Best daily self improvement practices to change life

This article explains that we have to improve ourselves daily by setting short-term goals in our lives. Self improvement is a process which requires daily efforts. Daily we can become better versions of ourselves and change our lives.


No one in this world is perfect and complete. All of us want to be better versions of who we are right now. Quest however never ends. Life gives us the opportunity to begin again i.e., to restart. Everyday we can start fresh and try to become better versions of ourselves. Life is not a race or a marathon where failure and success is determined. Life is a journey and thus on this ride we get enormous opportunities and plenty of time to start our self improvement. Also, there is no secret or trick involved which if learned will help us to work on our self improvement. Self improvement requires daily efforts as well as consistent and dedicated actions.

Patience Leads to Self Improvement

Personality cannot be improved by manipulation or by a trick. Success cannot be achieved overnight. Those classes and courses which claim to improve personality within so and so duration are all nothing but scams. These courses can only bring change which is superficial and something that is superficial is lost without even coming to our notice. We need to learn to be patient. This is a task which cannot be achieved in a month or in a year. It is a life time process. We cannot take it as a task. If we consider it to be a task then it will seem like a burden to us and then we will not enjoy it. If there is no enthusiasm in work then it seems very dull. No tips can make a person efficient enough to be superhuman. All we have to do is remain patient and engage in everyday actual work. Our hard work, consistent efforts, following long process, keeping no belief in quick fix and remaining patient will help us in our self improvement.

Self Improvement is Possible by Setting Short-term Goals

We cannot fly to our distant goal. Our each and every step counts. Usually we fail because we make our goals challenging and too much challenging job leads to inaction. Goals are meant to inspire us and not to make us feel helpless which ultimately leads to inaction. We thereby often get stressed out and no sort of progress or development is seen in our personality if we continue to set goals which are unrealistic. We need to live in reality and accept it. Unrealistic goals freeze us. We get scared by them and thus there is no point in setting such high goals and high expectations. We will never improve our self if we keep stressing ourselves by aiming at big goals. We need to save our energy so that we can take required actions to help us get better. Instead of setting a goal, it is better to create a system or process. This system comprises of path which runs through several small goals ultimately leading to ultimate goal. It is more like a path designed towards our big goal. Each time we reach our short-term goal, our next goal will not seem very difficult to us. These consistent efforts will always help us win. Focus on short-term goals instead of big one and thus we will enjoy the practice more than the performance which will ultimately help us to live in present as well as greatly help in our self improvement. Simplicity in daily life is very essential. It helps us to focus on short-term goals rather than freeze us from our life-changing big goals.

Self Improvement on Daily Basis

Improvement does not occur overnight. It is a gradual process which requires a life time. We need to bring changes everyday. Only after that, our life changes. Self improvement is not a course which can be completed within so and so duration. It requires constant practice and efforts. It is a lifelong learning which enriches our lives and makes us better individuals. We cannot become best in everything within a day. We need to change ourselves every day so that we become more and more better each day and for this lots of motivation is essential. We cannot say that we are done improving ourselves and reached our goal, cause this is not possible. We can never reach our destination. It is more like a journey and all we have to do is to hop on to it and live in the moment. Living in moment here refers to every day changes which we need to bring in ourselves. We may have some success but it does not mean that it is going to be with us for life long. Since we have achieved it, we need to work on it and put in efforts to maintain it so that it remains with us throughout our life time.

Continuous Self Improvement

We have to take smaller steps for our betterment. These steps will help us to become better everyday. We will become a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday and the process thereby continues. This kind of consistency and continuity is necessary. We cannot work on our self improvement for just one day and then do nothing about it rest of the time. If we do then no sort of improvement or betterment can be seen. Improvement of self is a continuous process which occurs slowly and gradually. It is like carving of statue made out on the rock. By just single blow of instrument on rock we cannot expect a rock to turn out into a beautiful statue. Lots of fine work is needed. Make small adjustments everyday. These adjustments are the changes we feel we need to bring out in our self. These changes which take place daily will slowly and gradually change our lives and this kind of improvement we see in our our self is much better as it is continuous and consistent. On the other hand, if we try to bring radical changes too quickly then there are all chance of ours to fail miserably.

Small Self Improvements Lead to Big Radical Improvements

We need to focus everyday on small improvements. These improvements will be so small that most of the time we may never be able to see changes i.e., practically they will seem non existent to us or to anybody else. However, though they are small but they seem to add up and slowly we will be able to appreciate the changes and improvements happening in our self. It may require a few months or say a few years depending upon type of improvement we have desired but consistency and complete focus will help us emerge as a winner. Small improvements which occur over one day at a time are seem to last when compared to radical changes tried to bring over a short duration of time. Small changes seem silly but they are easy and thus we can easily accomplish them. We will not freeze and thus our actions will compound on each other and gather up as a big self improvement. These small improvements are not difficult to maintain or manage as well as not intimidating the way radical goals seem to us. Most of us may feel that working on day to day small self improvement changes is not challenging. Though it is not that exciting but the outcome one seeks from it lasts longer and is more effective.

Benefits of Self Improvement

Self improvement instills in us lots of self confidence and self confidence is essential to accomplish all our desires. To accomplish something, we need to make our mind and if we do not have confidence then that belief never gets created. Improvement in self will help us to achieve all those things which we never really dreamed about. When we evolve as a whole new person, enormous growth takes place in us and we are approached with new opportunities. These opportunities did not knock our door earlier as we did not have enough growth then. However, consistent improvements in us has made us evolve completely as a new person and thus opportunities start knocking our doors. Who does not want to improve or become a better version of themselves? We need to improve ourselves to accomplish all our desires and dreams.


Self improvement is a slow, gradual process and thus it requires time. It cannot take place overnight. Its main goal is to become a better version of who we are right now. Quest for self improvement is like a ride full of hurdles and hence it seems very difficult. Road is not so even and thus there are chances that we can often end up in failure. However, do remember that there is no marathon. Even if we have failed today, we can start it fresh tomorrow. Its not like end of the world that if we did not succeed today then we can never improve our self. Self improvement cannot be achieved overnight or within a stipulated period of time. We need to work on it daily as these small and gradual changes we make will bring in us small and gradual improvements. This will lead to bringing out that radical improvement in us which we often dream about. One giant move will never create magic. Always appreciate small and continuous efforts done over lifetime as self improvement is a journey of self where we can bring remarkable changes everyday and make ourselves better than yesterday. Self improvement is tender and demands no investment but only demands tiny changes and continuous efforts which need to be done daily.


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