Learn Meditation to Earn Deep Rest

This article explains importance of meditation and how effective it is in our day today lives. It is a technique which if mastered not only generates beneficial effects on body but also provides calming effects on mind.


All of us are aware with the term meditation but only few of us really know its real meaning and the purpose it serves. To some it is a tool to increase mental power, as it is known to increase concentration. To others it brings a relief in day to day life, as it decreases their stress and tension. Some of us feel that meditation is an act where one has to take a break from everyday activity, sit quietly in a calm place with closed eyes and concentrate on something by focusing on it and thereby decreasing the number of thoughts lingering in mind.


Meditation is not just an exercise. It is not just confined to sitting in a particular posture and concentrating on a particular object or concentrating on breathing. True meditation is much more than an exercise. Another misconception is meditation is concentration. There exists few exercises which helps in fixing attention for a prolonged duration but real meditation is much more than that.

Meaning of meditation

Meditation is a practice which constitute various techniques that will help in relaxation of body as well as mind and helps a person to become conscious and identify oneself as well as others which will promote growth of qualities in him like love, compassion, forgiveness, patience etc..... It also promotes growth of internal energy. This is a practice which enables a person to reach highest level of concentration where soul meets Supreme Soul and this all happens while he still gets engaged in life activity of all sorts.

Effects of meditation on mind

Meditation is a practice in which mind dissolves. Number of thoughts decreases which relaxes mind. Rest achieved through it is very deep. In fact it is so deep that even deepest and most relaxed sleep cannot promote such kind of deep rest. Mind is set free from stress and tension. Calmness lingers in deeper layers of mind, freeing it from any agitation. Concentration increases. Meditation leads to a state where person experiences thoughtless awareness. Meditation will never ever show any effect on reducing alertness of mind or have any effect on its sharpness. It leads to self regulation of the mind to clear and cleans it of any depression or anxiety.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation clears mind. Each and every thought becomes clear and peaceful. Each and every thought exerts effects on the body. When more and more thoughts start becoming positive and pure, more beneficial effects are exerted on body. Mind becomes free from anxiety and no room is left for depression. Blood pressure remains normal and remarkable improvement is seen in health. Communication becomes easy and perception towards self or others becomes very clear. Inner strength develops. Meditation teaches technique of connecting with inner source of energy. Skills and talents which were hidden or concealed get revealed. Healing takes place and all the wounds which may have been existing in mind or body get healed quickly resulting in total rejuvenation. A person becomes more calm and relaxed with no signs of stress and tension in his life. Decision-making skills get improved. At the same time intuition nurtures. Person becomes more and more creative. Meditation promotes deep rest and this deep rest helps a person to achieve sound mind and body and the resulting activity becomes more dynamic in action. Meditation brings a remarkable improvement in relationships. Calmness developed within due to meditation reflects outside leading to pleasant relationship with others. One will start accepting others the way they are as well as one will learn to accept the situations the way they arrive and due to mental clarity one will be able to make good decisions.

Tips for meditation

Initially one who wishes to learn the technique of meditation should choose a place which is free from hustle-bustle. Lots of concentration is essential and such kind of focus only develops when surrounding environment is calm and peaceful. Once technique of meditation is learned, it can be done at any time as well as anywhere. Even one can do it in their lunch-break in office or at study place. However, initially it is better to start meditating at early hours of the day as that is the most refreshing and peaceful time of the day. One can meditate within their home but it will always be beneficial if one meditates outdoor in garden or park. If meditating in home, make sure that ventilation is good. Lighting should be soothing i.e., too bright or dark lighting is not recommended. Wear comfortable clothes and sit in a comfortable position. Do not close your eyes if meditating early morning as there is always chance of falling asleep. Guided meditation in the beginning will be very beneficial as one will be able to learn the technique in a better and quicker way. Time should be fixed and it is always better to do it at the same time every day. Do not distract yourself by receiving phone calls as well as do not allow any distracting thoughts to linger in mind.


Meditation brings awareness so that mind and body are controlled resulting in reaching a state where clarity and concentration are at their highest level. As a result, person practicing it experiences calmness and complete rejuvenating effect. Experience so gained is deeply restful often described as blissful. He when once realize union of himself with Supreme Soul will experience salvation and this is when that blissful experience occurs. Meditation trains the mind and regulates it to promote relaxation and develop good qualities, taking away everything that is evil. Thus, in turn this technique helps building a character. It directs awareness in mind and as a result pure awareness is achieved. This is known as internal awakening.


Author: K Mohan22 Feb 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Good article which supports need for the meditation for good health and also deep rest. Well, for many meditation means they think it as great exercise, even bigger problematic and not possible than physical exercise or long brisk walking. And one more misconception is being told through known people that if one suspends doing meditation for the unknown reasons then getting back to same mode won't be liked or followed. Any way what I feel that going to trance or meditation level is nothing but keeping our mind and thinking process for a hold for some time and thus give rest to the body and soul too. So not thinking too much about other's moves or their actions, and not heeding to other's unnecessary advise on health would pave way for clear mind within us and that is enough for the deep sleep and rest.

Author: umesh23 Feb 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The article has explained well about meditation and so many misconceptions in the minds of people. Meditation is a complete exercise of mind and body and it not only makes a man calm and happy but also rejuvenates the whole body in resonance with nature. This is the great gift of our ancestors to us and our mythology is full of material regarding this great exercise.
Many countries in the world have taken lead from India and people there have started meditation as a way of life.
This is something we inherit and we are proud of it.

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