Medicinal Value of Ginger

You must have used ginger in cooking various dishes. Fish curry is totally incomplete without the paste of ginger or shredded pieces of ginger. But did you know besides healthy cooking ginger has other advantages, Like medicinal value of ginger,health benefits of ginger etc. Let us discuss the same in the following sections.


Ginger is an important part in any kitchen. If you ask the person who does all the cooking in your house, then you will get to know how important ginger is in everyday cooking. You can add ginger paste in almost all the dishes that requires curry to be made. It adds the extra flavour in the curry. But have you ever wondered about the amazing medicinal value of ginger? Some people take medicines containing ginger every day, in order to avoid a cough and cold. I will discuss this and some other medicinal value of ginger in the following sections.

Biological facts about ginger

Ginger is a herb that grows underground and has yellow flowers at the top end that is above the ground.The flowers come in close clusters. The ginger herb is a meter tall. The plant thrives well in a warm climate, but overheat might destroy the herb. It is found in almost every country and is a kitchen necessity in every home. For thousands of years, Ayurveda has used ginger in its various forms to compose different kinds of medicines. Nowadays we see the influences of ginger and its byproducts in allopathy too.
Medicinal Value of Ginger

Medicinal values of ginger

  1. First and foremost no one can deny the tremendous effect of ginger in cough and cold. Just chewing ginger flakes itself is helpful to cure a cough. A lot of cough medicines have ginger and honey as the key ingredients to cure a cough and cold. You can go through my other article on medicinal values of honey to find out the benefits of honey in curing cold.
  2. It is a great cure in inflammation. Consuming ginger in everyday food helps in reducing the risks of inflammation of organs.
  3. Ginger has phenolic elements that are well-known compounds to treat gastric problems.In fact, at the time of pregnancy when you are not allowed to eat highly spicy food, you can take vegetables with ginger paste added to it. It is a spice that will not cause any stomach problems at the time of pregnancy.
  4. You will see these days that a lot of medicines which are to be consumed during gas problems have ginger in them. Ginger is well-known thing to reduce gas problems and it is considered to be one of the most popular medicinal value of ginger
  5. You must have heard that only eating healthy food does not help, if your metabolism rate is not at par. Ginger helps in this regard too. Another important medicinal value of ginger is it's potentiality to increase the metabolism rate of our body, so that we can absorb the nutrients of the food we are consuming, easily in our body.
  6. If you went under an operation recently, then ginger is the right medicine to cure your nauseating feeling. Patients who have just overcome a big surgery generally complain of a nauseating feeling whenever they try to get up from the bed. If you take ginger tea in the morning, you will see that gradually this problem is ebbing away.
  7. Lastly, ginger was also told be a preventive measure for swine flu. Although the truth to this aspect is yet to be discovered, but whenever there is an epidemic of swine flu in our country, this preventive precaution comes into play. It says that consuming ginger flakes every day will help you avoid the germs of swine flu.


In conclusion I can say that you already that ginger is a well-known spice in our kitchen. But now you know that important medicinal value of ginger and it is much more than a mere spice. A lot of spices are avoided by people who have gastrointestinal problems. Ginger even passes that test. Therefore, ginger flakes or shredded ginger or ginger paste can be consumed by anyone in regular dishes. You can see that patients who have prolonged gastric problems too have their fish or chicken curry cooked in mild oil and ginger paste. Such are the medicinal values of ginger.

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