International Women's Day - Let's celebrate women (an essay)

A short essay on the International Women's Day. This is a hard-hitting cryptic essay that reaches out to society, questions its attitude towards women and asks it to change. A True celebration of women can happen only when women are liberated.

It is Women's Day today. What are we celebrating - where is the change? Women's fortunes still remain the same. They still do not have equality. There is still no parity in the salaries men and women earn. There is disparity everywhere. Even in free countries, women continue to fight for their rights - they have to fight for their safety. They even have to fight for the right to dress, as they please. Is this liberation? Give women real reasons to celebrate.

Let's celebrate Women's Day, let's shun the stereotypes. Let's give them freedom from expectations that are forced upon them. Let's give them freedom from all the false adulation that's created to shackle them. Let's give them freedom from the self-sacrificing tag that's conferred on them, to ensure that they remain mute puppets, in the hands of society.

Let's quit the farce.

Let's celebrate WOMEN on Women's Day. Let's celebrate their success and not the women behind a man's success.

Let's celebrate women - not put them on a pedestal that they find impossible to step down from. Let's stop expecting them to sacrifice and endure, instead let's share their burden and lessen those sacrifices.

Let's celebrate women - don't expect them to be a certain colour and a certain size. Beauty is only skin deep. Celebrate the person in the woman, not their skin and their figure.

Let's celebrate women – look beyond the tags of a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter - celebrate the individual that the woman is, liberate her of these titles and see her for who she is.

Let's celebrate women – give them a chance to be themselves, to be who they want to be. Look through a magnifying glass and you will see an engineer, a pilot, an astronaut, a biker or perhaps even a mountaineer. There is so much more to every woman than the roles that society decides for them. Don't let societal norms blind you and make you quash their dreams.

Let's celebrate women – stop the archetypes that define them. She is a woman, she may not be perfect, just let her be. She may not be the classic example of a woman, but she'll at least be a happy woman.

Let's celebrate women – know that every woman needs to be herself. Don't have her strive to be someone that you want her to be. If you have a viewpoint, use it on yourself – stop experimenting on her, attempting to mould her into what you think she should be. She's a woman, not a project!

Let's celebrate women – she's allowed to be herself. She's a woman, accept that she has flaws and that she can make errors too. She is a woman, not a robot – she can have mood swings, be whimsical, lazy or rude. Respect that she has a mind and that she can be opinionated. She was not born to be an epitome of perfection. She was born to be a woman. So stop characterising her.

A true celebration of womanhood can happen only when women are not restricted. When they have the freedom of choice. When they have the freedom to speak and when they have equal opportunities. Until then the International Women's Day remains just another medium to highlight women's issues. Until a solution to the difficulties women face is found the day will mark not celebration, but symbolise the hardships in every woman's life. Let's wake up to the realities and move forward to bring in a change. Let's empower women, what are you scared of?

Article by Juana
Juana is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. She holds a degree in English Literature and has worked as a teacher and as a soft skill trainer. An avid reader, she writes on a variety of topics ranging from health, travel, education and personality development.

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