Eco-friendly green projects for children living in Chennai

Where are the trees in Chennai? Why no trees in Chennai? Instead of asking questions why not plant trees? Get your children, your family and friends, neighbours and colleagues involved in tree plantation drives. Find NGOs that provide free saplings and help with bettering the environment.

Let's get down to brass tacks. If we want our kids to respect and protect the environment, we must instil eco-friendly values in them. We are better able to plant the seeds of sustainability in young minds when we start this practice early. Young children are pliable and can be easily moulded, and parents, as responsible adults, must look at it as an opportunity to encourage green living in their kids.

There is just one Earth, and it is our joint effort that can save it from impending doom. A greener environment is for the good of our children, it is central to their future. Instead of cribbing about the state of affairs, and the lack of trees, do something that can make a difference. Begin by taking holistic steps towards this cause. You will do your kids and the entire world, a big favour.

It is the little things that count and when parents take the initiative to bring their children closer to nature, it leaves a positive impact on them. Keeping this in mind I have compiled a list of green activities that families residing in Chennai can participate in. Initiating change to improve the environment we live in takes just a little effort, and some of your time, but the outcome is so fulfilling. So, let us get started and stride towards a greener environment. Get yourself and your children involved and help make Chennai green again!

Adopt a tree or plant a sapling

Chennai is a concrete jungle; there are hardly any trees in the city. And Cyclone Vardha, played the devil, destroying a large chunk of the dismal green cover that had existed. Trees were uprooted across the city and only a few could be saved, most were ruthlessly dismembered and stacked across the city, like funeral pyres. My heart ached, each time I saw the once towering giants, lying sprawled across the streets, waiting to be butchered. I helplessly watched their fate. Since I could do nothing then I am using this platform to spread awareness. Let us bring the lung cover back to Chennai. Let us together paint Chennai green!

When you plant a sapling you take a big leap towards creating a cleaner, greener environment. Start commemorating special occasions by planting saplings. There are a number of non-profit organisations that can help you get started. Get in touch with them, and make that difference.

Bring back Green

The Hindu started the 'Bring Back Green' campaign, in Chennai, in a bid to restore the green cover that was inadvertently wrecked by cyclone Vardha. They have vowed to plant one lakh saplings across the city. You can volunteer as a family and participate in this social initiative.

It is a mammoth task, and as I write, less than 6% of the target has been achieved thus far. This is your city, so join hands and make Chennai green again – spread the word and make it happen. You can find details about the Bring Back Green programme, by Friends of Chennai and all the other green tasks that they concurrently conduct. Join them today, it costs you nothing.


Nizhal means shade, and this NGO that calls itself 'Friends of Trees' was established with a vision of greening the urban areas of Chennai. Located in Ashok Nagar, the NGO has thus far been a successful operative catalyst, inspiring denizens of the city to actively support the cause of a grand renewal of Chennai's biodiversity.

They pilot tree plantation drives across the city. Volunteers are always welcome, and you and your children can become volunteers in the mission of spreading a green cover over Chennai. Log onto Nizhal Official Website for more details on how you can contribute.

Tree Bank of India

The Tree Bank situated in Chennai's Virugambakkam area runs a wonderful model, wherein they provide free saplings to anybody wanting to plant trees. It is such a brilliantly conceptualised plan, which you can exploit to green up your commune. You just need to get in touch with the team and express an interest in greening up the environment. You get to choose the location where you want the trees to be planted. It could be your housing complex or the locality that you reside in or anywhere else.

That is it! The team takes over from there and does all the relevant groundwork, for free. A team of volunteers visits the place to review the availability of water in the area, and to access the commitment of the residents. Saplings are delicate and need to be cared for until they catch root and begin to grow. Trees also require continuous care and residents must display an earnest interest and the willingness to carry through the project, once the trees are planted.

Once satisfied that all their requirements are met, the team proceeds to plant the saplings. You can join hands with this dedicated group of people and green up your neighbourhood. You do not spend a single paisa – just your time and a little commitment. Get your children to be part of the tree planting drive, and you will inspire others to join.

The Tree Bank also carries environment awareness programmes across schools. You can coordinate with your children's school and have the same made a regular part of the curriculum. Check the Tree Bank's Facebook Page to learn more about their activities.

Bhumi - Think Green programme

Right in the heart of Chennai, in Teynampet is the office of Bhumi, an NGO that supports social initiatives. It brings like-minded, socially conscious people together and offers them a platform to make a difference to society. 'Think Green' is one such initiative promoted by the Bhumi team. Its aim is to protect, preserve and maintain the environment.

Bhumi is managed by a dedicated team of volunteers; all aged under thirty, with the purpose of steering social consciousness in the minds of the young and the impressionable.

Their aim is to drive change through their various inspirational programmes. The team along with its volunteers works at reinstating local parks, by conducting tree plantation drives. They meet up for cleaning the beach and spreading environmental awareness among people. Apart from this, they work with underprivileged children, where volunteers dedicate a few hours of their time to educate and better their lot. You can get the entire details of the various activities they organise at Bhumi- Think Green website. You will find interesting initiatives that you might want your children to be part of.

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