Punishment- Hate Crime Not Criminal

This article explains the significance of punishment which has to be given based on crime i.e., it should fit crime and not criminal. Punishment is given based on criminals behavior and thus crime should be hated and not the criminal.


Law and judicial system of each and every country tries to maintain peace and justice in the society and thus the guilty have to be punished. Crime and criminals disturb peace and integrity of nation. In absence of law, crime increases and life becomes chaos. Laws are implicated to maintain discipline and teach righteousness. Jurisdiction helps a person to differentiate right form wrong. Judicial system of a country will enforce laws which will help bringing of peace and harmony every where.

Learn to Hate Crime Not Criminal

One who deserves punishment should definitely be punished. One who does good and deserve reward should be rewarded. However, punishment and reward is not everything a man deserves. Whether he is a criminal who is being severely punished or a saint who is been rewarded, one should observe love and kindness towards both of them. One should not discriminate them and try to block the feelings of compassion and showering love towards evil doer. On the other hand a person who has done evil deeds in fact require more amount of love and compassion which will help him to heal himself. We seem to hate such criminals and speak ill about them without understanding that they got involved in such an evil act as they have shifted from their original consciousness. One who is aware about himself i.e., one who knows that he is a pure, full of love, contented soul will never perform anything evil and will never allow a room for hat-redness in his heart. If the person has done anything out of hate means he is in pain and thus to heal him and recover him from his pain, we need to show unconditional love and kindness towards that person. Eye for an eye will soon turn the world into blind. We need to heal his evilness and shift him into his real consciousness.

Punishment is Effective when Soul is Healed

Love, compassion, kindness, non-violence, non-injury should be observed for criminals which will heal them and help them to shift towards their original being. However, their crimes cannot be overlooked. They should be punished for their deeds. When judge gives the verdict, that verdict is based on the crime, criminal has committed. Punishment given to him will be decided based on the severity of crime he has done. Suffering of criminal is his own deeds. Judge or others did not bring him any sort of sufferings. Thus, neither he nor us should develop thoughts which are hateful or cruel about each other. His misfortune is his own bringing. He has to understand it. His actions has brought him misfortune and sufferings. As soon as he realizes this, he will no longer curse any one or even his fate for bringing misfortune to him and will take punishment as a positive thing which will further purify his soul.

Punishment Teaches Reap What You Sow

One who teaches love, kindness and compassion to be offered to everyone, also believes in law of karma. He believes that one has to reap the fruits of their actions irrespective of whether they are sweet or bitter. One cannot escape from the results of their deeds. Thus, criminals have to be punished. He does not believe in surrendering himself in front of an evil person so that evilness within that person wins and that person can do whatever he wants to do. He cannot become submissive to an evil doer or allow him to do all sorts of wrong deeds and take away everything with violent action, which is not his own and belong to someone else.

Punishment in Real Sense

Punishment is an outcome of person's evil deeds, the way reward is an outcome of good deeds. Punishment should be taken as a purification process by which an evil-doer will wash away his sins. After taking punishment when he goes outside of prison, should be able to begin a new life from there onward. Mere punishment does not do any good. It is been widely seen that criminals once are out of prison, commit even more serious forms of crimes. Punishment today is treated like a fear which stops a person from committing crime. A person does not cause the crime because he is scared that he will be punished for his deeds. Instead of been scared, a person should understand the difference between right and wrong. This understanding will stop him form doing wrong things. His consciousness will not let him do anything wrong because it will make him uncomfortable. This kind of awakening is necessary. One should not commit crime because they are scared of being caught and punished rather one should not commit crime cause they don't want to be wrong and evil-doer.


Criminal has committed crime as per his belief system. As per him, he was doing the right deed at least at that particular moment. For others, it may not seem right and that is because they have different beliefs. Each and every individual works as per his beliefs and thus it becomes important to understand that a person should not be hated for his crime as he already is in lots of pain and misery which led him to do wrong deed and give room in himself for wrong beliefs. Real punishment is when we hate crime and not criminal and punish it and shower love and compassion on criminal so that he heals himself quickly and replaces his wrong belief systems with new ones.

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Author: K Mohan26 Feb 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Yes the author made the right observation. Often we see that there is no tally between the crime committed and the punishment awarded. In India there is over indulgence of police in every case. As they arrest one of accused person, they try to get maximum information through third degree method and when it comes to arresting the main culprit they would fail and seek extension time from the court. As the main accused is shrewd enough to manage the absconding for years together, those who are caught with the police are harassed and even police put pressure on the court to give maximum punishment to the one of the accused. All ready the accused has been sent to remand for 14 days and is repenting for the mistake done. Instead of catching the real accused the courts must leave the other accused after some punishment and then many cases would solved too.

Author: Partha K.02 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

The author has written a good article. Indeed we should hate the crime and not the criminal. But this is possible only in ideal society. In this connection, I would like to state that nowadays scientists have found direct relationship between criminal tendency and genetic structure. Because of different genetic structures, some people are 'born criminals'. They commit crimes not because of societal injustice or economic reasons. They commit heinous crimes without any provocation or instigation. I can quote many incidents of crime to prove my point. In such cases, it is simply not possible to follow the slogan " Hate crimes and not the criminals".

Furthermore, it has also been seen that many first-time criminals (adult or juvenile), who committed crime because of sudden anger or instigation or due to poverty, became hard-core criminals after spending time in jails or in juvenile jails. So, the conditions of jails could not rectify the criminals; instead the jails made them hard-core criminals who would never be able to return to normal life.

So, the entire issue is very complex and various factors like psychology, genetics, society, economic issue, drugs, etc. are responsible for crimes and criminals. So, it is not very easy for common people to practice "Hate the crime but not the criminal", especially when they see ghastly criminal behavior/activity.

I thank the author for this interesting article.

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