Project Management - learn how to manage a project

The PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) defines project as unique temporary endeavor with definite start and finish.The primary aim of Project management is to achieve all goals of the project scope while adhering to three main constraints-Scope,Time/Cost and Quality. Learn about managing a project through this helpful article.

Overview of Project Management

Project Management is the process of creating unique product or service. A project is a finite endeavor having definite start and completion dates to achieve the desired deliverable. Different projects undergo progressive elaboration by bench marking with milestones and execution of activities.

The primary challenge of Project Management is to achieve all the goals of the project scope while adhering to the triangle constraints as Scope,time/cost and quality.If any one constraint is affected,it leads to the grief in project health.The next of goal of project management is to carry the project under a project life cycle.

There are different knowledge areas for each project management process such as:
  • Scope Management

  • Cost Management

  • Schedule Management

  • Risk Management

  • Quality Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Integration Management

  • Resource Management

  • Project Management Definition

    The Process of Planning,monitoring and control of all aspects of the project,to achieve the project objectives on time and to the specified cost,quality and performance.

    Project Definition

    We can define the project in different ways.Below are some of the definitions:

  • A set of activities ,aiming with specific objectives within certain time and budget

  • Set of correlated activities

  • A Planned undertaking in an organisation that carries out within a given time frame work and budget.

  • Importance of Project Management
  • It helps in organizing and planning the projects to avoid the chaos in the organisation.

  • Any project will be having risk in its nature.A project management process can help to identify,measure and mitigate the risks at the required level.

  • At the end ,everyone cares for the product which is of high quality.The PM Process helps to deliver the quality product on time,with its controlling nature.

  • A Change is not avoidable.Its is necessary to maintain the change and clear the issues with respect to the change.

  • Lessons learned are from Project Success or Failure.

  • Project Management Activities

  • Estimating Resources

  • Organizing the Work

  • Assigning Tasks

  • Quality Management

  • Issue Solving

  • Identifying,Managing & Controlling Changes

  • Planning the work as per the objectives

  • Directing Activities

  • Controlling the Project Execution

  • Facilitation

  • Communication to Customers

  • Forecasting future scope in Project

  • Budget Forecast

  • Analyzing the health of Project

  • Scope of Project

    Project Scope Management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required,to complete the project successfully.It is primarily concerned with defining and controlling the project.

  • Scope Planning : The Project scope will be defined,verified and controlled.

  • Scope Definition:Developing the Project statement for project decisions.

  • Create WBS(Work BreakDown Structure): Dividing the project tasks into actions or value streams.

  • Scope Verification: Formally Accepting the Project deliverable.

  • Scope Control: The Project Scope may subjected to change.

  • Completion of Project is measured against the project plan and that is associated with each WBS. Project Scope Management needs to well integrated with other knowledge areas processes ,so that the project result in delivery of the specified product scope to meet the long term requirements.The Next phase of discussion should be on project life cycle,which tells how the project is carried out in different phases to produce good deliverable and challenges in the each phase.

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