Prevention is better than cure - how to maintain good health always

This article explains the importance of prevention over cure. Taking preventive measures is always considered to be beneficial over curative procedures which does not guarantee complete recovery. Preventive measures are always safest as they keep harm away from us.


Prevention is always considered to be better than cure. Preventive measures or precautions if followed right from beginning will help us to remain away from problems or disasters. If we do not follow these measures then once the problem arises it demands for its curing. If we wait for the problem to approach then along it also brings harm and this laid back attitude of ours can prove to be injurious to us. It is always better to prevent an evil. If we become wise and give more importance to preventive measures then we will avoid all the discomfort we had to face in curing the problem. Also, less efforts are required to prevent something when compared to working on curing it. Thus it is wisely said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Benefits of Preventive Measures

Prevention is better than cure teaches us a lot. It promotes living a healthy, disease free life which will be highly disciplined. This kind of life does not give a room to stress and tension and thus we will never experience any health related disease or mental sickness. It promotes usage of prevention methods so that we can skip all the pain we need to go through for curing it. Prevention will make sure that harm or problem never arises. However, cure does not give any surety whether that problem will be solved completely. Prevention guarantees safety whereas while curing we need to take our chances blindly as uncertainty always prevails. Thinking in advance and taking all precautionary measures will help us in our daily sphere of life. Our misfortunes can be very well changed to good fortunes as we are keeping all the problems and harms at bay. It relieves us of that end time pressure where we have not created any preparation and an obstacle or an exam has approached us all of a sudden.

Prevention Versus Cure

Prevention is an act or strategy adopted to stop something from happening. It promotes constructive lifestyles and inculcates discipline. It benefits more than it means. Cure means to heal and restore something that is lost. Funny thing about cure is that it cannot be confirmed i.e., something that is lost may or may not get restored and even if it is restored then the question arises of whether replenishment was complete or some percentage was lost in the process. It is very easy to claim cure but very difficult to see it happening. Prevention is safe. This is because until now no harm is done and we are keeping those problems away which can cause harm to us. However, when the problem approaches and curing needs to be done then we need to follow multiple procedures in the curing process which may solve problem to some extent but leave their side-effects behind.

Prevention is the Key to Success

Prevention guarantees safety to a large extent. It protects us from all sorts of troubles and dangers. It saves our time, money, health as well as the effort we need to put in to cure. Harassment that we need to face at last moment is difficult to deal with and this happens cause we have not taken proper prevention. If we were aware and active right from beginning then we could have avoided going through all the pain. It teaches us to live a disciplined life which again teaches us to do everything in advance. From daily routine, when irregularity gets removed then success is not far away. It is a big tool to achieve success if we understand it well and make an oath to follow it throughout our lives. We need to make prevention our daily routine.

Remain Healthy with Prevention

If we follow proper preventive measures, then we can avoid many diseases and disorders from developing in our body and maintain our health at its maximal level. We have all heard the term, health is wealth and by this we can conclude how important health is when we need to live a happy life. Earlier people used to follow preventive measures seriously and thus enjoyed health. However from fast few decades, emphasis is given more on cure rather than on prevention and thereby prevention has lost its meaning and purpose some where. Moreover, we do not take out some time from our every day life and care to take some precautions which will help us in future from under going all the discomforts and side-effects of curing procedures. Prevention includes all the good life style procedures which help us to keep healthy. For example, it promotes cleanliness like washing hands thoroughly before eating food and this habit will prevent cholera and diarrhea. If a person do not smoke or stops smoking then he is at low risk from the likeliness of suffering from deadly diseases like cancer.

Living Healthy Itself is Prevention

Preventive measures are no different from procedures which are meant for living healthy. If we know how to remain healthy, diseases will never approach us. We need to eat healthy food. We are, what we eat and thus food plays a very important role in shaping our life. If we eat healthy, we live healthy. After food comes, exercise and daily regular exercise is essential for healthy living, irrespective of whether it is done within premises of home, in gym or even a brisk walk around neighborhood. It boosts our immunity system. An individual who eats healthy food and regularly remain active by exercising prevents the disease of affluence. It increases our immunity and helps prevent various diseases for occurring like diabetes, obesity, low or high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney diseases etc. Proper rest in between exercise is also necessary. It helps body by avoiding going in an injured state. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day, neither less than that or more than that.

Cleanliness Promotes Prevention

Everyone of us are aware with the fact that how important it is to keep our self as well as our surrounding clean to remain healthy. We can take more than one shower but if not possible, at least one shower in a day should not be skipped. Putting on clean and tidy clothes is also equally important as that of taking shower. Putting on an antiperspirant after bath can be done. Before eating food, make sure that hands are cleaned thoroughly. This will prevent occurrence of commonly spreadable diseases. Not only we should take care of our cleanliness but also take care that our home and surroundings are clean. This will prevent all those diseases which are caused by mosquito bites. Foods and water we consume should be healthy and clean. Contamination of food will deteriorate our health resulting in various sorts of food poisonings and stomach related diseases. Contaminated water will cause water-borne diseases. Thus, make sure to consume fresh, healthy organic food and clean, purified drinking water. Shampoo hair followed by a conditioner. Brush twice a day and use floss regularly. Wear good pair of shoes and sprinkle some foot powder to inside of shoes. Trim nails every week.

