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How to prepare for an exam in a short time

Exams are very stressful especially when there is a very less time left for the exams to start. Students start panicking during the exams days because of which they might not be able to prepare well as expected. I have shared few tips to help students to prepare for the examination.

Nobody can escape the exams and the tension during that period. There are many students who regret for not giving enough time for studies from the beginning because of which they are not confident while studying. There are other students who fear that they forget what they have studied and won't be able to perform well in the exam. Everybody attends the exam with the intention of securing a good score and wants to prepare accordingly. The fear in the students on the day of examination makes him forget things. So one should always be cool during preparations and on the exam day

Below are few tips for students to prepare for exam especially when they have a very few days left

How to prepare for exam

The question of how to prepare arises in every student and also the parents. Parents start pressuring their wards to study continuously without trying to understand their concern. Because of this, students worry even more.

  1. Plan properly:

    Planning properly before you start studying is the basic thing and the most important thing to be done. Check the amount of time left for the exams to start. Prepare a time chart for everyday preparation and give more time on the subjects you are lagging behind and the subjects you find very difficult.

  2. Understand what you read:

    Just reading continuously and byhearting is not going to help you in any way. You should understand what you are reading. If you do not understand a topic, try reading it repeatedly till the topic is clear. If still you find it difficult to understand, mark the topic and take help from your teachers or friends so that they can help you out.This way you will not forget what you have studied. If you byheart, there are chances that you will get confused and also you will forget when you sit in the examination hall.

  3. Practice writing:

    Writing is a very good practice one must follow everyday. Write what ever you have read. That way you will be able to analize your weak points. You will know on which topic you need to give more time. Also you tend to remember when you write something

  4. Solve previous papers:

    Solving previous year's question papers is very important. Most of the questions get repeated from the previous year's paper. Even if the questions do not repeat, similar type of questions will be set based on previous papers. Also you will know which topic will have more weightage and you can prepare accordingly. It is always very good to solve as many papers as possible

  5. Combined study:

    Studing with Friend's in a group is another way to remember what you have studied. Each one of you can study and explain to others. This will help you and even your friends to understand clearly. Also you can cover the portion fast and even all the doubts can be cleared.

  6. Make notes:

    Make a note of all the important points in a book or a paper. You can revise these notes when ever you get time or when you are free. You can even revise the notes while travelling. This will help you remember the important points.

  7. Take a short break:

    Taking a small break in between is essential as it can relax your mind. Studying continuously might divert your mind to other things. If you take a short break and revert studying, you will feel fresh

  8. Early to bed, early to rise:

    It is a very good practice if you wake up early and study. Waking up early keeps your mind fresh. Staying awake until late night will disturb your sleep and your concentration. So always sleep early and wake up early. If you follow this practice for few days, it will become your routine.

  9. Meditation:

    Meditation helps to increase your concentration and helps to keep yourself calm. So spend atleast 30 minutes a day to meditate. It is best if you can meditate in the morning.

Tips to follow on the day of examination

You are done with your preparation as much as you can. Now the final day has come were your knowledge is tested. Follow some basic tips that to you need to do.

  1. First of all be calm and confident. Keeping yourself calm is very important. Also you need to be confident and say to yourself that you have prepared well and you will give your best
  2. Check if you have kept all the necessary items correctly. Check if you have kept your hall ticket, pen, pencil and other required things. Always make sure to carry an extra pen.
  3. Reach the examination venue atleast before 15 minutes to avoid last moment tension
  4. Have proper food before coming to exam. Do not skip your meal.

Conclusion: Students need not worry for the examination. Proper preparation and confidence in a student and help him to secure good marks. Do not waste time. Planning and preparing is important.

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Author: Partha K.26 Feb 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A very useful and timely article. The students, especially those students who are going to appear in various Board examinations in March and April, 2017, will find this article very helpful. My suggestions for those students who are presently busy in last-minute preparation, are as under:-
(i) Go through the sample question papers. Try to find out the questions which are frequently asked or repeated. Prepare the answers. If you don't understand fully, rot it at the last moment.
(ii) Strengthen your strong areas. Revise the chapters which you have prepared well. Try not to miss any question from these chapters.
(iii) Systematically prepare other chapters: There may be some chapters which you have not fully understood. Don't try to understand these chapters at the last moment. Instead, try to learn the answers of questions from these chapters by heart, especially the short-answer type questions. In such cases, take the help of guide-books.
ivd) Don't get unduly tensed. You will get adequate questions for getting good marks. Value-based questions (i.e., tough questions) do not consist more than 10% of the paper.
(v) Don't pay heed to various rumours spread through various social media (for example: rumours on tough question paper in a particular subject spread through Whatsapp friends' group, etc.)
(vi) Right the name and roll number in the answer-sheet very carefully.
(vii) Utilize the intial 15 minutes properly. Read the entire question paper thoroughly an identify the easiest questions to be attempted first. The initial 15 minutes sometime prove very crucial.
(viii) Pray to God for success.

Thumbs up to the author for this useful and relevant article at this particular time.

Author: K Mohan13 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 7

There is no shortcut for any success and that way there cannot be short cuts even to fare well in exams. But for some there may be time constraints due to family problems or they may be having other tasks at home so that for studies the time would run short. Nevertheless even in the short time, we can have good preparation for exam. If one has the idea to elaborate a topic with just tip of some words, that is enough even to write a good and decent exam. One need not by-heart the entire book and remember to write. Just pick up important words in each subject and remember them so that a self own content can be written in the exam and that would be immensely liked by the examiner too. So one need not yearn for time to prepare for exam. All they need to know is as to how to prepare a good content within a given time and how to present the same with good own thinking idea at the exam hall. Nothing is better than self idea and that is always helpful in future too.

Author: Swati Sarnobat20 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A student cannot prepare well for an examination in the shorter time, but when only a short time is available for the examination, a student should study tactfully. Last moment is meant for revision and do not try to learn something that you are not able to grasp because you cannot retain it. Read the objective type questions first or solve the assignments of one marks such as 'fill in the blanks', match the following etc. Then study the moderate to large answers by understanding the meaning properly.

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