Tips to Success : The First Impression

Whatever we do leaves behind an impression on others regarding us. These impressions do matter in life, especially the first impression because that is what would frame the people's view regarding the individual. Hence here we would be getting to know the tricks to set the best foot ahead.

Each and everyone of us has surely come across the popular saying that the first impression is the last impression. Hence it is absolutely essential to make the most of it. Though its considered to be of greatest importance during the interviews but the truth is that it applies to any place as such, be it school, college, job or even a cafe shop. Unfortunately its the human nature to judge a person by their attire and attitude. As a matte of fact, in case someone does not set a good impression, there might not be serious problems but yes, the things would become a bit tougher. So, its always to walk the smoother path than to intentionally as a few more potholes to it.

One must always make sure that they are happy with what they look because if they don't like themselves its least likely that the society would be liking them either. The prime reason behind this is that the disbelief in oneself leads to loss in self confidence which is clearly reflected


In this case surely one won't be judging kids but once a person hits adolescence the judging mentality does creep in. Hence if one has to change school during this phase, its a great challenge to establish oneself. Else one might face problems in making friends. Well this means that the individual has to impress two set of people, first the teachers and next the other students.
  • Since its school, one should avoid any amount of makeup or styling because it might effect the impression in the eyes of the teachers

  • Smartness is what counts the most. One must clearly remember that right from the moment he or she enters the classroom, they would be clearly judged by others. Hence a meek looking attitude would provide a negative impression and people would avoid the person.

  • Crisp and clean clothes are very much essential as no one likes a dirty person.

  • Properly trimmed nails, beard and hair tied up as per the school rules.


This is clearly related to any form of viva, promotional interview or job interview. One must remember that right from entry to the point he or she sits down, the panel would be judging the person based on their walking style. This is where the committee would be half decided if or not to choose the particular person since the way one walks clearly represents their character traits.
  • One needs to look absolutely perfect. One must hence try to bring out the best in themselves ad therefore start almost 2 or 3 months prior to the interview. Its essential to remember that even diamond needs to be polished.

  • Use of makeup is accepted in case of job interviews but one should remember that too much of it can create a negative impact.

  • No beard or properly trimmed beard is expected from men. For women a small earring and properly managed hair is expected. The prime goal is that the individual must not look nasty or too stylish unless and until the interviewing institution demands such things.

  • Dressing is practically one of the most important things in here. Clearly one should dress as per the norms set by the institution. Generally for official purposes its absolute formal dressing usually comprising of a light colored shirt.

  • Attitude is what pays off the most in this case. There have been instances where people have been rejected just because of the reluctant way in which they walk up to the panel. One needs to practice the apt style and embed it in order to leave the maximum impression on the interviewer.

  • Smartness means a lot but over-smartness makes one lose the brownie points. So the perfect balance is very much essential.

  • One important thing to note is that all companies have their personal preferences which can be found if someone refers to the experiences of their employees or even the interviewers. So its always a great idea to gather such details from seniors as well as from the net because these things often come handy.


    The first day at college is one of the most memorable ones ever. Often people have their parents as well as grandparents recollecting their own first day at college while the individual is about to start his or her college life. This strongly implies how memorable that day turns out to be. So how one presents themselves on that day is very much essential. In this case the impression is mainly needed to make friends because they are the ones who stand beside the individual during the tough phases of college life.
    • One can surely use some amount of makeup but never look pompous because that would lead people to judge them in a negative manner.

    • The attire should be casual because that is the most widely accepted one during college life. No excessive styling should be done as that would attract extra attention which might or might not lead to trouble, especially from the seniors.

    Hangout Zones

    This is practically the place where one can happily be who they are with very few people to judge them. One just needs to dress such that it matches the surroundings for which one can search the net to check the usual dress code followed by the masses who visit the particular place.

    One important thing here is the attitude, because if one is confident with who they are and easily carry themselves, then others are forced to look up to them irrespective of all other factors.

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