Get Rid of Evil Nature

This article explains the importance of getting rid of lower nature present within one self i.e., evil nature. To reach highest level and to serve highest purpose, one should overpower this evil nature.


If a person wants to be happy, he should overpower his evilness. He should completely eradicate evil character from his life. Anger, ego, greed, lust, desires etc are some of our evil characters. A man who bravely withstands them and do not get carried away by impulses remains truly happy in his life. It is essential that we conquer them before leaving our body. This is known as attainment of liberation where one liberates form his lower self thereby reaching and becoming one with Supreme Soul.

Meaning of Power

We throughout our lives try to control everything on outer level. We love power to be in our hands and thus control which is a manifestation of power becomes our favorite tool. We want others to obey us. If they obey us, we feel more powerful. If we can control a situation, we feel powerful. This itself is ego. If a man desires to rule then he should first learn to rule himself. One who can withstand his evil characters and does not bow down in front of his evilness is known to be more powerful than one who tries to control others. Every part of one's body, every character of one's nature should be dictated by one's soul. We invite troubles for ourselves when we allow our body and our lower self to conquer us. Our each and every action should be decided by ourselves.

Right Use of Power

Each and every soul is powerful but ignorance and lack of knowledge make us feel that we are weak and powerless. Thus, we try to seek power in outer world. This power has to be used carefully for our own good. It must be used in a way that becomes beneficial to us. If this power of ours is left ungoverned then it does a lot of harm to both our body and intellect. Force has to be in right direction and should be regulated. If it is dissipated then we are increasing harm to us. Force or power when misdirected will lead us to a negative energy state here we will be forced to believe that we are powerless.

Awakening Helps to Get Rid of Evil Nature

Our inner nature has both lower self as well as higher self. We need to rise above our lower self which represents our evil characters. We need to rise to reach our higher self which represents our good characters. Freedom or liberation is only possible when one awakens and tries to raise above evil characters so that goodness in him increases. Each and every soul is pure and divine. Higher self is full of good characters. Faith and belief in higher self will help us create awakening within ourselves to become spiritually inclined and regenerated. It is essential that we gain knowledge about our self. Only then we will come to know how evil our lower self is and how pure our higher self is. Once we become conscious only then we will be able to accomplish our highest purpose in life.

Knowledge is Power

A person who always feels that he is powerless or devoid of power and cannot gather courage to enrich himself with strength, which is already present in him but not awakened cannot achieve anything in both outer world as well as spiritual world. Physical atmosphere overpowers him completely. He feels that since he is devoid of power, he is devoid of urge to make a conquest. To him each and every obstacle will seem impossible to be crossed and thus will never even try to cross them or even attempt to do so. A man is what he thinks. He is ignorant of the fact that his soul is powerful. If he becomes aware and gains right knowledge, he will never torture himself in this way and try his best to come out of his fear and raise himself above all sorts of limitations in his life.

Master Body Equipment to Get Rid of Lower Nature

We have to get rid of evil nature. In other words, lower impulses must be destroyed as we don't want them to conquer us in any situation. We should not see evil, hear evil or perform evil. It does not mean we should close our eyes, ears or tie our hands so that evilness stops. One has to really go deep and find what leads to evilness in us. We can use our eyes to see good things as well as evil things. Now it is left to us as choice is completely ours. Either we can let them watch something evil so that they overpower us or we can make them watch something good and take them away from evilness and prove that we are their masters. Same goes with mind, body and other sense organs. These are just equipment and master is soul. Thus, instruments should always be controlled by master. Same instruments when used for right cause will prove beneficial and will help us in progress in field of spirituality. Control over instruments should not be superficial because superficiality will not be able to kill urge. If urge is still alive, it can anytime bring back our lower self to perform deeds which amuses it. Only when a person reaches his highest consciousness, all the urge and longings die. This requires constant efforts and dedication. Thus, constant practice should be done to reach highest self.

Overcoming Evil Nature Leads to Greatness

All great souls as they reached their highest self were able to overcome their evilness. They were able to get rid of impulses, where actually all sorts of evilness originates like greed, lust, jealousy, fear, ignorance, ego etc They were able to conquer evil in them which made them masters of their souls and this is what increased their greatness. Liberation from evilness does not require too much force but right knowledge and will to adopt it. Strong will power is necessary and not strong muscles to fight over our evil characters. One who gets rid of his evilness i.e., one who is able to rise himself above his lower self will be able to find his higher self. He will become strong and will learn to adapt and very well live in moderation. He will remain unaffected and untouched no matter who and what arrive. He can control himself and the one who can control himself can govern anything in this world. He reflects goodness and mere shadow of his will turn evil into pure beings. A strong man is not one who can show his muscle power and strength and conquer everything in outer world. A strong man is one who can easily forgive any one and show equal kindness, love and compassion to everyone in his eyes.


It is good that we develop power within ourselves. During times of crisis, we resist so that misfortune do not touch us. It is good that we are trying to protect ourselves either from a person or a situation. However, power that non-resistance provide is much more significant and greater. When we shift our consciousness, rise ourselves from evilness and reach our highest self i.e., where we ourselves expand our nature, we do not sense anything because of one thing that we are pretty sure and that is nothing can touch us. All nervousness, fear, anxiety vanishes and confidence fills in for them. Impulses actually die within us and thus understanding will keep us at peace no matter how ill some one may speak to us or no matter how bad their behavior is towards us. There will not rise any impulse in us to retaliate. This kind of non-resistance we develop is thus greatly powerful than the power, resistance offers. When we live no room in ourselves for evil characters, our dream of self conquest completes.


Author: Swati Sarnobat23 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Really, this article is so meaningful to make us realize the adverse effects of evil nature. Man who is evil can change his or her nature only when he or she realize the negative cause of being evil. Nature never hides the evil commitments of any human being. The world is ultimately not ours and hence we have no right to perform any evil actions. If you are good, then you can build a good community.

Author: Reena Upadhya26 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Evil nature is fallen human nature. We are free willed and thus we can choose what we want. Both evil and noble nature is present within us. It is up to us what we really want. If we rise above evil then goodness that we inculcate in ourselves helps us to reach highest level, but if we choose evil over kindness then we are choosing a path which takes us more and more away from Supreme Soul. Evil is absence of good and thus away from God. Evil is the darkness and God is the light.

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