Learn to Live and Let Live

This article explains the slogan 'live and let live'. We need to live freely and to the fullest. It also explains that we need to accept others for who they are and allow them to live their own lives.


Conflict begins by interference. When we interfere in others matter, especially when not necessary, we tend to create conflict. Peace in our lives can only be attained if we follow this slogan of live and let live. It is a key to peaceful living. It helps us to end conflicts which are already existing and stop us from creating new ones. We start respecting others space and draw a line which is meant to be never crossed. It is another way of saying let go. It teaches us and helps us to withdraw from things which we often try to change or manipulate, even after knowing that we have no control over them.

Meaning of Live and Let Live

This phrase itself speaks a lot. It demands of freedom to each and everyone. Each and every living organism in this whole world or even universe has a right to live and no body has a right to take away its freedom. Knowingly or unknowingly when we interfere in each others lives, we are trying to manipulate them or change them and thereby we are taking away their freedom. Giving advice, recommending or suggesting something is different. However, ordering some one and expecting them to follow as stated is wrong. We do not have an authority to control anyone as each and every one is born free and should be allowed to remain free throughout their lives. We should live our own life to the fullest and let others live their own lives.

Control is the Main Enemy

Quality of control that we develop within ourselves some how give us authoritative power. This power itself destroys everything. We start controlling others, especially our near and dear ones. The simplest explanations we give as an excuse to conceal our deed is that we want best for them. Thus we start feeling that it is not wrong to decide anything for them. As mentioned earlier that being well wisher, we can suggest or recommend best of the best to our near and dear ones. Once this is done, we need to take a step back and let them decide what is best for them. In this way, we have fulfilled our responsibility by guiding them as well as given complete freedom to them so that they can live freely and whatever choice they make whether right or wrong should be very well accepted by us.

Acceptance is a Key to Live and Let Live

First we need to understand that we are all different from each other and thus we have to accept the differences and thereby we should start accepting others for what they are. We should learn to accept other people as they are and respect the kind of life they are living, no matter how different it is from ours. Once we learn the art of acceptance, we will start living our life to the fullest and will start concentrating on all the essential priorities that we have. Half of the time we keep interfering in others matters and thus are neither able to live our live the way we should live nor we allow others to live their lives. We spend most of our time by been judgmental towards others. When we do not accept others for who they are, we end up criticizing or condemning them. Others do not have to be like us or live a life like we do. We do not have to make a control over them or their lives and forcefully make them believe what we do. Acceptance helps us in speedy recovery because tolerance that it develops within us frees us to concentrate on our own issues and live life at its best as well as allow others to live their own lives without creating any conflicts.

Wisdom Helps to Understand Live and Let Live in a Better Way

We have to understand that few things are under our control and few are not. The only entity we can have a definite control is on ourselves. Rest everything around us cannot be controlled by us. We have to accept the things which we cannot change. We need to develop strength and courage to change the things which we can very well change. Now the most important quality here essential is wisdom, which we require to know the difference between both. Wisdom will help us to determine and decide which things we can change and which we cannot. Throughout our lives we have been doing quiet the opposite one. We are changing things which we cannot and where we can bring a considerable or remarkable change, we are keeping it unchanged. Since we have control over ourselves, we need to bring a change in us and the change should be to accept the people the way they are and accept the situations the way they arrive. Instead of complaining about others or circumstances, we should rather maintain our calm.

Benefits of Live and Let Live

Live and let live is a life changing slogan. It completely changes lives and we start realizing the meaning of living life to the fullest. It will help us all the time in decision making and all the decisions made by keeping this slogan in mind will definitely prove to be right. No matter what circumstances arrive in front of us, we will always remain calm and not loose our cool. We will start understanding others very well. This is because we will start to accept them by thinking from their point of view. From their point of view, they may be right but for us it seems completely wrong. Just walk in their shoes for a while and we will find some empathy for what they are going through. Now instead of criticizing them, we will develop understanding towards them. It cannot be always about us. At some moments, it is about them too.

