Why beauty is not external but a light in the Heart

This article explains that real beauty is not in the face but lies in a light in the heart. Looks are deceiving and will be lost with time. Real beauty comes from within. Heart is always true and it is important to focus on beauty of heart instead of looks.


An individual is not what he wears or what he achieves. He is what his heart is from within. He does not have to be a part of rat race or follow all the trendy fashion to keep up with the world. He need not have to be like others. If he tries to become like others then he will be known as secondary to them and also he will lose his originality. All that matters is what his heart has stored in it and the way he feels. Heart takes him to new adventure and places he has never seen. Rest everything fades away but what is stored in heart will be carried forward. Heart is the one that helps him to reach his goal and in this process his image does nothing.

Looks are Deceiving, Heart is True

Throughout our lives we have give more importance to looks. We want to look perfect, wear trendy clothes and give an impression of being flawless, even if we are not. We try to cover our flaws with anything and everything that we can do. Image and looks are not that important as heart is. What is the point if one looks flawless but heart is not good. Looks will not be with us forever. We need to learn to become contented with who we are as a person. Physical appearance of a person does not matter much when compared with heart. This is because body dies one day or the other and all that will be carried forward is all those qualities which are stored in the heart and not the looks or images. We give so much of importance to outward beauty and on skin color. We want everything from our hair, skin, eyes to make up to be perfect. In all of this process, we get so much lost that we do not appreciate the real beauty within our self and within heart. It is not wrong to look perfect because it instills a sense of confidence in an individual. However, mere beauty on outside and emptiness inside is not going to take us anywhere.

Beauty of Heart

True beauty is the one which is reflected from the heart. It is purest of all and cannot be described in words. Heart never stops shining. Body dies but spirit always carries on. We have to learn to be true to our self. We cannot allow others to judge us for who we are. We know our reality and we need not change it to seek others appreciation. We should not spend even a single second doubting ourselves as everything is fake, except the inner world. When our heart says we are right then there is no point in doubting anything. This is the beauty of heart which illuminates and shine more powerfully when we shut down all the fake superficial illuminating devices in the external world. This glow which comes out of the heart itself is enough to show world who we are and it leads us on right direction unlike external illumination which can mislead us to a great extent and thus it is said that real beauty is a light in the heart.


We should learn to concentrate and focus on beauty of heart and thereby we will discontinue our focus on how perfect we look. We start accepting who we are and once we do this, others too will start accepting and respecting us for who we are instead for what we do. Our inner strength increases day by day and our heart illuminates brightly. Real beauty is the beauty of our heart which shines within us. It provides us complete satisfaction, contentment and the pleasure we derive from it inspires us to carry out more and more beautiful deeds. Beauty does not lie in the face of an individual but is present within the heart. Beauty is a light or shine in the heart. We need to acknowledge it and work on improvement of this light.

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