Do only values make a man?

This article highlights the aspects that are essential for a man to become successful apart from values. A man should learn about several aspects of life to survive in this competitive world. He can learn values only if he learns the basic aspects of living.

Everybody wants to become successful in life. Not everybody aims for professional success, but they want to attain something from life. Most of the parents teach their children to become good human beings because they can become spiritually rich. Many people still firmly believe in supreme power because they feel the strength within that power. So, from the tender age, they teach their children the values of life and their significance in their future life. Values are something that pertain to betterment of others and community.

Significance of values in real life

The holy scripts and books state that a man is always known by his or values. A man becomes a real human being by inculcating values of life. Most of them are taught by elders, that by inculcating and practicing values in life, he or she can please the Almighty.

In practical sense, a man can gain respect from others by respecting others and practicing values in life. But, all men in fact are not pleased by values of others. Some parents are too strict in imposing values among children. The children learn to remain calm and well-mannered and learn to please others, but do not directly gain intelligence by inculcating values.

Some children become suppressed because they are not taught to be good to others in all circumstances. When they meet odd or rude people, they cannot face them courageously. In this corrupt world, a person should not be taught to be always polite or good, but also taught to become smarter.

Teach the children to be smart also

By being value-oriented, a person cannot learn to earn livelihood which is very essential for an individual in the future. A child cannot become bold or courageous to face different circumstances in life. Always parents are not available for the children and hence they should teach the children to become independent also. Some parents only focus upon values that the children should inculcate and hence forget to teach children to become smarter in this competitive world.

As Swami Vivekanand said that the people with empty bellies cannot be inclined towards spirituality because they are so desperate to fill their belly, so a person who has not learn the techniques to live independently or self-care cannot win people with his values. When a person grows up, he or she should learn to earn livelihood and fight for every odd situations that they come across. The females specially experience this problem because male are directed to earn livelihood.

The children should be taught activities that can boost energy of the child and make a child confident so that he or she can survive in this competitive world. The child should be taught everything that is essential for them to live independently in the future. When a child is becoming bold, then the parents can teach them how to retain values of life. Success may not come so easily if a person wants to be always remain honest, but the success that he attains is long-term success. These points should be highlighted to the children.

Some people who have been brought up with only values, start blindly trusting people and they get cheated several times in their lives.


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