CBS Formula: Scam or legitimate affiliate program?

What is CBS Formula? It is an acronym for Create, Build, Sell. It is a training program for affiliate marketers that serves as a guide to selling online. Read on to know more about the program and how you can benefit from it.

With affiliate marketing programs, it is difficult to know what works and what does not, unless you have tried it out yourself, and have been in the game for some time. In fact, it is not surprising but incredible to see claims like that made by CBS Formula, which promises that students will be 'killing it from day 1' and making as much as 100 percent profit in four days.

If such a promise does not make you immediately jump to the conclusion that it is a scam, it makes you wonder whether there is some legitimate loophole, trick or formula that the creators have discovered or are exploiting.

This CBS Formula Review takes a closer look at the promises of the program, and whether it really delivers.

How does the program work?

CBS stands for Create, Build, Sell. The affiliate brand is built around Creating a product, Building a mailing list and Selling the product to the mailing list. The process that it uses is an automated system, which, it is claimed, will not even require your presence to rake in the money.

There is nothing revolutionary in the idea of automated networks. It is how many affiliate programs are run across the world. An automated affiliate program typically automates processes like affiliate link placements, advertiser selection reporting and so on. This simply means that rather than partner with advertisers, affiliate programs partner with affiliate networks like ShareASale, OMG Network, TrooTrac Media, CJ etc. When a publisher links to a merchant with direct links, the link is converted into an affiliate link. Pasting the code into websites that need to be monetized is all that you have to do to make money off the website.

CBS Formula also automates a few other steps along the way. They first set you up with what they are calling an 'all-in-one' system of training and software. Using this, you will be learning a number of things about affiliate marketing, including how to create a product, building a large mailing list, automating sales with CBS's automation software etc.

The question is, is there anything different that the program is offering when compared with other affiliate programs?

What do you get with CBS formula?

The program offers an impressive setup for quick selling and automation, including but not limited to training:
  • Tips to quickly discover the low competition, profitable sub niches to sell in
  • Tips to finding out audience problems and creating your product around their need
  • Tips to promote the product to whet the audience's appetite, with high converting sales copy
  • Revelations of the highest grossing product types including the ideal packaging and presentation
  • A Speed Secret Hack to creating a sellable product in a day
  • A power email list with underground tactics to grow 5,000 to 10,000 subscribers in the first month
  • Autopilot email list building strategy
  • 120 additional leads (for free) from the brand's own list of subscribers
  • Deep funnel marketing tips
  • Tips on an aggressive Funnel Streaming method of conversion
  • Tips to run successful post-funnel sales offers

Besides live coaching webinars and training resources, the program also offers some startup advantages and resources including:
  • Access to a team of digital product creators, copywriters, sales video producers to potentially work with
  • Successful email templates and mailing schedules
  • Software for quickly building sales pages
  • Lead generating re-maketing software
  • Paid traffic software, a product created by a CBS student

All of these tools appear to make an impressive arsenal for affiliate marketers to start out with. There is nothing potentially fraudulent about what the program is achieving.

Does CBS Formula really work better than others?

There is no reason why CBS Formula's system will not work if allowed some time. But the question is, what gives the program creators the confidence to claim quick returns?

Now, most affiliates know that affiliate marketing is not particularly easy when you are starting out. Building trust with an audience you want to sell to takes time. There is a lot of competition out there. Plus, recommendations do not always convert to sales. Since affiliate marketing is clearly built on fostering relationships, which are not built in a day, how can the program possibly promise quick results?

Where CBS Formula seems to be succeeding in speeding up the process is in their emphasis on the product, on selling the product, and doing everything as efficiently as possible in the early stages for a strong start.

One of the ways that the program does this is by making the training not about how to make money online, but figuring out what you can sell and how you can sell it best. There is a very strong emphasis on creating the perfect product to sell.

It is not news that people are looking for products to buy, be it information products like coaching programs, eBooks and videos trainings, or software, apps etc. that create solutions to problems. The program capitalizes on this simple fact and teaches the affiliate to create sellable products that will have buyers, with resources that are probably already available to the affiliate marketer. The next step is to optimize the website to the best potential, make sure that it is updated regularly with fresh new content and so on. It is not the monetizing so much as the selling that lies at the heart of the program, which is possibly the reason for its success.

Unlike many other such programs, CBS seems to know exactly what it is doing. It has a very clear idea of what sells, how to sell effectively and efficiently, and how offering its affiliates a legitimate and robust system will only make for a win-win situation where everyone will be making money. The pros seem to maintain top notch work quality and follow through with their preachings to earn the clients' or customers' goodwill.

The verdict

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you must network with the right partners and always look for more efficient partnerships. CBS Formula may be able to deliver on its promise to help you create and sell hot products. The resources it offers is users are impressive, with many automation tools that can get you started with an edge over others in a competitive market.

The many testimonials from the program's users may be proof of the passive income that can be legitimately generated with motivation and insider knowledge of what, how and when to sell. Overall, CBS Formula is a recommended affiliate program for those who want to make money online.

CBS Formula is an affiliate program that has a slightly different take compared with other programs. The focus of the program's training is on selling, how to create the perfect product that will sell and build email lists.

Article by Juana
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