Thought Creates Character and Personality

This article explains the power of thought which is actually incredible. Personality of a person is reflection of his character and his inner nature. Thought itself is responsible for shaping and framing of both character as well as personality.


Our inner self always projects outside. Our true character always gets reflected when we interact and communicate with others. If we are honest, kind, compassionate towards others i.e., suppose if we understand others well, accepts others the way they are then all these good qualities of ours get reflected in our personality. Like wise, bad qualities like cruelty, dishonesty, unkindness too are shown in the personality. Great personalities always inspire everyone around them. It is not the words that come out of the mouth of these people that works as stimulus of inspiration. In fact, it is the whole aura and vibrations emitted by these people which does the work and creates magic. Mere words coming out of mouth of some one who does not practice what he preach may be applauded, if he is a good speaker. However, these words will not influence others. They are not going to be life changing for some one. On the other hand, a person who says what he means can change every thing by influencing thousands of people.

Misconceptions About Personality

Today the word personality has lost its real meaning. It has taken more of an outside form. Personality is used to refer a person for his looks, for his communication skills, the way he walks etc. Good looking person is blindly referred to known to have a good personality. Now a days, many personality improvement courses are conducted in various places. Eminent speakers from various fields conduct these classes and teach not so confident students to improve their personality by instilling confidence in them. The way they have to carry themselves, the way they have to smile, walk, communicate etc is been taught in these classes. However, personality is much more than what it is considered to be. It is not just an external factor. Instead, it is the accumulation of internal confidence and good qualities that get reflected outside.

Importance of Personality

Jobs in reputed companies are given to candidate only after he is interviewed well. In these job interviews, emphasis is given not only on the certificates and skills acquired by candidate but in fact even on his personality. The way he is carrying himself and the way he is dealing with the whole interview session is very important. Every company wants to hire candidate with good personality who can handle the work pressure as well as influence others imbibing a team spirit within everyone. One who falls short in duration of crisis, no matter how skillful he is, will never be of any good because it is very essential to keep oneself calm under pressure. A good personality is essential to achieve success in all walks of life.

Superficial Changes

Personality development courses can only bring changes outside. This change is very superficial. Since it is superficial and not deep, it can go away very easily. For example, they teach that no matter what circumstances arrive in your life, keep smiling. This is not a very easy thing to do. In times of crisis and difficulties, a person cannot smile if he is unstable from inside. It is of no use if person who is disturbed internally, continues to give fake smiles. All these disturbances and turbulence that is going inside him, easily gets reflected in his personality. Through his complete aura one can understand that he is no longer able to deal with difficult times and thus his smile can no longer save him. On the other hand, a person who is peaceful and relaxed need not even smile, but his whole peaceful character gets reflected very naturally. Personality courses only deal with changes that one have to bring on an external level. There is no point if work is done on bringing changes on superficial level. Actual changes have to be brought internally on deeper levels.

Effect of Thoughts on Human Body

A real change is just one thought away. Each thought determines personality and each thought invokes our destiny. To bring a permanent change, we need to change ourselves internally. Each thought of ours has an effect on our body and radiates to others around us. Thoughts speak louder than words. Each thought of ours create instant feeling. Good, powerful, positive thought will invoke a good feeling and a bad, negative, waste thought will generate bad feeling within ourselves. Every time we feel good, positive effect is created on our body parts. Every time we create harmful negative thoughts, they create harmful effects on our body parts. This is the reason that despite all the modern scientific research, development and manufacturing of so many medicines and modern surgical treatment methods, we are still suffering from numerous diseases. This is because most of the diseases today we are suffering are because of our psycho somatic illness. That means most of them are caused as we expose ourselves to periods of constant stress and tension. Thus, today everyone advises to let go things and remain free of stress and tension. More we elope ourselves from stress, more healthy we can keep ourselves. However, to remain stress free we cannot run away to an altogether different place. For a few days, people go on a recreational vacation and feel fresh after coming back. But for how long and how frequent can they do so. Not everyone can afford the same. People who cannot afford does not mean have to remain in stress continuously.

Thought Brings the Real Change

The whole change is just a thought away. Change the thought and every thing changes. We need not wait for others to change or for the circumstances to change. All we have to do is that we should change our thoughts. To change ourselves, we need to change our thought. On a recreational holiday, it's we who create thoughts and even in stressful environment too it is we who create thoughts. Therefore we cannot blame or state others responsible for how we feel. We feel good when we are on vacation and that is not because there exists some magic which keeps us away from stress but the actual reason is we ourselves create such feelings which makes us feel good. We often blame others and levy responsibilities on them for our bad behavior. However, this is not true. We cannot change others nor can change the circumstances. We can only change ourselves. In times of crisis, we should create a positive thought and remain stable. No matter how difficult situations might be outside, but internally everything is at peace. A soul who is at peace, can handle no matter how difficult circumstances arrive in front of him very efficiently and a soul which is internally very unstable gives up easily. Thus, one needs to have control on oneself.

Thought Creates Feelings

Each thought invokes a feeling. Each feeling has to be checked. Every now and then when we do not feel good we should stop and check deep inside for the reason for that sort of feeling. Root cause will be a thought. Immediately, we have to replace that particular thought with a positive and more powerful thought. We create such not so good thoughts because of our belief systems. Thereby we need to change such belief systems and replace them with new one which will create a positive thought and a good feeling inside.

