Interview tips for fresher

Every fresher who has just passed out of the college will have so many questions regarding the interview and job. They will have so much of confusions, doubts and often feel getting a job is a difficult task. This article will help freshers on few interview tips that needs to be followed.

Are you a fresher and worried about facing a interview? Worry not as it is definitely not going to be tough as you think. Many freshers see interview as a biggest task especially those attending for the first time. They fear to face the interviewer. They won't know what are the things that should be prepared for attending an interview. Here are few tips that can help you

Things to keep in mind while attending interview

  1. First impression is always the best:

    Interviewers will have an impression as soon as they see you hence always dress in a neatly ironed formals. Shabby clothes might give a negative impression about you to the interviewer. Also looking neat and trim is very important.

  2. Reach the venue early:

    Always be on time when you have to attend the interview. Never make the interviewer wait for you. There is a lot of difference between you waiting for the interview to start and making the interviewers wait for you. Showing you punctuality is very important. In case if you get late under uncontrolled circumstances, call the interviewer and explain the situation. Request them to give you some time to reach the location.

  3. Remain confident:

    You should be confident throughout the interview. Never show your nervousness at any point of time. What ever you speak, speak confidently, look into the eyes of a interviewer and also have a smile on your face. At the same time do not be over confident and do not try to act smart.

  4. Tone modulation is important:

    Speak in such a way that you can be heard clearly. Do not be too loud or too slow. Have a bold tone while presenting yourself.

  5. Listen properly:

    Carefully listen to what the interviewer asks. Wait for him to finish his question before you start answering. Do not jump to answer his question even before he finishes the sentence. Also do not interrupt him in between while he is talking.

  6. Answer to the point:

    When you are asked a question, make sure to answer exactly for what is asked rather than trying to make your answer lengthy and boring. Interviewers will not get impressed with lengthy answers. They expect straight and direct answer for the question. If you have no answer for the question they have asked, tell you don't know in a polite way. If possible ask them what the answer is which will show your interest to them in knowing the answer.

  7. Be careful about your actions and posture:

    When you sit in front of the interview panel, sit firm and straight. Haunching a little will show your nervousness. Also avoid actions like sitting crossed leg, biting your nails, playing with your pen etc which can give a negative feeling about you.

  8. Carry a updated resume and be honest:

    Know the job post before attending the interview and prepare a resume according to that job post. Do not make a common resume for all the job posts. Most freshers go wrong here. They make a common resume and carry that resume for every job posting though the job description is different. This one reason is enough to be rejected in the interview. Also do not fake any skills in your resume or in the interview. Be honest and mention only the skills that you are good at. Faking about skills that you actually do not know will be a problem for you as you will not be able to answer the question when asked about it.

What to prepare before an interview

When interview is scheduled, attending that interview is not just enough. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before going to interview

  1. Research to know about the company:

    It is very important to know about the company, their products, services etc. You should know when was it started and the CEO of the company also as these might be expected by the interviewers. Also this shows them that you are actually interested in that company.

  2. Make some preparations to give the interview:

    Definitely you cannot go under prepared for the interview as that is your career changing matter. Know the interview pattern of the company and prepare accordingly. Every fresher will be asked to give aptitude test in the first round and preparing aptitude is very important to qualify for the next round. Also be ready to face the group discussion round, research some group discussion topics and prepare few valid points to speak about the topic.

  3. Decide what you should wear: Ofcourse you should wear a formal but decide what exactly you should wear a day before and keep the dress ready. Do not wait until last minute to take decisions on what should be worn.

  4. Keep all the necessary documents ready:

    Keep your marks card, certificates and all the necessary documents ready. If you have received any award or certificate that adds to the weightage of the resume, keep those certificates too. Also keep your photo, ID proof as few companies require them for verification.

  5. Prepare for common interview question:

    There are few common interview question asked in every company. Prepare for those questions and be ready.

    Few of the common questions are:

    • Tell me about yourself: This will be the very first thing you will be asked. Briefly tell them about your education, skills and strength. Do not try to be lengthy
    • Why should we hire you: When asked this question, answer what your potential is, about your interest in that company and how you can take up different challenges.
    • Where do you see yourself in next few years: Tell what you are planning to do in next few years, tell about how productive you can be to reach your aim.
    • How can you handle stress: Try explaining about the ways you have handled stress before. Make them feel that you are capable of handling difficulties and do not stress yourself.

Conclusion: Getting a job is very important for everyone and one small mistake in the interview might turn your job down. Keep the basic tips in mind and prepare well. Have confidence while giving interviews. Surely you will be able to crack it.

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