How to boost self-confidence

A confident person can accept any challenge. His confidence makes others confident. A confident employee is an asset of an organisation. He can lead his team successfully. Everybody must try to boost his confidence level. But how? This article discusses the ways.

Confidence is the biggest asset of a human being. Self-confident people are admired by others. They can motivate other people. Confident people can face their fears. They know that they have the ability to get past the hardest obstacles. They are not satisfied with their own performance, and try to achieve more every moment, every day. So, everybody tries to be confident. But what are the ways? How can we boost our confidence level? In this article, we are discussing some ways to boost the confidence level. Every person must practice these regularly.

Bring more positivity in life

Let us evaluate our family members, relatives and friends. This is really tough, but we have to introspect. Are our friends causing barrier to our growth? Do our relatives create doubts in our minds? Is any of our family members belittling our capability? Such people, however close they may be with us, create negativity in our mind. They cause resistance to our progress. We have to come out of the influence of such people. We have to bring positivity in our life. Automatically self-confidence will be developed.

Let us change our body language

Our body language clearly indicates our confidence level. Our posture, smile, handshake, etc., indicate whether we are confident or not. So let us change ourselves. Let us stand straight. Let us sit attentively on the chair. Let us establish eye contact with the person with whom we are talking. Last but not the least, let us smile. Our smile creates a positive impact and indicates that we are confident. Let us make an effort to change our body language.
At the same time, we must dress properly, but not extravagantly. Proper dress, particularly in office or in social gatherings indicates our upbringings. These automatically boost our confidence level.

Let us not accept failure

Every person fails. Failure is not an extraordinary thing. But a confident man never gives up. Even if he fails ten times, he tries again and becomes successful in his eleventh attempt. All of us know about Abraham Lincoln's failures and his ultimate success as an epoch-making President of the United States who unified the entire country. So, let us not allow our failures to prevail upon us. Let's try once more. Definitely we will be able to be successful. Success gives us pleasure, and more importantly our confidence grows.

Let us be prepared

A person must learn everything which is available in his field. In his office, he must try to learn the work entrusted upon him. Not only that, he must try to learn the work of his colleagues, his sub-ordinates and also the work of his seniors. Learning gives us confidence. The present author has seen such case when an employee refused promotion because he thought that he would not be able to handle additional responsibility which would come with promotion. This low level of confidence destroys us. We must try to learn our work very thoroughly. Automatically this would boost our confidence.

Count your achievements

Our life is full of challenges and there may be times when it is very difficult to have confidence on ourselves. Under these adverse circumstances, we must sit quietly for some time and try a novel method. We must take a paper and note down our achievements since the beginning. Our achievements may be insignificant to others but these are very important to us. Let us remember the time when we successfully cleared our first board examination. Let us remember when we got our first job. You must remember the time when your ex-boss praised you. Don't forget the reward which you received after organizing a conference very successfully. Note these successes and read these again and again. Believe me; your confidence level would automatically go up. This method would work wonders. At the same time, remember the expectations of our parents and close relatives. Let us remember the faith which our near and dear ones have on us, our confidence level will shoot up.

Concluding comments

A confident employee is an asset for an organization. Not only for an organization, a confident person, can do wonders in every field. Confidence is a key asset for every human being. A person, who is low on confidence level, de-motivates other people also. So, everybody must try to boost his confidence level. Following the aforesaid methods will definitely help. Let us try our best to be a self-confident person.

Article by Partha K.
"If you don't like someone's story, write your own." - Chinua Achebe

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Author: sushma mewundi11 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

To improve confidence, first of all, we must not give a heed to what people say. When we know what we are doing is right, we can go ahead and do it without listening to others as people will have numerous opinions. Listening to everyone will definitely drop our confidence level.

Author: Joyshree13 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

I have very much liked this article by Mr. Partha. In fact, I can empathize with this article as I myself try to count my achievements when I have my spare time. It truly boosts your confidence. I would like to emphasize on one point here that, when you sit down with your achievements, also take some time and think of your shortcomings too. Think of how you can try to overcome them. I do that too. Always remember your shortcomings are not your barriers. Always think that, if you have few shortcomings then there is always a person on this earth who has more shortcomings than you. Always think that this latter person is also fighting to achieve something and make a mark in his life, then why not you. If others can strive for perfection, then why would you loose hope? Similarly there is always a person with lesser shortcomings than you. Your goal will be to reach the position of that person. So always set your goals to be better each day and not to be a perfect person overnight. Also readers can go through my thread Mission Impossible and Mission Plausibleand their thoughts.

Author: K Mohan13 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

There are many ways to boost the self confidence and my way is of convincing me with strong two words, that " I Can" . These two words are such an impressive words, which enables us to regain the lost strength and energy no matter we were battered and floored with failures in the past. When we are working with the group, we may coin out the slogan " yes we can". Moreover, probe yourself about the past and recollect all the small and big achievements. Those are the real boosters which will give further strength to our thinking ability. One thing is sure, when we are positive and bubbling with electrified presence, others also take cue from us and they also recharge themselves and therefore when we are amid high performers and result oriented people, then our output would also be far superior and better than our own expectations.

Author: Swati Sarnobat17 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Nice article to motivate people suffering from lack of confidence. The best way to boost self-confidence is to realize that it is within you. Always believe in yourself and that you are unique. Remember the activities performed by you at the end of the day and feel happy that you have performed them properly. Feel proud for every day that passes away with your own efforts and do not listen to people's wild reaction. Do not become disheartened because some other people think ill about you.

Author: Jeets18 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Nice article Partha, you have beautifully brought out your thoughts in very simple words. However, there is a point which I would like to mention here.

When someone's confidence gets low, all the negativity starts running in that mind. Then we forget, what are the positivity we have within us. Here, I would like to recall Gandhiji's words that I read somewhere and is still fresh in my mind. He said - "When you feel down and sad, look at those people who are more sad than you, who have more pain than you, your pain will become lesser". I can't exactly bring out the same words but something like that he had said. I do follow this, whenever I feel sad and down and low in confidence, I look at those people who has more sadness than me. Then the thought comes, if they are still living with so much struggle, why not me?

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