Honesty- A Guide to Simple Life

This article explains that honesty is a quality present within us but we often do not use it as we want to escape ourselves from uncomfortable situations. However, it is a very important quality to live a simple life.


We often lie from time to time as we feel that lying is an easy way out. We lie to avoid ourselves from facing difficult situations. We also lie when we do not want to really reveal what we are feeling at that point of time and as well as to conceal our intentions. Lying requires lots of efforts and always it tends to charge a price. Honesty may put us in tacky or uncomfortable situation but honesty is invaluable and helps greatly in our growth. This is because we become more and more strong when we face more and more difficult situations. Life can really become simple if we practice honesty and get rid of habit of lying which is completely non-essential for living a good life.

Honesty is the Best Policy

We lie because we do not want to put ourselves in difficult and uncomfortable situations and thus we tend to buy some time for ourselves by lying. However, lying requires a lot of efforts as well as good memory. Thus, it becomes complicated. On the other hand, honesty do not require any efforts and is neither complicated nor non-essential. It frees a person completely. Also, one day or the other truth will come out. By lying, we can buy time but when truth will get revealed in future, it will probably be more worse. Since honesty frees us while lying burdens us a lot, we will feel good and open if we start practicing honesty.

Benefits of Honesty

Honesty been a positive quality, attracts people towards us as they have a confirmation that neither we will lie to them nor break their trust. Thus, people start trusting us. Since trust is the foundation for all the relationships, bonds that we form with others will be strong. Lying requires efforts and to maintain a web of lies we require good memory. Once we lie, we need to cover it with more lies and thereby unknowingly a vicious circle gets created. Honesty is simple and it helps us to focus on all such aspects in our lives which are actually important and essential to us. Honesty attracts honesty and thus if we are honest and trustworthy, others who follow the same will get attracted to us and as an outcome our friendships and relationships we develop will be of very high quality, paving way for greater intimacy. It instills a lot of confidence within us. It is just not that others will start trusting us but we ourselves will build a trust factor within ourselves and this ability will never discourage us when an obstacle or difficult circumstance arrive in front of us.

Benefits of Honesty on Health

Dishonesty requires efforts. When we lie, we change into some one else i.e., pretend to be someone who actually we are not and this requires a lot of our constant attention. Honesty don't require any attention or efforts. It is rather easy and all we require to do is speak the truth and thus it relaxes mind as well as body. When we speak truth, we feel good about ourselves. This is because we are not pretending to be someone else and thus we don't develop any kind of stress or tension. When life is free of stress and tension, it becomes rather simple and is always marked with oneness. Simplicity also impacts our health greatly and we become less anxiously involved. This it the reason that we hardly get depressed or fatigue. Once mind is calm and stable, body too remains healthy. Healthy mind in a healthy body helps us to live a simple and free life which only honesty can help us achieve and can never be achieved by dishonesty.

Boost Inner Self to Practice Honesty

Initially honesty will require a little effort. This is because since long time we have been practicing dishonesty. We need to make firm decisions and develop dedication within ourselves to practice it, no matter what circumstances arrive in front of us. Once we start practicing it, within no time it will pick momentum and it will seem quite easy to us. In the mean time, we can boost ourselves to practice it so that it does not seem so hard. We need to remind ourselves often that life is of no good to live, if it does not contain character and is not morally correct. Once we have decided to live a life which is rich in character and morality, we will automatically start practicing honesty.

Tips to Make Honesty Easy to Follow

Sometimes it is just the matter of yes or no. When we have to answer yes, we have to do so and vice versa. We make this thing so complicated that we create vicious cycle of lies by avoiding to answer yes or no. It is a myth people believe that if we become honest we have to start confronting everything we believe. We should known the difference between how to avoid, create and address conflicts and learn that if something is true does not mean that it has to be said every time. We should answer only when required and not start creating conflicts. By being honest does not mean that we have to tear others down by criticizing them or by revealing how untruthful or evil they are. We need to help others by encouraging them to live a honest life and thus we have to take care of our tone and work as they play a major role in providing motivation and encouragement.

Practice Honesty Both Inside and Outside

We can practice honesty only if we believe that it is good for us. In absence of this belief we will quickly resort to a lie when we get surrounded with sudden uncomfortable and difficult situation. Once we make up our mind then hardly it will seem any difficult to us. However, if we keep any sorts of doubts within then no matter what practicing on outside will become next to impossible. If we have to be honest with others then first thing we need to learn is that we have to become honest with ourselves. All the hurts which are concealed within our hearts, we need to accept them and stop denying anymore. Once accepted then we can very well address them.

Honesty and Simplicity

To live a simple life, we need to get rid of non-essentials from it. When we lie we create a fake personality and fake world around us. Unreal cannot be simple. We are forced to live in both worlds i.e., real world as well as fake one which we have created. This creates so much of complexities. Our lives no longer remain simple. If we choose honesty then we have to live only in one world and that is the real world and thus it becomes simple to us. Honesty awards us with simple life. Being dishonest leads to duplicity. To live a simple life, honesty is mandatory. Honesty survives without simplicity but what is important here is simplicity cannot survive without honesty.


A simple life is one which is not complicated and marked with oneness. Life becomes simple when all the non-essentials are removed from it and the most important non-essential entity is lying. Thus, honesty will help everyone to live a simple life which allows a person to breathe freely and live in an uncomplicated way. Honesty is invaluable and best policy for simple life.


Author: sushma mewundi08 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

By lying we are welcoming problems for ourselves. If we are honest then we will be happy and peaceful. By lying we can never be peaceful as that will be haunting us. Also, by being honest we will have people to trust us and we will have more friends.

Author: Reena Upadhya08 Mar 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

This is the power of honesty. As mentioned in the article, honesty will attract honesty and thus we will find quality friends. On the other hand, lying will put us in lot of troubles.

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