Encouraging young children to talk and build up interactive skills.

This article highlights about ways to be adopted to make children talk really or build up interactive behavior. Young children are always influenced by the environment around them and hence parents and other people associated with the child should build up interactive atmosphere.

If a child does not speak, the parents should not worry but instead try different ways to make children talk. Most of the children who do not talk do not experience any speech-related problems. They are usually suppressed or feeling lonely. Some children are brought up in a home that is surrounded by several people around. But some people are brought up or live in a place that is not surrounded by neighborhood. Even in the home only parents or a single grandmother or grandfather lives with the child. So, the children are not exposed to language or do not hear anybody speaking frequently. So, the child is unable to understand any language. So, parents or any child associated with the child should constantly interact with the child.

Different ways to encourage children to talk

Constantly interact with the child

As you interact with your friend, tell them some of the interesting facts of your life or about the babyhood of the child. Do not bother much, if the child understands or does not understand your talk. Even if the child does not understand today about the words spoken, the words are automatically getting registered in mind and the child is desperately trying to understand the meaning.

Always speak to the child in terms of questions

Speak something to the child and expect response from the child. Do not worry if the child is not responding because one fine day, the child is urged to speak after constant interaction. Always impose questions upon the child, for eg. instead of directly giving a piece of cake to your child and enjoying the child to enjoy eating, ask the child 'what is it', 'would you like to eat' and then give the child to eat. Another interesting way to make child speak is by teaching them rhymes and allowing them to chant a word or two words while you chant. Play 'fill in the blank' game with your child. For eg. Johnny Johnny yes _ and so on. So, the child automatically tries to speak the word.

Extend communication with your child

When you speak to elders or people of your age, speak in a precise way. But when you speak with your children, try to speak as much as you can. For eg, the child points out at a piece of cake left in the corner of a room, then instead of directly giving it to the child, speak something. Ask the child, what is it first, then tell them briefly about cake. Say, that it was too your favorite dish in your childhood days and so on. You can still extend your communication, by asking the child to do something for you to get the cake. In this way, the child learns to communicate and registers several words at a time.


Use expressions for different types of words so that the child understands the meaning of the word. For eg, if you want to tell your child that the baby neighbor is laughing, then you must look happy and tell the child cheerfully that the child in the neighborhood is laughing so much. You can show the gestures of laughing. Teach them rhymes by making actions. When you speak something, show your gestures and expressions so that the child subconsciously learns to speak.

Encourage your child

When the child learns to talk new words, always encourage the child and make the child happy. Do not find mistakes at the early stage of his or her speech to discourage him or her. You can gently correct the child to learn right pronunciation. First praise the child for speak that word and then gently rectify the error.

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Author: K Mohan14 May 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

This is a good article initiated by the author. Often I found that young children wants to develop their talking skills and we the elders wont recognize their aspiration and interest and thus sideline their emotions and attention when they try to talk and build their interactive skills. Normally the parents should take the lead in talking with children. They should initiate the idea of talking and its importance to the child so that he can get good confidence and also courage to face others and talk in full sense. When ever child makes mistake, kindly correct the same immediately in polite way so that same mistake is not repeated. Also encourage other child to talk and interact with your child. That kind of rapport would have greater effect because they can exchange pleasantries in greater way and that would well penetrate into their minds. And when group of children were playing, ask them to converse and talk in English, that will surely help their speaking ability.

Author: Rashmi verma15 May 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 4

Definitely, the role of parents is very important in making children talk. The parents should interact with the child very often. They should talk with the child and wait for his response and according to his response they should react slowly and steadily this will develop communication skills in him.
Parents should be alert and whenever the child takes initiative in communication instead of ignoring in they should interact this will encourage the child.
Many a time a child may do something and look at his parents for their response if they response he too shows his response. In this way, he understands that even actions can lead to talking.
Parents should spend time with the child and if possible talk to him which in turn will help him in talking because initially the child will recognise sounds and while trying to speak will take out sounds which with regular practice will become words.
To sum up, the more you talk the better the result.

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