Simple tips to boost memory

In this article, some simple tips are given to boost the memory. Continuously following these tips would definitely help boosting retention power and power to recall at right places at the right time. Let us learn these tips.

We have seen many people in our daily life who can calculate very fast. These people remember tables of high digits. Some people vividly remember the names of their school teachers and the incidences involving such teachers. Many people can recite long poems and Sanskrit shlokas. We feel envious of these people. The phrase "elephantine memory" is used for such people. But can we boost our own memory? Can we try to emulate these people with stupendous memory? Yes, we can. If we continuously follow the tips given below, we will definitely notice improvement of our retention power. At the same time, we can recollect relevant information at correct place and at correct time. Let us know about these tips.

Read repeatedly

Whenever we try to memorize, we should read the material repeatedly. At the same time, we must pronounce it so that the sound of the words reaches our ears. In this way, we can remember the material quite easily.

Write it down and then read

If we want to boost our memory, we must write the passage and then read it. When we write something, it creates a better impression in our brain cells. So after writing the same, if we read it then it would be possible for our brain to retain it for a longer period of time.
Practice makes us perfect: Whenever we want to memorize numbers, sums, problems, methods, etc, we must practice the same time and again. Repeated practice creates better impression and the subject will definitely be retained for a longer period of time. Learning the mathematical tables is an appropriate example in this regard.

Understanding & relating

Whenever we want to retain anything for the purpose of recalling it in future, we must try to relate this with any known personal event. For example my ATM PIN numbers are related to the marks obtained by me in Xth standard and XIIth standard Board Examinations. So it is very easy for me to recall these PINs.

Take help of rhymes

Most of us remember the rhymes which we have studied in our nursery classes. Why? It is because these rhymes create better impression in our memory cells. So whenever we try to remember any word or name of any person, we must try to rhyme these words. This would help us to remember these names and recall them in appropriate time.


A pleasant thing is very easy to remember. At the same time, a very bitter incident can also be recalled. However, those things about which we have no attachment or detachment, are difficult to remember. So the subjects which we did not like to study during our student days, are really very difficult to recall at later stage. So to memorize something, we should try to visualize the subject in front of our eyes. This helps remembering and recalling the issue in future.

Take help of acronyms

Acronym means denoting abbreviated form of some phrase. For example, the students who are weak in history remember the names of famous Mughal kings with the help of acronyms. In science, VIBGYOR is a very well-known acronym of seven spectrums of light. These acronyms are very helpful to memorize.

Proper sleep and meditation

These two aspects are also very helpful to boost memory and recalling. Proper sleep helps us to get-off from the daily strains. If we have adequate sleep, then it is very easy for our memory cells to remember complex subjects. Same thing is applicable for meditation also. Basically meditation is to wipe our mind clean. A person must sit on Padmasana (Lotus posture) and try to keep his mind clean. An imaginary point must be kept in front of our eyes and we must try to concentrate on this point. After practice, it would be possible to concentrate on meditation. Meditation is also extremely helpful to remember and recall.

Memory-boosting foods

Various fruits and vegetables like spinach, banana, apple, broccoli, etc. are rich sources of anti-oxidants. Similarly omega – 3 rich foods like fish are also beneficial for enhancement of memory. In India, Brahmi is being used since ages for memory-boosting. We must take these food items regularly and adequately to boost our memory.

Concluding the discussion, we can state that if we follow these simple tips continuously, we can boost our memory and recalling power. Strong memory and ability to recall at right place and at right time are extremely beneficial not only for students but also for people of all age groups. Let us give a try.

Article by Partha K.
“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” - George Gordon Byron

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Author: sushma mewundi14 Feb 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

A very nice article to improve the memory. As you said writing is very good to remember.
1. One must read the police and note down important points on that topic so that it will be very helpful while revising.
2. After reading, one should always try to write what ever is read in his own words or terms based on his understanding and without seeing book. After writing he should compare if he skipped out anything important. This helps him know how much he has understood and how much he needs to pressurise on that topic. This helps in planning.
3. He should always understand the topics while reading rather than byhearting.

Author: K Mohan17 Feb 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

First of all memorizing is the great art and not every one is well versed in it. Though some people try to ape others but they do fail randomly. When you memorize a page, just remember the important words that are being mentioned in whole para or sentences. That would bring you immediate recognition of the sentences that are being written concerning to those words. By the way never mug up every content. Some contents can be written by our own just remembering some key words in the article or page. But care must be taken that memorized contents must be remembered and for that there should not be any distractions.

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