Parents are our first teachers

In this article I am describing about parents. Parents are the first teacher in our life and they love us with all the love they have. They provide us with best of everything and parents are visible gods and angels on the earth. They teach us what life is all about and help us in solving our problems.

Parents generally sign up for something called unconditional in the form of their children. They are generally the first teachers in our life. We pick up a lot of similarities and features from our parents in the form of genes. When it comes to teaching, both the parents teach a lot of things. They are those people who taught us walking catching our little figures and always assured to give us the best of everything. They love us with the all the love they have and allow support us in whatever we do. They encourage us in everything we do and teach us what life is. There are those people who stood up for us even when the whole world is against us.

Parents teach a lot of things and there are our first inspirations of our life. Generally a first hero a child knows is his dad cause the child is protected by his dad. Parents have sleepless night taking care of us and this teaches us that what care is? They put our happiness beyond their and this teaches us what true love is? There undergo a lot of scarifies for the sake of our happiness. They would be ready to do anything and everything that makes us happy.

They teach us values, morals and love everyone around us. We grow up seeing our parents working hard to provide us best of everything. There take care of us expecting nothing in return; this teaches us to stand up for people who can do nothing to us in return. They never expect any sort of gratitude or thanksgiving from us. They are those people who know our biggest strengths and weakness in life. No one knows whether god actually exists or not? But there are living god and goddess on earth whom we can see.

My learning from my parents:

I have learnt quite a lot of things from my parents. I learnt to be positive every situation of life. I also learnt to help people who can do nothing in return for us from my dad. They taught me to see only good in others. I learnt what patience is when they answered my endless questions. I learnt how to face complex stuff in life from their experience. My mom taught me to never run out of responsibilities and she always stood up for all of us. They showed me what love and care is all about? They always guided me like a torch in darkness and made sure I got best of everything. I learnt to face everything with confidence from my dad. I learnt the meaning of devotion from my mom and think that her prayers are responsible for all the blessing in my life. I feel the one best thing I learnt from dad; he feels that a little is needed to led a happy life. I learnt is what hard work is from both my parents. I even taught them a lot of things and they often showed me as their pride. I taught of things from the mistakes they do.

Parents are the first teachers of our life and we all learn quite a lot of things from them. They are children's first love and they always safeguards from all the problems. They ensure us to give us best of everything and love us with all the love they have. We all learn different things from our parents and everybody's learning is different from others. They accept the way we are and will be willing to do anything and everything for our happiness.

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Author: K Mohan16 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

In fact Parents are our first God. In Tamil there is a saying that Annaiyum , Pithavum Munnari Deivam. That means parents are the first God. No doubt right from the birth and till the age of 3, the child is with the parents and learns all the intricacies of the nature and it is the mother who have inclusive discussions with the small child as if he or she understands everything. But it is the fact that when a child is just 3 to 5 months old, he or she recognizes the best people around and would like to go in their lap. So the children are the keen observers and they have the niche to learn new things from the tiny age. It is the parents who are responsible to teach then all good things and never quarrel in front of the child as the bad words are also learned so easily.

Author: T.M.Sankaran22 Mar 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

In fact the children learn the first lessons from their own parents. Those children who do not get chance to stay with parents are forced to learn things from others.
This is the reason why people say that the parents should behave wisely in front of the children. If father and mother quarrel in front of the child, naturally, the same will be copied by it. The usage words by parents also must be carefully done if the child is with them. This is because the words are learned by the child only from parents conversations.

Author: T.M.Sankaran08 Apr 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

I wish to add a few more points related to this thread. Parents' behaviour in the house is important. Children copy them without the knowledge of the parents. For example, if the father has the habit of smoking, male children will try to imitate it if they get a chance. This is true with alcoholism also. Hence father should avoid using these in front of the children.
A good father must see that he reads good and useful books which should inspire the children also to read them. If possible try to get informative and useful magazines in the house. Children may be guided in the selection of TV channels too. Proper guidance in the selection of food items also needs to be given.
All these are equivalent to imparting knowledge to children. These are part of learning too. These lessons are to be given by parents in the beginning.

Author: Reena Upadhya17 Apr 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

I agree that parents are our first teachers and also I would like to add that our home is our first school. A kid learns the most in the initial first 3 years of his/her life than at any other point in life. This fact itself will tell us how important it is to communicate well and make kids understand and learn in the beginning period of their lives. Kids are not just the adorable little creatures to whom we can make love and not concentrate on the upbringing and teachings we are providing at that phase. Home is a place which gives the feeling of warmth and comfort. It is a place where gathering takes place. If the home is the first school then it makes sense that the parents or guardians taking care of kids are first teachers.

The communication which parents have with their kids will help kids to understand how they should behave in their later lives. Parents give the lifelong training and that training begins as soon as the child is brought to home from the hospital. Lessons like respecting others and their properties, self-respect, honesty, sacrifice, community service, ethics, values etc will be taught by the parents to the kids.

The complete responsibility to make sure that their kid turns out to be a well-behaved individual when he has grown up lies in the hands of parents. Either they can take up the responsibility or else wait for their kids to go to school and learn all these things. If they wait up for their academic sessions to begin then I must tell that they have waited too long and in no way, schools are going to train their kids in these aspects and turn them into a fine individual. Parents are not just the first teachers; in fact, they are the most important teachers of their kids.

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