My best friend essay for primary students

In this article, you read about the characteristics of a true friend. 'Who is known as a best friend in school' and 'why is the person known as a best friend. A best friend is different from other students.

I go to school to study but whenever I play, sing, dance or draw something during the hobby period, I love to accompany my friends. In my class, I have many friends, but my best friend who is always supporting me is 'Shyam'. He is my best friend since playgroup. Since, I joined playgroup, he has been with me and comforted me whenever I cried lonely. I did not know how to make friends and talk to my classmates, but 'Shyam' always smiled at me and gently shook his hand with me. Always, he played with me during hobby period and made be feel comfortable in my class. But, now Shyam and I are always together during hobby period and even after school hours.

How we help each other

I love studying Maths, but he is weak in the subject, so I help him to solve every Maths problem and also explain to him every problem that is assigned by the teacher. But, I am weaker in Hindi and he always helps me to complete my Hindi assignment. I do not understand meaning of every word in Hindi. So, whenever I have doubt, I ask him and sometimes he even narrates a story in Hindi. Hence, I am improving my Hindi vocabulary and able to speak in Hindi with people whenever necessary.

Both of us love to play football in school and are the members of Junior football team. While playing football, we sometimes fall down and hurt our knees or legs. So, whenever I fall down, he takes me to the office and informs the attendants about me. So, they bandage my legs or knees then. Whenever, he falls down, I too inform the school attendants that he fell down. After the school hours, we accompany each other to get into our school bus. So, we hold each other's hand and talk about different topics daily.

We have decided that daily, we should discuss about one topic and share our experiences. So, yesterday, we discussed about our childhood memories and today we spoke about our cousins and relatives. In this way, tomorrow, we are planning to speak about favorite food.

On every Sunday, we visit a nearby garden bicycling. We carry our baskets with us and have lunch in the garden together. In the garden, we enjoy playing together various games such as slides, swings, see-saw etc.


We are jointly doing a project in school as we are participating in state-level project competition. . We both planned to prepare a igloo house and igloo land. Both of us have brought cardboard, card sheets, cotton, different types of papers, thermocol, and other materials required for preparing a igloo. The whole area that we have prepared should look like a igloo land. So, we took our bicycles and went to market together to purchase the materials as the money was given to us by our parents.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed" is a wise-old saying and so Shyam always helped me whenever I wanted him and so he is my best friend.

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