Recipe for black grapes chutney (sauce)

Have you tasted black grape chutney? If not, get these simple ingredients and try yourself making this chutney by following the method provided in this recipe. Once prepared, enjoy this chutney with the main meal. This can also be taken with light snacks like bread rolls, pakoras etc.

Chutney is an item in the food which everyone from child to aged people relish. The strong flavor of chutney is not only appetizing but makes the food more tasty. The amount of chutney taken with food is small generally a few spoons but it adds a lot to the overall taste and flavour of the food. People habitual of taking food with chutney miss it very much when they are away from their home and travelling and do not get the good quality chutney outside. Chutney is very popular in India in almost all places and there are many types of chutneys made to accompany different types of food items. I have also got a liking for various type of chutneys and if I come across any new recipe in this area of food I take a note of it and try to prepare myself in my house. One such chutney is black grape chatni and there is a incident related to this.

Few months back I happened to visit my friend in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and was offered food in the evening where there was a item of chutney also. I found that particular chutney very unique and tasty and asked its name for my reference. They told me that the chutney was made from black grapes and tomatoes and was popular in their native place. I asked them to tell me the recipe of the chutney and they happily agreed to share it with me. I took verbal notes from them and later noted everything in my travel diary. After return to my place I tried the chutney and found it equally delicious. Now I am giving the recipe for the benefit of everyone specially those whose taste buds are well developed and have a liking for such side items.


This recipe is for 5-6 persons.

  • Black grapes (cleaned and washed) --- 150 gm

  • Tomatoes --- 2-3 medium sized

  • Garlic cloves --- 8-10 pieces

  • Coriander leaves (cleaned and washed) --- 1/2 cup

  • Mint leaves (cleaned and washed) --- 1/4 cup

  • Roasted cumin powder --- 1/2 tea spoon

  • Dry mango powder --- 1/2 tea spoon

  • Black pepper powder --- 1/4 tea spoon

  • Red chilli powder --- 1/4 tea spoon (optional)

  • Salt to taste

  • Method

    (Preparation time : 15 minutes)

    Chop grapes and tomatoes in small pieces. Put chopped grapes and tomatoes in a bowl and add roasted cumin powder, dry mango powder, black pepper powder, red chilli powder and salt. Mix them well. Now mix all other ingredients.

    Transfer the contents of the bowl in a mixer jar and run the mixer till fine paste is obtained. Avoid using mixer for long time and instead do it in steps. Add some water in between to make the paste consistent.

    Now chutney is prepared. Keep it in a container with lid.

    Keep the chutney in fridge if it is to be used later otherwise it can be consumed immediately. Generally chutneys are prepared fresh and eaten.


    Serve 2-3 spoons of this chutney with food to each person. This chutney can be enjoyed with main course of food as well as light snacks.

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