Life is a Journey: Live in Moment

This article explains the importance of life and how it should be lived. Most of us are fully focused on reaching destination and thus do not enjoy the ride. Life is a journey and not a destination and thus we should enjoy the ride.


Life has different meaning and serves different purpose to different people. To some, it is a bundle of joy and to others, it seems to bring pain. To some, it looks easy and adventurous whereas others complain that it always brings challenges in front of them. We all are different and this is the reason that different point of views develop towards life. However, no one can deny that life is a journey i.e., we have been on a ride from the time of our birth and will continue to be on it, until last breath. Some of us can study it in a more practical way, while for the rest of us, its been on like mini-adventurous trip. To make journey joyful, we need to learn to appreciate everyday that comes in front of us and capture all the moments with our eager eyes.

Life Teaches Lessons

It any one is able to give continuing education then it is no one but life. On a daily basis, we can learn some thing new from it. This only happens if we are open to learning. This idea itself seems so crazy. We can learn so much from each person that we encounter. People living with us, people around us, people we know, people we do not know all are moving databases of enormous knowledge. We encounter so many of them everyday and if can open ourselves to them then it is for sure that we can benefit so much from their knowledge and experience. All we have to do is tap into at our will. This knowledge and experience of others will feed our eagerness and enrich our enthusiasm. This will further increase togetherness, as bonds we form will become even tighter with passing time. Keeping our ego aside, all we need to do is keep our eyes and ears open and listen to others. This is because more and more we listen to others, more amount of knowledge we will gather. Not only this, we can also learn from our own experiences. Life is a best teacher, one can have. Every day we go through so many hurdles or say adventures and each encounter gives us a unique set of experience. It may be bad or good. Whatever an experience we may have gathered but it is important to learn from it and keep it in mind for future reference. Suppose, the experience was good and has brought some fortune to us then repeating the same deed will bring more fortune to us in future. On the other hand, if incident has left us in misery then the things which went wrong should be analyzed well and we can learn from our own mistakes, so that we avoid them is our future. In this way, life is a teacher and it teaches and all we have to do is to learn from it.

Life is a Journey: Experience it

Life is a journey and on this journey we experience so many challenges. The road we travel will not always remain smooth. We may have to cross many hurdles as well as experience very beautiful moments as life itself is filled with numerous special moments and lessons which may be of joys and celebrations or may be of difficulties and heartaches. However, road will lead us to the destination which is purpose of our life. All these obstacles we cross really put us to challenge as they examine our strengths, weakness, courage etc. Sometimes, we may stand firmly in front of these obstacles and some times we may stumble upon them. However, encounter with each and every one of them is destined. We may plan our journey but things need not go the way we have planned. No body will plan to cross hurdles in their way. Every one desires of an easy way out. But when hurdles or obstacles approaches us and road gets rough then we can make two choices. We can divert our whole attention on destiny by blaming it for turning things upside down to us as things did not go the way they were supposed to and let life pass us by or else we can gather all the courage and strength we have and figure out to cross the hurdles as somewhere inside we know that these are just setbacks meant for limited period of time and we have to keep learning from everything. Our reaction itself will decide what kind of result the rest of our journey will have. Life is a highway and we need to keep a positive attitude towards it.

Life is a Journey: Enjoy the Ride

Even if we put in our 100% efforts to achieve everything we want and accomplish everything we desire for, we are never going to reach complete contentment even after all the achievement. Most of us do not enjoy the ride as focus is on achievements and we give an excuse that we will enjoy when we reach the destination. There is no point in reaching grave in a pretty body which is safely preserved. Enjoyment is in getting lost in smoky clouds, completely worn out and used up. This experience will tell us how enthusiastic or completely fun, our ride is. We miss out so many things when we shift our focus and attention to destination. Our family, friends, relationships are some where put off. Once we have crossed a station and moved further, we cannot go back and thus it is left undiscovered. We cannot claim to come back and re-discover it once we have reached our destination. Thus, it becomes essential that we enjoy it as much as possible and discover it while we are there. Focus should be on enjoying the ride. Focusing on destination is not wrong but taking out some time to smell sweet roses is also very important. Balance should be maintained and right balance will help us achieve things and also not demand sacrifices of little things as these little things itself are the ones which make life worth living. Time does not stops for us and there by we should not miss out all those amazing things in our lives. We cannot travel backward and thus each and every moment we experience whether it is joyous or giving heartaches should be accepted. If it is joyous then it will be in our memory book forever. If it is filled with pain then we can learn from it and move on. Heartaches should not stop us from enjoying the ride. These are just temporary hurdles which will help us grow as a person.

