Medicinal Value of Honey

Do you know how honey could not only add the sweetness in your life but also better your health? If you didn't think of it, then please go through this article. You will come to know a lot of unknown facts about the medicinal value of honey.

If someone is very harsh in their behaviour, then we say, "Perhaps his parents didn't put honey in his or her mouth when he or she was born." Well, such is the impact of honey. In fact, honey is given to infants to save them from a cough and cold.

A lot of people in the village area segregate honey from trees where honeybees have created their honeycombs. After collecting the honey in big jars, these people sell them in the cities. Honey has not only a good impact on its own, but it is a good cooking ingredient too. A lot of Ayurveda medicines use honey as the key ingredient. In fact, you would see a lot of Allopathic medicines also using honey in their various types of medicines.

Specific geographical location to obtain honey

There is no specificity about where you can find honey and where not. As I already mentioned that people collect it from the honeycombs. Such honeycombs can be made in any perennial tree. For example, Sunderban is a popular area for collecting honey. A lot of Sundari trees are available there which are the dwelling areas of honeybees. Sunderban honey is very popular and very costly. In fact, honeybee farming is an increasingly popular form of farming. This is a kind of form of agriculture that ensures profit unlike other types of agriculture. This is pure because it doesn't depend on the climate as such.

Medicinal value of Honey

Now coming to the important part or main topic of discussion, that is, the medicinal benefits of honey.
  1. One of the significant medicinal value of honey is its applicability in curing cough and cold. As I already mentioned in my previous section, that honey is used as the key ingredient in a lot of medicines for curing a cold. If you consume honey mixed in hot milk for a prolonged time, you will not complain about a cough at all. Honey is also good in the advanced stage, that is, if you have developed respiratory infections.
  2. Honey is said to be good for the stomach. It helps in preventing stomach ulcer. It is also good for people having stomach ulcers. In fact, in earlier days, people used to consume honey to stop stomach problems. Honey is very good for people suffering from a constant constipation problem. You can consume honey with hot milk in the morning to get rid of this problem. These days, due to over consciousness of blood sugar, people have stopped taking raw honey and depend on medicines where honey is used.
  3. Speaking of blood sugar, recent researches show that honey doesn't have a very high amount of blood sugar stimulating ingredients. On the contrary, it has the ingredients that do just the reverse.
  4. Medicinal Value of Honey..
  5. As we already know skin care protection is one of the factor which comes under the medicinal values of mint Leaves similarly honey also plays a vital role in skin care protection.This value is probably known to all, and especially the girls. Honey is a key ingredient in beauty packs. It is very good for the skin. For me, I am good by only consuming honey. But for girls, who make face packs at home, can use honey mixed in Multani mitti or aloe vera to get a nice and glowing skin. It is totally false and probably a myth that it will make you fair. No natural ingredient can make you fair. But it can definitely improve your skin, reduce spots and make it glow naturally.
  6. Honey is a good stimulant for people having unhealthy heart conditions.
  7. I think most of the readers are aware of this medicinal values of honey . Maybe, a lot of you have tried it at home, when you were a kid. When you were a kid and got hurt while playing with friends, didn't your mother apply honey on the wounds? It takes care of the wounds even faster and better than the antiseptic creams available in the market.
  8. Medicinal value of honey greatly comes into play for treating people who are suffering from kidney problems.Regular consumption of honey at a limited dosage can cure people having kidney problems. If you have a kidney problem, then you should consult a doctor about what dosage of honey would you consume regularly.


I would like to say in conclusion that, unlike the myths, honey doesn't enhance your blood sugar level. If you don't believe me, go through the recent journals published by the doctors. I just conveyed what they have collected in their researches. I hope you got to know about some nice, some known and some unknown medicinal value of honey in this article.

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Author: Juana18 Apr 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 7

Honey’s medicinal properties were known to mankind even in ancient times. It is believed that ancient Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians and Chinese used honey for its medicinal properties, in ways similar to that described in Ayurveda.

You mentioned honey being used in allopathic medicine. I found this quite interesting. Can you throw some more light on this please, so I can educate myself?

Bee farming is indeed good, but it comes with risks like any other form of farming. I do not agree that it ensures profits unlike other types of agriculture nor do I agree that it doesn’t depend on climate.

I think all that occurs in nature is part of an ecological process. All living things are connected, and bees are not immune to climatic and environmental changes that are happening around us. They are as susceptible to these changes as any living creature. In fact, there have been many reports in the media, ( that discussed the disappearance of honey bees, and the impact it's having.

I was recently in Bandipur National Park. It was bone dry, not a leaf on a tree, not a blade of grass, and no flowers anywhere. I do not think bees can survive in such conditions. Bee keepers will not be able to sustain themselves when there are climatic changes that cause drought. Nor can they keep their bees safe from environmental hazards that kill them.

Bee farming comes with risks and pays only as long as nature is kind.

Author: K Mohan16 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

I do agree with the author that it is imperative for the people to choose the best honey and not to get carried away with spurious honey. In Secunderabad Cantonment while I am coming back to home on bike, I could many times watch some people setting with the dead honey web combs and taken out the honey from the comb and sell them in the bottle. Not many would buy , as the color would be dark and they add jaggery to it. So buying honey from such persons would be risky and fooling ourselves. There are established brand on honey which had the good reputation since many years and their quality is good to the hilt.

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