Superstitions and Age Old Belief Systems

This article explains regarding superstition and old belief systems which are nothing but notions which are passed on from one generation to another and definitely are not based on proper reasoning or knowledge.


Superstitions have always been a part of human life since age old times. Not only in India, even in almost all parts of the world, people have been keeping a strong belief in one or the other superstitious practices. These feelings got developed due to narrow mindedness and due to lack of proper education. Knowingly or unknowingly we have been carrying out our routine activities according to these superstitious beliefs. Most of the rituals we perform, most of the belief systems we have developed, most of the personal values we believe and most of the society's customs and traditions are all nothing but greatly influenced by superstition.

Age Old Superstitious Beliefs

Right from age old time, these superstitious beliefs have been ruling lives of mankind. Even today, our life is influenced and directed by these baseless beliefs. This is because we are not able to wash out them at our thought level. We are not able to replace them with a genuine new belief system. This is why they still exist and rule our life and is been passed on from one generation to another. We don't plan any special occasion without looking at auspicious days. Marriage, ring ceremony, inauguration, days of travel are all decided and planned only on particular auspicious days as told to us. People believe that if these special ceremonies if not conducted on auspicious occasion can bring misfortune to them. Even before traveling to different city, some of us look for auspicious dates and even time so that their travel remains safe and hurdle free. It is believed that if a new business or anything new that if gets started on an auspicious day and in auspicious time sees great heights of success.

Get Rid of Superstition with Help of Proper Knowledge

Knowledge widens the door of possibilities. It makes a person to think in all directions. This lack of knowledge itself is responsible for creation of superstitious beliefs. Sneezing is a natural process of human body. Some foreign body when through nostrils via respiration tries to enter our body, this mechanism of sneezing helps in the removal of that foreign body and thereby protects our body. Even today people have a belief that if someone has sneezed, it means they have to stop doing the work they were doing until they sneeze it once again. If someone was stepping out of the house for some work, he will come back and delay his departure for certain duration, if someone sneezes behind his back. It is believed that task of that person will not get accomplished if he does not come back. No relation one can find between sneezing and luck.

Think Twice Before Believing in Superstition

It is believed that if someone encounters experience of a cat crossing their path should not continue their journey forward or else it will bring lots of bad luck to them. Student going to school on an exam day, if encounters such an experience will get disappointed by it and while writing exam will repeatedly think about it. As a result, it is not the luck that is not favoring him, it is his thought process which is creating lots of nervousness, which obviously is going to exert bad impact on his performance. Mental stability also could have been disturbed if that student would have missed the bus, or else he would have faced difficulty in starting his vehicle or else some other animal would have crossed the road. Then why so much of emphasis is given only when cat crosses the road. This is because this is what our ancestors have passed on to us and we without even thinking twice, pass it on to next generation.


Superstitious beliefs are unscientific. These unscientific superstitious beliefs main cause is that normal human brain does not want to replace the old belief systems that have been passed on from age old times. They want to keep them as it is and want to continue believing in them and this may be because of fear or may be because they do not want to try out new things. However, blindly believing in them will not protect us from anything. Instead it will bring lots of rigidity in society and will cause lots of harm to everyone. Education and proper knowledge will help us to question these sorts of beliefs which been passed on to us and replace them with the new, more practical form of belief systems.


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