Thought Creates Character

Feelings are very strong things. Repeated thoughts create same kind of feelings. If suppose for a particular person we create some negative thought, we will start developing a feeling of hat-redness towards him that can even be critical or judgmental. If we do not stop and check our thoughts, we will keep thinking about him in same way. As a result, over a period of time we will develop same sort of feelings towards him and our character will be formed and definitely it will be negative. Negative feelings will always give rise to the formation of negative character. This is the reason that we develop different character or attitude towards different people, places, things. We do not feel same for every one. We do not have similar harsh character towards every one. In the same way, we are not compassionate towards everyone. Our character is different for different people, places or things, because we create different sorts of thoughts for them. People are often advised to change their attitude or character. However, it cannot be changed. To change it, one needs to change their thoughts. Kids sometimes rebel and speak harshly to elders and they are asked to change their attitude. They work on it and try to show some respect but as soon as some situation arises, which if not in their favor, they do the same thing. This is because they only tried to change it outwardly or superficially. They did not try it out at base level which is by changing their thought.

Thought Creates Habit

Attitude cannot be hidden. It comes out in the form of action. Actions can be negative like losing temper, disobeying, speaking a lie, trying to be disloyal, creating expectations, interfering in others karmic accounts or else we can turn our actions into positive kind like remaining at peace, obeying others, speaking truth, giving importance to loyalty, getting detached from expectations, trying to be detached altogether etc These kinds of attitudes when repeated again and again become our habit. It becomes our nature. Thus, people say habit is difficult to change. This is because it did not develop over a period of time. It gradually developed and has taken a strong form. In order to change any of our bad habits, we need to now work on our thought process and to change our thought we have to replace our old belief system with a new one.

Formation of Personality

Each personality is nothing but a group or bunch of habits. Some of them may be good, some of them may be bad. Personality which is made out of all good habits is the one that influences others. Habits like peace, love, contentment, knowledge, bliss etc when acquired by an individual makes his personality great. Every one wants to be at peace. This is because original nature of every soul is peace itself. Thus, every one feels at comfort when they are at peace and feels depressed when it is taken away from them and they are shifted to turbulence in their lives.

Thoughts Create Destiny

Our personality creates our destiny. We are the makers of our destiny. We can make it or mar it. Destiny is nothing but an outcome of our thoughts. We create innumerable thoughts within a minute without even actually thinking what effect it is having on us and on are relationships with others. We have to channelize our thoughts into right directions, only then we can create a nice personality out of us and create a pleasant, beautiful destiny for us.

Thoughts Directing Vital Force

Purpose of mind is to think. It keeps creating thoughts. We think that mind is not under our control and thus it is not we who are creating thoughts and thus their number as well as quality check is not under our control. This is just a sort of delusion we are living in. We need to understand that we are the ones who has to control mind and not allow mind to control us. Thus, it is we who are creating thoughts and thus we have the power to check their quality and if quality is not good then we can very well change them and also increase or decrease the number of thoughts we have been creating. Once we learn and become aware of it then we can use our thoughts to guide Prana which is the most vital force in our body.

Create Thoughts Carefully

Action made by body is the direction given by body. A thought is created in mind which is then represented through some bodily actions. For example, if thought of anger is created in mind, it well definitely be sensed by body and it will show rage through some actions. Thus, we can very well use these thoughts as medium to direct our life force. We need to balance out every thing on intellectual level whether it comes to number of thoughts been created or simply by doing quality check. We have to become mentally healthy and intellectual and for this to happen only Prana can help us. This increases and strengthens Prana. Negative and useless thoughts result is negativity and causes depletion of energy. Thus, one can create thoughts to lead our vital force Prana into right direction


All we need to remember is how important each thought is. Every now and then we need to take a break from our work for few seconds and check what kind of thought are we creating. If they are positive, let them flow. If they are negative and harmful, we need to replace them with positive thoughts. We cannot stop thinking. Work of brain is to create thoughts. Thus, we need to replace unpleasant thoughts with pleasant one. It is because these thoughts itself are responsible to create our destiny and these are the ones which make our personality. No personality program can bring a permanent change in us. It is we who has to work in process and this can be done by awareness. Each and every thought of ours create our personality and destiny and thus we should carefully create them. Each and every thought of ours get reflected in our action which again forms our character and personality shaping our destiny. Thus, it is said that thought creates character and personality. Unnecessary thoughts and unnecessary actions only result in spillage and leakage of precious energy resulting in exhaustion and depletion of energy. Thinking only what is essential and that too careful thinking should be done. Each and every thought of ours should be positive and useful. This increases positiveness around us.


Author: K Mohan25 Feb 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I am really impressed by this great article from the author which gives details about thoughts and its wholesome effect on our personality development outside and inside. A person can become well noticed by going for a total make over on his body, dress statement and even how to walk and talk. But all these would go in vain unless and until the inner personality also changes to that level. Good thoughts will certainly change the thinking ability of the person and if a person is ready to change his personality to be presentable and likable to all, surely he will also change himself inner wise by adopting to good thoughts and sayings and that is for sure.

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