Saying No to Drugs and Bad Habits is Prevention

Once a drug enters body, it creates affinity to the product and from the very first intake, addiction begins. Subsequent intakes result in a no way out situation as addiction is so strong that a person even if wants to come out of it feels helpless. Depression, anxiety, fatigue are the medical symptoms but on outside, it also leads to engaging in criminal act of some kind so that a person can raise money to buy some of the more drugs. Mood swings that occur in these individuals throw them away from being social. It causes lots of problems including poor work performance. Similarly, tobacco consumption can lead to cancer of mouth, liver cancer, ulcer formations etc. Alcohol addiction or consumption will lead to fatty liver, colon cancer, blood pressure related disorders etc. These and many more addictions, all have their negative outcomes. If we are aware with them all then we should never indulge in them. Most of us wants to experience it once but this is where we go wrong. If we make our heart to indulge one time, then we can indulge subsequent times too and no sooner it becomes a habit or addiction. It is better that we take a preventive approach and not even think about indulging in such addictions as they are not doing any good to us. In the near future, these habits will cause lots of illnesses and diseases and to cure them an individual has to spend lots of money and go through all those treatment procedures which may or may not cure him but will leave lots of side-effects on his body.


Vaccines save thousands of lives every year. It has helped elimination of so many diseases and is at the edge of eliminating many more. Small pox, diphtheria, polio, measles are some of them. However, if the fear of disease has decreased does not mean that we do not value to take vaccines. If not taken, disease may re-emerge quickly. It is a preventive measure one should follow religiously to protect from infectious diseases. Instead of providing protection from disease, we fear of side-effects of vaccines. It is wrong to ignore the real effects of vaccines on deadly and infectious diseases which were once considered to be a part of growing up. Once a child is vaccinated with polio vaccine, he is free of been affected by it and thus this prevention is always better than imposing the risk of likeliness of child been affected by polio. Once a child suffers from polio, no matter how many curative measures he take, he need to deal with it. Same goes for other diseases too.


Life is a journey and thus all of us wish that our journey remains hustle-fee. To make it smooth, we need to think ahead of us and all that before hand planning and preparations we do, really pays off to us as they keep all the hurdles and problems away from us. To live a happy life, we need a healthy mind and body which is free of diseases and disorders as well as free of stress and tension. To get rid of all the illnesses and all those problems which can bring misfortune and bad health to us, we need to live a disciplined life. Living a disciplined life means following all the preventive measures so that these diseases and problems do not come in our way causing inconvenience to us. Once they arrive, they are too much time consuming and loot our health, wealth, pride, time and well-being. Also, cure that we search and tend to adopt to get rid of them does not guarantee us 100% recovery. Thus, it is always better to give more importance to prevention than relying on cure.

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Author: K Mohan14 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

The author made the right submission that prevention is better than cure and we are alone responsible for our ailments and setbacks in our health related issues. Knowing well many of the people indulge in consuming alcohol and go for smoking unmindful of the fact that both are slow poison to our life and we are cut shorting our living days with our own hand. We know that by eating outside, we are going to give much trouble to our digestive systems as the ingredients used to prepare food are inferior and won't suit our body. The inferior cooking oil, the old food stuff and above all the making of things inside the hotel kitchen would certainly bring in health issues if we take food in the restaurants. But we won't budge. Like wise we won't keep the timing of our eating. That means some people have the habit of taking the breakfast at noon and the lunch in late afternoon, then the dinner at mid night. This kind of staggering eating habits would build gastric related problem in our body and that leads to greater problem when we gets older. So for keeping good health it remains in our own hand and for that we need not seek any expert advise. Be must habituate to homely food, have some neat and clean way for living and avoid outside food as far as possible for good health.

Author: Reena Upadhya14 Mar 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

We do not require any expert advise because we know most of the things. We know what is right and what is wrong to us but even then out of temptation we choose the wrong things and wrong habits. We know the consequences that we need to face by choosing the wrong ones but still wish to go on that path. Then we try to cure the outcome through all possible measures we have but instead of going through all the pain, we could have chosen right things for us. Definitely prevention thus is better than cure as it saves us from difficulties and discomforts we need to face when outcome arrives. We have to choose right path and for this we need to overcome our temptation and urge of indulging in wrong things.

Author: Umesh22 Mar 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

The article has very well covered the prevention one ought to take in pursuit of good health. The author has sequentially and systematically illustrated how a good life style can do miracles in our lives - the miracle of good health.

Author: Umesh02 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Prevention encompasses a very broad area. The author is very right in highlighting the importance of taking prevention but in practice prevention is translated in observing discipline, avoiding junk foods, doing regular exercises, keeping good hygiene etc. It means one has to have a life style conducive to good health.

So a person who wants to take prevention has to be prepared to sacrifice many worldly luxuries which adversely affect the health.

Author: Reena Upadhya05 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Though luxuries need to be sacrificed, when observed keenly, health is the biggest luxury of all. If one wants to enjoy best of physical and mental health then one has to make right choices. In the beginning it may seem to us that we are sacrificing too much in the name of prevention but as time passes by, we will soon realize how effective and excellent our new diet and exercise regime is. This is because we will start feeling good and we no longer will crave for all those luxuries. In fact we ourselves will understand how much wrong we have done to our body in all these years.

Author: Venkiteswaran27 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The title of the article is a very basic thing that we learned in our early school days itself. We were then taught that 'A stitch in time saves nine'. Vaccination was familiarized since a young age also. So it is actually properly introduced to us that prevention is better than cure, with regard to our health.

Then it is an irony that most of us disregard this golden adage and literally buy ill health and even fatality. Another irony is that it needs very economical and routine things to create a good habit towards a healthy life.

I think even the nation and society itself should consider preventive measures as prime and put in place easily compliant measures in this direction. Those who do not comply should be penalized considering the social and national cost of ill health and disease.

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