Relation between Lower Self and Higher Self

This article explains the relationship between lower self of an individual which is evil in nature and higher self which is completely detached. The more a person is inclined to his lower self, the less detached he will be.


We souls acquire both lower self and higher self within ourselves. Lower self relates to evilness present within us and higher self relates to goodness present in us. There is a connection and a deep relation between the two. If a soul is more inclined towards his lower self then it is for sure that higher self has very less importance in its life and vice versa.

Difference Between Lower Self and Higher Self

Lower self is greedy and is always in search of fulfilling desires. Its appetite never gets contented. It wants to acquire everything it sees. Desires are never ending and thus greed never stops no matter how many accomplishments have been made. Higher self represents stability and calmness. It is free from desires and hence greed cannot touch it. Lower self is the one who due to its unstable nature constantly experiences fluctuations. Every moment it tastes and experiences pleasures and disappointments. Joys and sorrows become a part of it. Thus, an individual becomes affected by success and failures in life. This is the reason that it is said that he is more in body consciousness rather than remaining stable in self or soul consciousness.

Higher self is being in soul consciousness rather than body consciousness. Higher self is always conscious of divinity and thus is serene. Pleasures or pains, joys or sorrows cannot touch it. It is not a part of success or failures and always remain untouched from them.

Connection Between Lower Self and Higher Self

Lower self is indirectly proportional to higher self. Intensity of being in lower self when increases, escape from serenity of higher self is very obvious and vice versa. Lower self when gazes at higher self, delusions disappear. This moment is a real eye opener but for this, awakening is essential. That one gaze is important which brings the real change. A soul can get that vision only if it conquers its lower self. This vision changes everything inside and thus outside world too seems to change drastically. This is a phase of awakening. This vision brings liberation. Constant efforts and dedication help soul to rise in spiritual world. Each step counts. Each step when firmly placed brings a soul more closer to higher self and goodness increases in it. This in turn increases divinity.

Thus, each and every man who is unhappy, who is in sorrow, constant suffering, who always feels helpless, is in fear of death and mortality should master his lower self. Once mastered, same man reaches highest level of one self which has no fear of death as he understands that soul itself is immortal and thus he remains in no grief as all his pain and sufferings end.


One needs to develop a conscious personality which helps in living a rightful life. Such kind of personal development enlightens an individual and creates awakening in him regarding his present state and the state he has to achieve. The more enlightened he becomes the more nearer he reaches his higher self and becomes completely detached from his evil lower nature. The whole new evolution takes place which develops lots of discipline and self control within an individual who will display clarified intelligence.


Author: Umesh24 Feb 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The writer has given a very interesting sketch of relationship between the two entities inside a human being - the lower one which is evil and the higher one which is based on detachment. These things are simultaneously present within us and the real challenge is to suppress the lower self and awake the higher one.
Nice reading.

Author: K Mohan03 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Well for that matter every one cannot fit into lower self or higher self. It all depends on their connection with society and move with others. Those who are habituated to behave and move with lower cadre people in the society are surely going to have their reflection in lower self too. Likewise those who are well educated, punctual, and above all understands the feelings of others are in higher self mode. But these people do get ego in between and they start behaving aloof and thus they get detached from the regulars. What they search is their equivalent partner in the society and some times they fail to search even one and thus their life becomes irrelevant and unwanted to others. What is the use of living a higher self life without attachment to others?

Author: Reena Upadhya05 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

What is the use of living a higher self life without attachment to others?

One who has reached higher self will always remain detached. To him everyone is the same and cannot differentiate between a good person or the evil one. When we are bound with our lower nature, we will differentiate others and we can categorize everyone around us but once higher self is reached, our love will be equally spread to everyone as we will start accepting everyone around us. Thus, it is wrong to say that if we reach higher self we will not remain attached to others. Detachment here means stability and stability means nothing can shake them who have reached higher state, irrespective of whether circumstances are favourable or unfavourable.

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