Embrace Everyone in Journey of Life

We will meet thousands and thousands of people in every phase of our life and we do so cause it is written in our destiny. Something that is destined is meant to be and we cannot change it. We meet people, they become a part of our life, some of them stay for a while whereas others depart from us within a short time. They all play some roles, meets us and stays with us until some purpose is complete. We do not recognize that purpose usually as we are busy living our own lives and spend most of our time being critical or judgmental towards others. People may be good or may be bad. Instead of categorizing them in different categories and hating them for their wrong deeds, we have to embrace every one who joins us in our journey of life. Not only good people, others who we may find evil will also have lots of experiences and knowledge to share with us. If we start accepting the people for who they are, matter of been good or evil will no longer remain in front of us. For us, they all will seem equal and similar and all we will enjoy are lessons, learned from them and experiences which we gained by listening to their experiences. When we will look back in our past, we will cherish all the beautiful memories and priceless moments we shared with others and thus we should embrace each and very person who meets us in our journey of Life.

Live Life in Own Style

Since our life is our journey, we get the right to decide which path to follow and which not. People we meet often try to give insights on how to successfully live it. It is essential to listen to every one cause listening helps to gain lots of knowledge from others, who themselves are a bundle of knowledge and experiences. However, when it comes to deciding something, we ourselves should do it. Right or wrong, decision should be ultimately ours. If we chose right path, we will reach our destination. If not, then we can learn so many essential things and learn from our own mistakes. When we decide for our self and start our journey on decided path, we take the ownership. Now, without knowing whether the path we are following will take us to the right destination or not, we will confidently move forward enjoying the whole journey. If we follow or decide as told by others then we will blame them in near future for the wrong they have done to us. Just follow the heart and skip all the regrets by not holding on to anything. We should do it all in the first time around itself. Say and do everything, when we want to say or do them, instead of waiting for a second chance, which we may never get. So just follow heart.

Life Enables Growth

Each day in our journey of life, we learn something. Each day we gain more experiences. Each day we become more and more strong as we keep crossing hurdles and problems that arrive in front of us. When we look back we can compare the person we were and the person we have become today. This itself is growth. We learn to live and grow as a person and strength as well as courage we develop during journey is remarkable. Whatever and wherever we are today is because of all those people that we have met in our life time and because of all those circumstances we have faced. We were destined to be what we are and who we are. When everything is so destined then why do we fear of others or why do we get scared of difficult times. People as well as situations, we cannot escape both and thus we need to face them with strength and courage. It will help in our growth and help us become courageous. Now, this is what a life is. It teaches as well as helps in growth of an individual.

Life is a Journey not a Destination

Most of us live our day today life with attention completely focused on achieving goals or reaching targets. We need to focus on the journey i.e., live each moment. This living in moment is more important than reaching the destination. We need to traverse through so many roads during our life time. We decide our paths and some will turn out to be right to us and some may not be right but we end up being wiser. We start opening up to different sorts of perspectives. Now, suppose if we sleep throughout our journey and when we wake up we have reached destination, will it be of any fun. He who falls and then again rises up, enjoying everything coming in his way is considered to be more successful then the one who seems so away from everything but has reached his target. Thus, life is considered to be a journey and not a destination and people who feel that it is all about achieving and becoming successful and are ready to take out all the fun out of it are really losing a lot, no matter how much they achieve. Past is gone and there is no surety pertaining to future. All that we have is our present and if we live in the moment then we will be shaping our future. What we do in present affects our future. If we are making our each and every present moments very lively, our future definitely will be pleasant. We need not worry about it or plan it in anyway. On the other hand, if we are thinking about future and giving no importance to present then we will not be happy in our future too as when we will reach there, we will think about the time ahead of it. If we can be happy in journey of our life directed towards goal, then it has better chances of materializing it. Destination isn't going anywhere. It will still be waiting in the end. Thus, we need not worry about it. However, time is passing by and that too in a quick mode. With each moment that passes by us, we are losing so much, if we are not in our present. We need to remain focus in our present to enjoy life as a journey and not as destination.


Life is a ride, perhaps a beautiful journey and not the destination. All we have to do is climb on the ride and enjoy it. Since it is not a destination, it does not stop. It keeps on going. Every moment scene changes with wind hitting our face. Every moment we get so much to explore which is like been on an adventurous trip of its own. Exploration never stops until last breath. Unlike destination, journey describes who we are. Destination is like telling world, who we are. Reaching our goals or achieving them only show our potential. Real thing is riding the journey with enthusiasm. This journey creates real personality. We are meant to enjoy everything by taking time to look at them on the way. Ignoring or avoiding anything is only foolishness and will devoid us of all the fun and enthusiasm that we could have achieved if we would have taken some time to live everything. It is okay to be vulnerable and take risks all the time. Focus on present on the world around. Be ready to fall in love as the journey of life has so much to offer to us then we can ever imagine. Life itself is our biggest teacher as it enables our growth and makes our personality. Thus, hop on the ride and enjoy every bit of this journey of life.


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