How to deal with poor performance in X+II examination

The X+II Board examinations in all parts of the country are going to commence in a day or two. Students give their best to perform well in examination. But in spite of giving efforts, some students may not perform well. But would it be the end of the road? Definitely not. What should the students who performed poorly and their guardians do? Go through this article.

In ancient days, Indian students went to universities like Nalanda, Taxila, Vikrampur, etc., for the pursuit of knowledge. They used to learn and further develop the available knowledge on a particular subject. However, with the passage of time, the knowledge-centric education system has been changed.

Nowadays, in India we follow examination-centric education system. We study not to acquire knowledge but to pass the examination with good marks. Getting good marks by hook or by crook has become the main target of not only students, but also of their guardians and teachers. A teacher is called successful when his/her students get very good marks. Whereas in earlier days, a teacher used to be known for imparting knowledge and for further research in his/her own field.

Because of this examination-centric education system, there is undue stress on students to perform. A student has to perform very well and get good marks. Nobody is bothered about acquisition of knowledge. Not only that, our education has also become career-oriented. Very few Indian students are able to study those subjects which they prefer. Instead, Indian students are forced to study those subjects in which employment opportunities are more.

In the rat race, if a student cannot score expected marks, society, friends and even relatives start looking down upon him or her. This unfortunate situation creates lots of strain in many students. Some students cannot cope up with this strain. Every year, we hear various unfortunate incidents involving students who have not scored satisfactorily. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways to cope up with poor performance in X+II Board examination.

Why is X+II Board examination important?

After Xth standard, students go to specialized streams as per their choice. Up to Xth standard, a student has to study all basic subjects. However, after Xth, a student goes to humanities, commerce or science stream. After X+II, students appear in various entrance examinations for admission in engineering, medical, para-medical, law or other subjects where it is felt that employment opportunities are more. Not only that, after X+II, a student goes to further specialized study. Due to these two reasons, good performance in X+II level becomes important. Admission depends upon good performance in X+II, so every student gives her/her best during X+II Board examination.

Even after making sincere efforts, some students cannot perform satisfactorily and their performance is not considered sufficient/up to the mark to get admission in prestigious academic institutions. What happens when a student cannot perform well in X+II level?

What happens?

There may be various possibilities. The first possibility is that a student has not performed well in X+II examination, but he/she has qualifies the entrance examination. In such case the student may not face much problem. The second possibility may be that the student has done reasonably well but can not achieve the target set by him/her or by the family. In such case, the student has to cut down his/her ambition and has to take admission in such academic institution where he/she gets the opportunity. In the worst scenario, the student's performance is very bad. Let us discuss the issues point-wise.

What should a student do?

First and foremost thing which a student should do is to plan well in advance what he/she would do if the performance would not be satisfactory. It is easier said than done. No student can think that he/she would not be able to perform well. So, it becomes the duty of the parents to prepare themselves and their wards to plan for alternating avenues. As for example, let us suppose that a student has been preparing for medical entrance, but he/she cannot qualify the medical entrance examination. In such case, he/she should try to opt for para-medical stream. Similarly, it may happen that a student prepares to study English in a prestigious college of Delhi, but his marks in English is not adequate to get admission in that college. In such a scenario the student has two alternatives. He/She may study English in any other college or can take admission in a good college with any other subject.

The parents, relatives and mentors must convince a student who has not done well in X+II that it is not the end of the road. Poor result in a particular examination does not spoil life. If a student works diligently and sincerely, he/she will be ultimately successful.

Students must avoid those people who try to demoralize them. These people have no real sympathy for the students. These people cannot do anything good for them. So students must avoid such people.

If a student thinks that his/her performance in any particular paper is unreasonably poor, he/she may seek re-evaluation of the paper.

If a student becomes extremely depressed after the announcement of the result, parents and relatives must take him/her to a counsellor or psychologist to convince him/her that this is a bad phase of life which will ultimately pass.

Concluding remarks

Summing up the discussion, I would like to state that it is extremely important not only for the students but also for the guardians to understand that one examination cannot determine the quality or talent of a student. Hard work will always succeed. So, a student must not get disheartened and must effectively utilise whatever opportunity life provides him. The guardians also have to play a very important role at such crucial stage. The guardians must assist a depressed student to leave the trauma behind him/her and start preparation for the next level. They should motivate the students to strive more for success.

Article by Partha K.
“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” - George Gordon Byron

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Author: Swati Sarnobat25 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A student who has performed poorly in XII should seriously take care and think of future life. A student should be open to accept the failure and know the reason of failure. If he or she feels that the field which the student has chosen is wrong, then he or she should change the field and not look back. A student can study some short-term courses that are vocational and hence a student can secure a good job immediately after completing the course such as microsoft certified course, Tally, social media, google analytic, etc

Author: Partha K.26 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Ms. Sarnobat,I can't agree. Ours is a examination-centric education system. We judge a student based on his performance in an examination. A student may have many genuine reasons behind poor performance. As for example, one of my classmates who is presently one of the top pediatricians of Kolkata, performed poorly in his Xth standard examination. We were totally astonished but later came to know that during his Board examination he was all alone in the residence for one month. His father took his mother to Vellore for heart treatment and his mother had been very critical at that point of time.

A student who could not perform well in X+II, must not lose heart. But introspection is necessary whether he/she finds the subjects chosen, interesting or not. The next course of action is required to be taken accordingly.

So, I don't agree to your following statement: "A student can study some short-term courses that are vocational and hence a student can secure a good job immediately after completing the course such as Microsoft certified course, Tally, social media, google analytic, etc". A student can do well in conventional subjects also. Why should he/she go for vocational training as mentioned by you so early in life?

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