Yogic Science- A Science of Life

This article explains importance of yogic science which ultimately is a science of life dealing with both mind and body. It frees an individual from pain and miseries of life and helps to attain a state where unification is granted.


Yogic science helps in the treatment of an individual in the same way the nature does. It follows same methods and principle as that of nature, enabling good health. Yoga has lots of rules and restrictions. It is a tough science to follow as it requires lots of discipline. However, complexities when removed, benefits can easily be obtained. Excess of rules and regulations when present can result in strictness which will give the impression of been rigid. Flexibility is always necessary no matter what we do. Too much restrictions always holds us back. Discipline and strictness are two different entities. Discipline makes a person regular and strictness brings with it lots of rigidity.

Importance of Discipline to Master Yogic Science

Since yogic science requires lots of discipline, one should not show any laziness or irregularities in practicing it and thus it should be practiced like a daily routine. The way we indulge ourselves in our daily activities, same rule should be implied for yoga too. Lots of discipline and enthusiasm will make yoga, an integral part of our lives. We should even spread its awareness. More and more number of people when start following it, will reap more and more benefits from it. We should keep ourselves free from pride which is a dangerous quality one can acquire. If we allow it make home in ourselves then definitely it is going to interfere with our achievements. One should take away their fake masks and live a real simple life which is free from expectations and full of acceptance. Apart from this, one should try to live a simple life in which they should neither exceed nor become careless when it comes to indulging in daily activities like sleeping for optimal hours, physical work, consumption of food, water etc

Benefits of Yogic Science

Treasures of spirituality and greatness can be achieved by a method and this method itself is known as yoga. This yogic science brings greatness in our lives. We rise above everything. We let ourselves see much more than and beyond this mortal body. Not only study of yoga starts from body but in fact body is the base for all sorts of world's activities. Thus, it is beneficial that we keep it healthy and maintain its health. Yoga and good health are very closely related. If we want to keep ourselves healthy then we should practice yogic science regularly. It has many benefits. It increases oxygen inhalation in body. More and more amount of fresh oxygen inhaled helps in the metabolic process. Circulation of blood increases. Thus, all vital body organs receive oxygen enriched blood. Thereby working efficiency of these organs increases. Toxins accumulated in body gets excreted out from skin pores in the form of sweat. This makes body pure which enables good health as well as one starts feeling light. Muscles become stronger.

Yogic Science Over Pranayama

Yogic activities are much more beneficial when compared to pranayama. Each and every body part is exercised by these yogic activities. Rigidity decreases and freshness can be experienced. Each and every disorder developed in different body parts too get corrected. Body of an individual is the only instrument available which becomes base for various activities both spiritually and worldly. For one's good health and better future, one should adapt yoga in their daily routine. Otherwise, deteriorated health can widely interfere with both self development as well as spiritual development. Healthy mind always resides in healthy body. For a healthy mind, it is very essential that body is subjected on a daily basis for pranayama and yoga.

Meaning and Purpose of Yogic Science

In spiritual world, the word 'yoga' means a method which connects soul with Supreme Soul. Our detachment with the Supreme Soul is responsible for our misery. We have become body conscious and thus a shift in our personality from soul consciousness to body consciousness has led us to perform various actions which are not right. Consequently, we differentiate ourselves form others in the name of color, age, sex, religion, caste, nationality etc. We own too much pride and have become egoists. We have developed wrong qualities of criticism, hat-redness, disloyalty, have developed short temper etc. Body conscious soul is bounded. It has its own limitations. However, when soul shifts back to its original character and return back to become soul conscious and gets attached with Supreme Soul and become one with Him then it becomes free of boundaries. Yoga is important from both physical as well as spiritual aspect. Soul trapped is not strength-less. It is a rich source of many strengths. Yoga leads to enlightenment and it lets strength present within us awakens. First and foremost, soul just experiences soul consciousness which later coincides with world and there by achieves salvation. This is its last achievement.

Yogic Science and Mind

The art of yoga starts with control of mind. Mind is made still, peaceful and pure. Thoughts are often regulated and all sorts of waste and negative thoughts are then replaced by those which are worth necessary and peaceful ones. Mind becomes peaceful. This mind itself is base for center of various worldly activities. Meditation is a shift. It is a transition from outside world to inner world. In this, simplicity and efforts both are necessary. Pure peaceful mind is its center and adopting this kind of life style is attaintment of highest level.

Yoga and Health

Yogasana is the best technique to keep body healthy, free of diseases, strong, glowing and active. It enables exercise of each and every body part. It keeps body active and flexible. Any sort of blockage in blood circulation gets corrected and thereby blood circulation increases. Muscles become strong. Mild disorders or illness get corrected by themselves on regular practice of yoga. For example, digestion related troubles like gastric troubles, indigestion, ulcers, acidity, metabolic disorders like diabetes, other problems like insomnia, back pain, piles, asthma etc get treated by themselves. There are lots of postures in yoga. One needs to hold these postures for certain duration which will help a person to get rid of various diseases. These postures are called as aasana. These are practiced with regulation of breathing. Some of yogasana are Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, Surya Namaskar, Tadasana, Pavan Muktasana etc. These aasans should be first learned properly under guidance of yoga teacher and should be done in right manner and at right time. Along with yogasana, an individual should take proper care of his diet, sleep, rest, physical work etc. Only then, one can achieve maximum benefits form yoga.


Yogic science is a science which teaches a person to reach that state where he understands known and unknown facts of life. It helps a person to evolve i.e., helps him to go back to his original form and make him aware with his source. It makes an individual to overcome all the barriers and promotes physical well being and good mental health. It helps an individual to put a hold on desires and ultimately his miseries too come to an end. It will teach how to create that spark within oneself so that awakening develops by instilling lots of discipline and awareness. It helps in unification with the whole.


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