How to use microphone to improve your live performance

Do you want be a singer and you do not know how to use a microphone? Do you know how proper uses of your microphone can improve your performance in singing? This article will provide you all the details a good singer to do and not to do with microphone.


The author of this article has worked in Recording Studios for 2 years and knows very closely of different kind of microphones and its uses. Also, he has learned how different singers use microphone to sing and perform precisely. Instrumental microphones are different than vocal. Today's microphones are very sensitive especially those which are used for singing performances. Even the little noise of your breathing sound while you are singing can be heard by amplifier speakers which can badly affect the performance of any singer. Though, it is totally different when you sing in a recording studio and in live performances but to use your microphone in better way have the same rules. Holding a microphone is the first lesson a singer must learn before any performance. In this article I will describe you every detail which will help even a basic singer to perform or practice in proper way and improve his/her quality in singing. Let us go step by step which can make you the understanding of the use of microphone.

How different is singing in a recording studios and live performances:

Though, this is not directly related to this article's subject but we should know it for our own knowledge and better understanding. Singing is an art, however singing in a recording studio and in live performances are two very different thing and it has vast differences in the nature of works. As for me, Singing live in front of hundreds of people is difficult than singing in a close recording studios. You have time to correct your wrong performance in singing when you sing in a recording studio while in live you won't have such privilege. In live, your one small mistake can ruin your entire performance. So, to sing in live, one need to have tough practice. From using your microphone to start with correct note everything matter a lot when you are standing in front of people to sing live. In recording studio your recording engineer keep monitoring you and correcting you your mistakes but in live there is no "cut", it is just one take in which you have to finish your task. That's why you might have noticed that in live performance the same singer when singing his/her own song looks different from original singing.

Do not be nervous when using microphone in live:

Don't get excited or nervous if you are performing first time live. The best ways are not to look directly to the audience. Do not start singing immediately; hold microphone properly, take your time to start naturally with proper note. It has often seen that singer gets excited and start with different power or note which ruins the overall performance. Here, your microphone can only amplify your voice through speakers so singing naturally and starting with perfect note makes a big different boosting your confidence level. It is always better to practice to holding microphones and get use of it before a performance.

How to use microphone properly at live performance:

Be comfortable when holding your microphone. Neither should you hold so tight nor so light that it may fall. Hold it close to your mouth. The safe distance between mouth and microphone is 1-2 inches. Sing normally as you sing or practice without microphone. Sing into microphone so that the emotions and dynamics of the song should produce naturally. Here, I would like to mention that when you sing lower note keep your microphone as close to your mouth so that the notes and pronunciations of words clearly come out. Do, exactly opposite when you are singing in higher note. When you are singing high notes, you need to shout out loud. Here, if you keep your microphone close to your mouth, the unnecessary loudness disturbs the quality of your tone in amplifier speakers. So, when you are singing high note, slowly keep pulling microphone away from your mouth and bring it back as you decrease your vocal sound. How far you can pull is totally depending on your power of singing. These are some small things which could be perfected with practising regularly by you.

Some other important thing to remember while performing live:

You should know the place where speakers are installed. Don't go too close to speakers else it will give you too loud creepy sound which is called feedback. If you are moving with holding microphone in your hand, remember to bring it back close to your mouth when your time comes to sing. Keep it in mind that audience came to listen your singing, they should get your voice clearly.

Along with everything mentioned in this article, you must enjoy your performance. Just give your best and leave it to your audience. Even if you could not perform well, there is not the end of the world. Learn from your mistakes and bounce back again with your best performance. All the best and good luck to you.

Article by Jeet Singh
Jeets is a natural born writer who tries to translate his thoughts into words with utmost clarity. He is a firm believer of 'know what you're talking' and thus shares his knowledge and adds inputs only on those subjects in which he is confident about. He has a strong hand in the field of Music and musical instruments from past 19 years and devoted his life to Music.

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