Best out of waste from broken toys

In this article, the parents can study how to use the old materials of the home and make handicrafts of those items. Many items can be prepared at home and use it for different purposes so that the children can easily find what they want and acquire information they want.

Children are provided with several toys and most of the toys break after some period or days. These broken toys instead of being thrown away in a dust bin or recycle bin, should be retained and used in an effective way. Children's room looks beautiful when beautiful handicrafts are prepared from these toys.

Handicrafts from broken toys

Broken cars or van

If you can find any broken car without any wheels or without any other parts, then you can use it in an effective way. The van or car should be first covered with glace paper so that the entire car is invisible. Then at the top portion of the car, construct edges with clay or by using a portion of the card sheet. Use this section to keep pencils, pens, rubbers or sharpeners. Then at the right side or left side of the car, you can prepare a time-table on a card sheet using a proper size of card sheet that can fit the size of the car. At the front side of the car or extension, take a small card sheet and stick it there. Then you can write the contact number of the school. At the other side of the car, you can write down the address of the school. This piece is like an information system that should be kept on the study table or in the children's room. So, just by looking at the car, the parents can view the time-table and hence arrange books in that manner. After studying the children can keep the stationery items such as pencils, rubbers, sharpeners in that area and when before going to school, can keep them in the compass. Or they can keep such stationary items that they require to study. It can be decorated in any way so that the car looks beautiful. If the wheels are broken then using a wooden material or clay, wheels can be made so that it stands properly.

Broken train

A broken train consists of four to five boogies that can be extracted from the deck. These boogies should be inverted and used for different purposes. These boogies should be covered with beautiful glace paper and at the same time take a card sheet into a large circular shape. So, arrange these boogies in a circular form and stick them to the circular card sheet. Then, you can find that your children have many small or shortened pencils, broken crayons, or old rubbers, etc. Collect them and keep them in the boogies. You or your children can use them anytime for small reasons instead of throwing it away. Otherwise, these boogies can be filled with new crayons also. The deck can be used for other purposes such as drawing lines etc.

Broken wheels

The wheels of the toy vehicles are broken and they are thrown away. But you can take two wheels and take a stick or small branch from the tree. Cover the stick with any paper that looks decent. Then attach the wheels on either sides of the stick. Then you can prepare a little butterfly from any paper and stick them to the stick above the wheels. So, this toy can be used by small children for dragging. They can simply drag them on the floor and play with it and enjoy playing.


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