Health benefits of Almond oil

This article explains health benefits of almond oil which can be very well obtained either by its daily regular intake in required amount or by its regular topical application. It is packed with lots of nutrients and has a sweet aroma.


Almonds are used for extraction of almond oil. They can be bitter or sweet. Different almonds have different tastes and this difference very well gets reflected in oils extracted from them. Almonds are rich sources of oil and contain large amount i.e., more than 30% of monounsaturated oleic acid. They also contain linoleic acid and small amount of fatty acid of saturated variety. This oil is very rich in Vitamin E. Only sweet almond oil can be consumed because bitter almond oil if consumed can prove to be hazardous. This is because it contains lots of cyanide which has to be removed before bitter almond or oil extracted from it is consumed. However, for topical application both sweet and bitter almond oils can be used.

Properties of Almond Oil

Almond oil is rich source of vitamin E and thus this property make it very beneficial to be used on skin and hair. Its anti-aging property yields great results. It helps in healing of wounds and scars. It is emollient and thus it efficiently moisturizes skin and is of great help to lock in moisture, especially in case of dry skin. It reduces inflammation and produces a little analgesic action when applied topically. Also, it is a great muscle relaxant and thus with ease it relaxes by removing stress out of muscles, decreasing their soreness. It increases immune power of body and helps liver to get rid of wastes. It is a mild laxative helping to get rid of constipation.

Nutritional Content in Almond Oil

Almond oil is a mixture of saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Fatty acid which is present in large amount is oleic acid. Omega-6 is also present in it but Omega-3 is quite low. It also contains acids like palmitic, stearic, alpha linolenic, behenic, erucic, palmitoleic etc.

Benefits of Almond Oil on Face

With age comes wrinkles and skin starts sagging around here and there. Since almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E, it helps in fading of wrinkles over duration of time. However, today large number of cosmetic products are available which contains almond oil. Regular application of almond oil with light massage proves beneficial and smooth-ens out wrinkles and prevents further worsening. It considerably improves sagging too. Daily application of almond oil under and around the eyes improves texture and within few weeks one can see considerable reduction in dark area formed under the eye. Also, it helps to get rid of stress and strain from the eye, helping in complete relaxation. It improves complexion and helps skin to produce an inner glow. Almond oil improves blood circulation and helps to lock moisture within skin.

Treat Skin Diseases and Disorders with Almond Oil

Various skin related problems like psoriasis and eczema can be effectively treated by almond oil. Regular application of this oil helps in locking in moisture within skin, which in turn shows remarkable improvement in skin related disorders. It provides relaxation and relieves inflammation and irritation that is produced on skin surface. Even to get rid of acne, it is of great help. Dead cells of skin accumulated over the surface along with surface impurities due to pollution can deteriorate skin health. Excellent moisture provided by almond oil can loosen these dead skin cells and impurities, helping to get rid of them and allowing skin to breath properly.

Do Not Buy Skin Care Cosmetics

If lips are feeling rough or are chapped due to weather conditions, one can opt to apply a little almond oil over them. This will ensure that moisture gets locked in lips and rich vitamin content present in it helps to heal lips quickly. Thus, instead of buying lip guard, one can directly apply almond oil over lips. Similarly, instead of using expensive make up removal creams, which does nothing good to it, use almond oil to do the same. This will not only ensure that skin is cleansed properly but also will keep skin pores open preventing acne formation. Not only make up gets removed but thin layer of oil which is left on skin, preferably if left overnight does miracles on it and enhances inner glow. Almond oil is very light and hence less greasy and thus is absorbed more easily when compared to other creams and oils and thus instead of buying foot creams, body lotions etc, it is beneficial if this oil is used instead. It helps to get rid of roughness and promotes healing of cracked heels. Sunscreen lotions today are very expensive products and also are not completely effective in preventing sunburn or suntan. Tan removal creams again available are as ineffective as sun screen lotions. Instead of spending money on such products, if almond oil is applied to all those exposed areas of body, not only it will prevent sunburn and tan but also will reverse harmful effects exerted by sun rays as it produces protective shield on skin and locks in nourishment.

Benefits of Almond Oil on Hair

Almond oil if regularly used on hair can improve its texture and enhances shine and luster. It prevents hair fall, as it is rich source of magnesium. Sine it is light, it does not make hair greasy or sticky. Thus, it can be used regularly for oiling sessions. It also conditions hair and keeps it soft and shiny and thus instead of using conditioners available in market, massaging a few drops of almond oil proves be more beneficial. Inflammation caused on scalp can lead to excessive hair breakage and this inflammation is mainly due to exposure to sun, pollution and various chemicals present in hair products. Not only hair fall, dead scalp cells in the form of dandruff is also caused due to this inflammation. Almond oil dissolves dandruff and prevent its formation due to its moisturizing property. Split ends formed are again sign of hair been unhealthy and this also prevents hair from been long and healthy. This problem can totally be corrected if almond oil is massaged on hair and scalp twice a week.

Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil

Spas and salons provide effective treatment which enhances beauty. However, not every one can afford such expensive treatments. Almond oil been easily available in market, comes here as rescue from been looted by these expansive treatments. Almond oil alone can be used or else can also be combined with other essential oils like rose oil, olive oil etc. This when regularly applied on skin, hair and other body parts with gentle massage can yield better results then expensive salon and spa treatments. This is the reason that today almost all the products like face creams, soaps, body lotions, face washes incorporate small amount of almond oil in them. Stretch mark removal creams and the ones which claim prevention of stretch marks incorporate almond oil in some amount in them. However, almond oil if used directly instead of using it in some product form will nourish the skin in a better way because of its emollient quality. As it improves circulation of blood, stretch marks automatically gets prevented.

Benefits of Almond Oil in Case of Pregnancies and New Born Babies

As mentioned, almond oil if applied topically will prevent formation of stretch marks on skin of pregnant mothers. Not only this, if it is consumed regularly will prevent risk of birth defects in new born. It will also promote healthy formation of cells and tissues in babies. After birth if new born babies are regularly massaged with it, then they will develop strong bone structure as it promotes calcium absorption. Also, skin related disorders do not develop due to efficient blood circulatory system.

Benefits of Almond Oil on Heart

Consumption of almond oil reduces risk of cardiac vascular attack. Monounsaturated fatty acid is present in abundant in it which is actually very good for heart. It keeps heart healthy and keep heart related diseases at bay. Also, since almond oil contains lots of unsaturated fats, folic acid, protein and other essential nutrients, heart health is further seen to improve on its regular consumption. Heart and cholesterol are closely related. It maintains cholesterol level and also keeps blood pressure in normal range. Since it is low in sodium and high in potassium, it prevents heart related problems and heart diseases.

Benefits of Olive Oil on Digestion and Nervous System

Almond oil is a mild laxative and thus it helps to wash stomach, curing all digestion related troubles and disorders. One can either drink few drops of almond oil mixed in a glass of water or use it as a salad dressing. It helps to loosen stools. It cleanses colon and reduces risk of colon cancer. Since ancient times, almond oil is always associated with good memory power. Since almond oil contains omega-3 in abundant along with potassium, it increases working efficiency of central nervous system.

Analgesics, Muscle Relaxants and Anti-inflammatory Properties of Almond Oil

Almond oil relieves pain. It reduces stress from muscles, providing complete relaxation. Thus, it is warmed a little and applied over painful areas. It is known to instantly relive pain from the muscles and joints. Almond oil contains good fatty acids i.e., linoleic and linolenic which helps to reduce inflammation from the area.

Almond Oil is Rich Oil

Almond oil contains vitamins and minerals in abundant amount. Along with these nutrients, it also contains other important ones like calcium, magnesium and potassium which are all required for disease free, healthy living. It boosts instant energy in body as it contains manganese, copper and riboflavin. It contains fiber and thus prevents colon cancer as it ensures adequate food movement in colon. Since it is rich in monounsaturated fats, its regular intake ensures no downfall in metabolism aiding weight loss. Its richness also ensures that body's immune system becomes strong.

Be Cautious

Though almond oil is very rich in nutrients and has many beneficial effects on health, but still it is an oil and thus it has to be consumed in limited amount. Small intake can lead to weight loss. However, if consumed in large amount can lead to weight gain. This is because it contains large amount of fat in it. Consult physician before consuming it as some people are allergic to almonds. Also, bitter almond oil is toxic and thus should never be consumed. Always pick almond oil extracted from sweet almonds. Almond oil is rich in magnesium and thus who are already of magnesium high diet should not ingest it as it may lead to magnesium over dosage. Also, excess of almond oil intake can lead to over dosage of Vitamin E causing symptoms like dizziness, loose stools, blurring of vision, weakness in body etc.


We are aware with the health benefits obtained form almonds, however almond oil produces much more beneficial effects. It is obtained form almonds by pressing them and thus it is pure and does not exert any negative effects. It has been used since centuries and is beneficial both when consumed as well as when applied topically. All it does is impart healthy benefits to skin, hair, digestive system, liver, nervous system etc. Thus, for healthy living and to enjoy its richness, one should always make it as a part of life either by consuming it in required amount or by more and more promoting its topical application.

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Author: K Mohan06 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

While the author has taken all the pains to have great mentions about the health benefit and beauty benefits of almond oil, but necessarily it is the rich people's product and middle class people may not be in a position to afford such high priced oil for cooking and maintaining health. While we know by casually eating dry fruits which includes almonds which is good for health and that would be in very rare occasion we buy those costly almonds. And thinking of almond oil for daily kitchen use and beauty use, face use is something a common man or women cannot think of.

Author: Reena Upadhya06 Mar 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Though almond oil is expensive, still it is cheaper when compared to other face care and hair care products. Those products are not as effective as almond oil and though it is not budget friendly but yields great benefits. Also when we think of application on face and hair, we feel that it will take a whole bottle for application but this is not the case. Hardly few drops will be required as it spreads and gets absorbed very easily.

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