natural elements present within man should be in a balanced state. This itself is called as being healthy. Man is a spiritual being and thus he has to work according to spirituality. Today, we do not consider ourselves spiritual beings and thus do not act accordingly and since we are acting in opposite direction, imbalance of these natural elements is developing. Imbalance created withing our body itself is responsible for causation of diseases. Different types of treatments and different therapies can only cure the disease but are unable to form the balance of these essential elements. Until and unless balance is been re-established no matter how many treatments we undergo, we will always remain disease prone.

Ayurveda nature's therapy

In India, Ayurveda is a very popular therapy and age old system which was even known to our ancestors. It is the only branch of medicine which believes in maintaining the balance of all the elements in body before trying to cure any ailment. It believes that underlying cause has to be removed. Until and unless one does not get rid of underlying cause, no treatment can be effective. It had discovered such methods which can always keep a person healthy and keep diseases at bay. According to Ayurveda, vata (space and air), pitta (acidic secretion from bile) and kapha (cough) are the main elements in human body. Their balance has to be well maintained. No element should overpower other elements. Imbalance between them itself leads to the origin of diseases. Once balance is maintained, no disease will affect the body and thereby good health will always be well maintained.

Complex life style

Today we can't live a simple, healthy life as we are unaware of the factors essential for us to be taken care of. We are drenched in complexities of our lives. Thus, it is a common scenario to see every person getting affected from one or other disease. We have to understand this concept and at least bring some changes which will definitely decrease the number as well as severity of diseases. Once if we get affected with disease, we can work upon ourselves and finally get rid of it. By following this pattern, we can save ourselves from negative side effects exerted by allopathic medicine taken for treatment of diseases. We now a days do not have patience and wants to get rid of diseases as quickly as possible. As a result, we are introducing medicines in high dosage and that of very high power in our body. This in turn decreases immunity of our body. As immune level decreases, defense mechanism of our body decreases. Consequently, we become susceptible to be affected from numerous diseases and disorders.


Today science has discovered many treatments and invented numerous medicines which help in the treatment of diseases. However, it has not discovered any formula which will help a person to always remain healthy. Yogic science is the only science which enables a person to maintain his health and always remain free from diseases. All it exerts is only beneficial effects. No side effects are exerted unlike modern medicine. Its miraculous benefits have attracted even outsiders. Foreign tourists flock India from everywhere in large numbers and stay here for months together. They learn yogic science and regularly practice it and now have been spreading it all over the world. Such is the popularity of yoga. Slight disorders get corrected by themselves. Whereas, there are certain severe diseases which within particular span get corrected until a person interferes with the laws of treatment. Nature plays its important role in our lives and itself corrects these sorts of disorders if we do not interfere in between. Thus, nature has to be given a chance to treat diseases. For this, lots of patience and trust is essential. We need to understand that we are a part of nature and thus stop interfering with it and creating any imbalance in it. Also we need to understand that we are made up of nature and thus by following laws of mother nature, we can keep ourselves healthy forever.


Author: Swati Sarnobat16 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Nature is passive, but human being is active, so it is the duty of every individual to protect our nature around us. Provide manure to plants and instead of dumping water, provide them to plants. But cut off the weeds. To protect the environment and reduce global warming problem, plant trees in your garden. Use plants for medicinal use and not frequently for burning fuel.

Author: Reena Upadhya16 Mar 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

If we protect nature around us, only then nature will be able to protect us as it is essential for us to understand that we are not indifferent from nature. We are a part of it and thus we have to live without creating imbalance in it and not rule over it.

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