Learn to Live

In this slogan, first thing we learn is to live and then comes the phrase let live which means allow others to live. Thereby, we ourselves should first learn to live and when we do so, only after that we can understand how important life is and thereby we can spread it to others by allowing them to live. We should stop behaving like a victim who constantly complains about how others have misbehaved with him or how unfortunate circumstance has destroyed his whole life. Just stop that and see the change. Accept that anything bad to be done is done already, whether it was right or wrong, favorable or not and just start living by accepting everything. Acceptance teaches to forget and forgive. Once this art is learned then in near future too, we will be ready to face anything and everything, still enjoying life to our fullest. Actions happen around us and not to us. If someone is doing wrong to us, its his thing and thus it is about him and not about us. Entire world is not revolving around us or conspiring against us.

Learn to Let Go

We need to learn to let go and if we practice live and let live, letting go comes easily to us. Let go is not that difficult but it seems a little difficult when we deal with our near and dear ones. It is just a matter of perspective. We have to change ourselves and allow others to live their respective lives. Despite of warnings or suggestions if they are following wrong path then it is on them and it is their burden to carry, not ours. Letting go is not only confined to something on external level. It also means stop holding on to things which are hurting us inside. Some times we desire of a different outcome and when we do not see it coming, we hold on to it which is definitely not going to change and this is simply because it is not under our control. Identify the cause of holding on. It may be insecurity, fear, loneliness. Whatever it is, just work on it for freedom.

Exercise of Detachment for Live and Let Live

Detachment with emotional attachment to outcome is very essential. We should let others decide for themselves and by doing so we are enabling them to learn a lot. We should not rob them of the learning opportunity. Although we can lend a helping hand by offering advice and suggestions. However, this helping hand should be a healthy one as most of the times when we suggest something to someone we also get too much emotionally attached with the outcome. Thus, a sensible detachment right form beginning will help us live and also help others to live their lives in a healthy way. Detachment does not mean that we do not care but it means that we have achieved understanding and wisdom regarding what is in our control and what not.

Tolerance Associated with Live and Let Live

Live and let live is a principle of liberalism. This principle itself is composed of two more principles. First one teaches each and every individual to live life freely and completely with full satisfaction and the adjoining second principle teaches that we should allow others too to enjoy the same. In between these two principles, friction may get created and to avoid this, tolerance plays an important role as a lubricant. In each and every secular system as well as each and every religion teaches tolerance and thus it is not new term to us in any ways. When we speak of tolerance, we sense fear and losing control. When some one asks us to be tolerant, we hesitate as we feel weakness associated with it. However, on close examination, it itself is a virtue. Being tolerant to others mean understanding them well and respecting their decisions irrespective of whether they are right or wrong. If there is no tolerance in between live and let live then definitely rough friction that gets created is hard to imagine. We may live our lives but do not allow the same to others. Or else, opposite may also be possible in some rare cases where a person allows others to live life but is not living his life freely. This is a sign of weakness.


Let us not get caught up in grievances and conflicts of any type and especially those which are completely non-essential. Let us 'let go' everything that happened in past as deeply grasping or clinging to those conflicts by holding on to them will no longer allow us to live our present life in a peaceful manner. Let us all be free and prefer dialogue over conflict. Let us learn what we can control and what all things are present on which we cannot have our control. Let us draw a boundary and take an oath that we will respect others freedom as much as we respect ours and thus will never try to cross that line, no matter what circumstances arrive in front of us. Let us not manipulate others by changing them and accept people as they are as well as accept situations the way they arrive. This will define 'let live' in a proper manner. First and foremost, we need to learn to love ourselves and accept the way we are. When we start living, we will definitely understand the meaning of freedom and thus allow others too to live their life freely.


Author: Swati Sarnobat26 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Such a good topic! It is one of the most basic principles one must adopt and also human beings cannot easily adopt it. This term does not only mean allowing other creatures to live, but also to realize the freedom of others.

One should remember that every creature is born free and has the right to live happily. Some people tend to constantly bother other people around them and interfere in their matters. So, this bothersome attitude really irritates others and they cannot live peacefully. Such people should realize the importance of allowing others to live peacefully. You live happily and peacefully and also spread peace around you.

Author: Reena Upadhya26 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Live and let live is the practice we must inculcate in our life because it improves the quality of life. It stops conflicts which get created when interference comes in the way. We should live our life the way we want to, regardless of what other people think about us. When we start enjoying our life, soon we will realize that others too have the right to do so. Thus, we will stop interfering in their lives and allow them to live just the way they want to. Acceptance is the key factor here. Once we start accepting others for who they are, we will stop interfering and allow them to live their lives as well as we will live our lives to the fullest. This will make existence bearable which will in turn make relationships strong and keep them intact.

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