Medicinal values of Tulasi

Tulasi is a plant which is found in almost every house in India. Tulasi has many religious values in India. In India, we can see people performing their daily prayers and puja to tulasi. Apart from religious values, it is also used for many medical benefits.

Tulasi is also known as Ocimum tenuiflorum or holy basil and it is found in almost every house of india. Hindus worship Tulasi in the form of god. Also a form of tea is prepared using Tulasi which is generally called Tulasi tea which soothes our throat. Tulasi is also widely used in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties.

In earlier days, Tulsi was widely used as a home remedy to cure various health related issues. Since it was easily available in every house, people prepared their medicine easily with the help of Tulasi leaves. Even today many follow this practice to prepare medicine using Tulasi leaves which is the best home remedy.

Benefits of Tulasi when used as a medicine

There are various benefits of Tulasi on our health when used as a medicine. Also it is a natural way and hence it will not have any side effects on us.

Some of the medicinal values of Tulasi are:

  • Cures fever:Tulasi acts as a best antibiotic in curing fever. It can cure any type of fever which is caused by bacteria or a virus or any flu. The best practice is to have a Decoction made of Tulasi. You can make the decoction by boiling few Tulasi leaves in water, once the water is cooled or a little warm mix little honey and consume the water. Consume it 2-3 times a day and this remedy works good on children especially.

  • Good for heart:

    Tulasi is known to be very good for heart as it has a component called Eugenol good at antioxidant. Also it is a good source of vitamin c. Being the good antioxidant, Tulasi keeps ones blood pressure level and cholesterol in control. Chew Tulasi leaves every morning on empty stomach for best results.

  • Good for respiratory issues:

    Tulasi cures all respiratory issues like cough, cold, bronchitis as it has components like Eugenol, Champene. Since it has a antibacterial properties it helps recover from respiratory problems caused due to infection.

  • Helps recover from head ache:

    Tulasi has pain relieving properties and hence it helps in recovering headache which can be caused due to cold, migraine, sinuses or any allergies.

  • Helps recovering from kidney stones:

    The main reason for Kidney stone is presence of excess uric acid in the blood. Tulasi will cleanse the kidney, helps reduce the level of uric acid in blood and breaks down the kidney stones. Having Tulasi water mixed with honey every day will give relief from kidney stones and the pain.

  • Helps in glowing skin and recovers from any skin disorders:

    Tulasi purifies the blood and gives a glowing skin when it is eaten raw because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It cures from any type of skin infections and also helps reduce hair fall. Washing face with Tulasi water and taking bath with Tulasi water mixed with normal water gives glowing skin or keeps you away from skin disorders. Make a paste of Tulasi and apply it in your skin in case you have a cut or any disorder.

Conclusion: Since Tulasi has many benefits and very easily available everywhere, it is better to have one Tulasi plant at home. Cough and cold is very common and with Tulasi we can cure our cold and cough. It is not only good for cough but in every other aspect. Chewing Tulasi leaves itself is very good for our health. So if you do not have a Tulasi plant in your garden, plant one to experience the benefits.


Author: K Mohan22 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Good that our household sacred plant "Tulasi" is getting due attention through the author for its sheer medicinal values. Tulasi is the symbol of purity. That is why we find Tulasi plants in every home and in every temple. Tulasi is the abode of Mahalakshmi Goddess and hence it is revered most by the females. If the child or the infant is having digestion problem, Tulasi mixed with some warm water when taken in, it will give immediate relief.Those who chew two or three Tulasi leaves daily along with five pepper and five neem leaves can easily control the sugar and BP.

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